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After you have installed Bowrap ou can access it by double-clicking on the icon on your desktop, or via the ‘Bowls’ section on the Start menu. You can also double-click on a data file (*.bwl). These files should be identified by an icon of a bowling green superimposed on a document:

The program can be removed (uninstalled) via the control panel (Add/Remove programs).

Bowrap manages the data for a bowls team: you will make a separate data file for each team. It’s designed for league matches, and shows the team’s current performance. You can also include other matches (such as cup matches).

To get started, click on the File menu and then New. This starts the preparation of a new data file. You need to set the name of the team, the league and division it plays in, the number of matches in the season and the number of players in a team. All these can be changed later except for the number of players in a team.

You can set the fixtures up when creating a new file, or you can supply them later.

The help file should tell you what you need to know at any stage. If you need more help, please contact me.