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2016 Season

Outstanding Matches etc

This season as seen an unprecedented number of matches postponed due to inclement weather, could I ask all captains to make every effort to complete their fixtures ASAP.

There have also been a number matches called off due to teams not being able to field 10 players. This IS NOT a valid reason for postponment and opposing captains SHOULD NOT agree to such requests without reference to the league committee. Matches may be brought forward 14 days by mutual consent but not postponed.





(Tuesday 16 August 2016)

Inclement Weather

On the 28th April a number of matches had to be abandoned due to inclement weather.

These matches should be re-played at the earliest opportunity, preferably within 14 days.

In the event of clubs unable to agree a replay date, the committee shall rule when the match shall be played.

Could captains please make the fixure / league tables secretary aware of replay dates, fixture dates need to be changed on the this web site otherwise the 7 day window for entering results will expire.

All replayed matches shall start from scratch, existing scores are void.

At the delegates meeting on 9th May it was agreed that subject to captains approval, matches should continue from the point they were abandoned that is:

Completed games stand, incomplete games continue from where they left off. If a player is unavailable then a reserve shall take his place with that game starting from scratch.








(Friday 29 April 2016)

Score Cards

For this season could captains please send scorecards in as normal even if the scores have been entered directly, stamps have been provided by the league for this purpose.

Hopefully ALL results will be entered by direct entry from 2017.


(Monday 11 April 2016)

Ruskin Park

Ruskin Park have withdrawn from the league.

Therefore team number 2 in premier division is now an open date

(Friday 08 April 2016)

Direct Results Entry

Quite a number of teams have taken up the option of entering results directly.

Please try to logon to check passwords etc, but remember results can only be entered or modified for 7 days from the date of the match.

In the event of matches having to be rearranged please let me know the new date asap otherwise you will not be able to enter scores.


(Thursday 31 March 2016)

Late Registrations

Player lists have been updated following the meeting of 21st March

From the next meeting on 9th May I will only accept player registration on the correct form, there are plenty available at each meeting, bits of scrap paper, backs of fag packets etc will BE BINNED.



(Thursday 24 March 2016)

Next Meeting - Team Lists etc

The next league meeting to distribute fixture books etc, will be held at St Patricks Club on Monday 21st March @ 7:30pm.

At this meeting the new direct entry results system will be explained.

Team lists for 2016 have now been entered, please check your team and let me know of any omissions, corrections etc.


(Friday 18 March 2016)

2016 Season

2016 fixtures now available on this site, please treat them as provisional until they are checked against the printed handbooks. These will be available at the next league meeting on 21st March at St Paticks club commencing at 7:30pm.

Player lists will be updated in the next few weeks.

This year captains will be able to input match scores directly the web site, full details will be available at the next meeting.


(Saturday 27 February 2016)