Newton & District Bowling League

The League to be known as the Newton & District Bowling Association

The League shall be governed by a council, consisting of the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer, together with one representative from each affiliated club (4 to form a Quorum). One club one vote.

The Registration Fee to the League shall be £20 per team. All clubs to pay an attendance fee of £10. This will be refunded at the end of the season if clubs are represented at five Council meetings, failure to attend the meeting when bills are issued will result in the attendance fee being forfeited.

All Clubs desirous of becoming members of the League must be duly proposed and seconded.

The General Meeting in January for consideration of Rules and Bye-laws, elect Officers for the ensuing season, pass the yearly accounts, all other matters necessary for the proper carrying out of the objects of the League.

The Secretary to notify the Chairman and to call an extraordinary meeting any time on receiving notice of the effect within seven days duly signed by the Secretary to any Club affiliated to the League.

The accounts to be audited annually and printed balance sheet and notice calling the General Meeting in Januarysent to each Club who are members of the League. Any Club can call an audit after giving 14 days’ notice in writing to the Association Secretary.

No Bye-laws or Laws in connection with the game shall be altered, rescinded or added without the consent of a least two-thirds of those present at the General Meeting. A any proposal must be first ratified by the proposers Club, seconded in the normal way. Notice of alterations of any rule to be given in writing to the Secretary 14 days previous to the General Meeting. Any Rule changes submitted after this time will be ignored.

All league matches to be played home or away on Thursday nights or, as per published fixtures. Where teams cannot field 10 players, the opposing captain must name the player(s) claiming a walk over otherwise the game will be scored 0 – 0. The player claiming the walk over shall be credited with a win but the 21 – 0 will not be included in any average calculations. Captains allowing absent players to be included in the results shall be subject to disciplinary action.

Teams shall consist of ten players who shall be bona-fide male members (minimum age 10 years old) of the Club they represent. No member shall play for more than one team. Games shall be 21 up. Any player violating this rule shall be suspended and his Club shall forfeit the match.

League Matches to be played with standard jacks. Jacks to be stamped with valid date, Any clubs using out of date jacks, home team forfeits the match.

The Committee will handicap teams. Matches will be decided two points for a home win, three points for away, in the case of a draw the home side shall receive 1 point , the away teams two points. In the case of a tie for sections, the team with the highest aggregate score will receive the trophy. Prizes equally shared.

Matches MUST NOT BE POSTPONED for any other reason other than inclement weather. Teams failing to fufil a a fixture on the apointed date will be deducted 4 league points and the game awarded to their opponents. If a match is postponed or abandoned, captains should agree there and then when the match shall be played, preferably within 14 days. In the case of an adandonment , both captains shall retain their cards and the match restarted on the new date at the point it was abandoned. Completed games stand if any player from either team is unavailable to continue is match he shall receive no further score and his opponent shall receive 21 points. If neither player is available then the match shall be played with 9 player per side. With the agreement of BOTH captains matches may be brough forward by up to 14 days

Evening matches to commence at 7.00pm. Clubs with no floodlights to commence at 6:45pm during April, Aug and Sep. No member of a visting team shall play or practice on their opponents green 7 days prior to the week of their league match (except in a pre-arranged match)

Their shall be 4 blocks maintained at on the green during league matches.

The Captains of each team shall act as referees, be responsable for the collections, which shall be forwarded to the League secretary and go towards league funds. Footer fees or collections shall be know less than 20p per player. Teams failing to comply with this rule shall be fined the equivalent.

All players to be registered. No limit on number. Registration fee to be 50p per player inclusive of manual Closing date to be fixed by the Executive.

In the case of wilful breach of the Laws of the Game or any unfair play or ungentlemanly conduct, the refree may caution the offendin players or spectators or order them to retire from the game or green, and if a player, no substitute shall be allowed to take his place. The game shall be awarded to opponent who will receive the maximum score and the offending player to receive no score. Should any of the clubs in connection with the dispute or protest, have a member on the council, the said member shall NOT be allowed to on the same whilst the dispute is in progress.

The Council to have the power to deal with any matter not provided for in these rules. This order becomes official until the end of the season.

The Treasurer shall receive and pay all monies due to and from the League. Keep seperate accounts for each Handicap or Competition, which shall be submitted to the General Meeting.

The Secretary shall record the dates and proceeding of the Meetings of the League. The minutes of the previous meeting shall be read at each meeting. He shall give all notices required for the management of the Association.

All matches to be played under the British Crown Green Rules unless otherwise stated or provided for in the Rules of Newton & District Bowling Association.

Any member defaulting will not be eligible to play under the auspices of the Newton & District Bowling Association.

These Rules must be strictly adhered to.

The dates of Handicaps, Competions and League Meetings to be placed in the fixture book.

Each club shall be responsible for one Fixture Book per registered member.

At the meeting for registrations of players, Clubs shall deposit £20 per team with the Association which shall be credited to annual fees due to the Association. Any team defaulting shall forfeit their deposit and will be sine-die.

Trophies shall be the property of the Newton Bowling Association and shall be held by the winners for twelve months. The holders shall replace trophies if lost or stolen whilst in their custody. Responsiblity also includes for damage to be repaired on a like for like basis. All Trophies must be returned in a clean and polished condition, promptly prior to the P.P.E.. The Committee reserves the right to arrange for any cleaning and polishing to be carried out professionally , and the club responsible being fined a pro-rata amount.

If a player plays for a team he is not registered with, his game shall be awarded 21-0 to his opponent and his team shall be deducted 4 points and will be subject to whatever action the Executive Committee deems appropriate.

League fees to be paid in full at the September meeting.

Where results are entered directly onto the League Web Page, the card must be retained by the home captain and in the case of a dispute the card may be requested by the Committee.

Those clubs with more than one team 2nd or 3rd team registered players may play for a higher team on a total of 5 seperate occasions provided that team is in a higher division. After 5 games and for the remained of that season that player is retricted to the team he has played the most games for. Where clubs have two teams in one division player are restricted to the team they are registered with.