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Bowrap is currently at version 9.19. The following list summarises new features and fixes added in recent versions. It also traces the concept back to its origins.

Version 9.19   
(September 2019)

Correction to the team summary dialogue: scores were reversed for away matches.

Version 9.18   
(July 2016)

Matlock & District league renamed Matlock Thursday league. In this scoring scheme, if the print-out is two pages vertically then the page break falls bewteen the singles and doubles players.

Version 9.17   
(July 2016)

Matlock & District league added. Matches involve three doubles games and six singles games. A player can appear in both singles and doubles, so there are from six to 12 players in a match.

Version 9.15   
(August 2015)

Entry of dates changed to use a date-picker control.

Version 9.14   
(July 2015)

Corrections and improvements to printing.

Version 9.13   
(July 2014)

Selly Park BC added.

Version 9.12   
(April 2013)

Black Horse BC added.

Version 9.11   
(April 2012)

Player scoring for Kearsley Park BC corrected.

Version 9.10   
(April 2012)

Matlock Park BC renamed as Matlock Doubles 21. Three similar schemes added so that we have Matlock Doubles/Singles 15/21. They all have aggregate scoring and players’ averages calculated as points scored divided by games played.
New team summary dialogue added, showing the team’s results in tabular form and also the total and average points scored (and chalks if these are different).

Version 9.9   
(March 2012)

Matlock Park BC added.

Version 9.8   
(February 2012)

Change to match scoring for Airedale and Wharfedale Veterans.

Version 9.7   
(September 2011)

Corrections to Kearsley Park BC.

Version 9.6   
(August 2011)

Kearsley Park BC added.

Version 9.5   
(June 2011)

Deers Leap BC added.

Version 9.4   
(April 2011)

Airedale & Wharfedale veterans’ league added.

Version 9.3   
(September 2010)

Furness Ladies evening league added.

Version 9.2   
(June 2010)

Correction to bug preventing registration.

Version 9.1   
(June 2010)

The application has been rebuilt under a new development system.
Blackburn & District league added.

Version 8.22   
(April 2010)

Newton Pensioners and St Helens Pensioners leagues added.
Refinement of printing of matches to show player groupings and handicaps.

Version 8.21   
(April 2010)

St Helens Evening league and St Helens Churches league added.
Correction to treatment of absentees in non-singles leagues and in leagues with no fixed winning score.

Version 8.20   
(September 2009)

Sale & District league added.
Correction to players’ averages for Bolton Mills league.
Correction to game score for Maltby.

Version 8.19   
(June 2009)

Corrections to team scoring for Bolton Mills, Bolton Municipal and Ramsbottom leagues.

Version 8.18   
(June 2009)

Changes to player ranking for Bolton Municipal, Ramsbottom and Turton leagues.

Version 8.17   
(June 2009)

Several new scoring schemes added.

Version 8.16   
(March 2009)

Players’ averages for Knypersley BC added.

Version 8.15   
(February 2009)

When a match report is printed from the Edit fixture dialogue, it is now the current version of the match that is printed, even if it has not been saved (by clicking ‘OK’).
The player names for a match can be entered without any other information, which can be useful as a team selection sheet or as a pre-printed match result sheet to be used on the night.

Version 8.14   
(November 2008)

Bolton Parks Veterans league added.
North Derbyshire league modified to apply the ten point penalty when a player plays twice in a amatch.
In leagues which do not use aggregate points, both the chalks scored and the match points are now shown on a printed match sheet.

Version 8.13   
(October 2008)

Bolton & district league added.
Correction for scoring in the Coventry & district league.

Version 8.12   
(September 2008)

Bramhall Indoor, Coventry & district and Maltby & district leagues added.
Corrections for scoring in the Manchester Indoor league.
Scroll bars now appear on the main window only if needed (which is less often as screens get bigger).

Version 8.11
(May 2008)

A modification made in August 2007 meant that it was not possible to change the venue of a match. This now corrected.
Malpas and Rotherham Friday doubles leagues added.

Version 8.10
(November 2007)

Scoring schemes for Fazackerley Furnishings vets and Leigh mid-week (in which teams have a handicap). Also for Leigh Parks.

Version 8.9
(November 2007)

Further changes for compatibility with Windows Vista.
  • The installer must be run as an “admin” user. On Windows XP this may mean logging in to an appropriate account (although in practice most user accounts are set up as admin accounts). On Vista, there will be a prompt requiring the user to supply the password of an account with administrative rights. Earlier versions of Windows are not affected.
  • Bowrap itself now runs correctly in a normal user account, and keeps the preferences for each user separate.

There is now a “Copy” button on the edit player dialogue, allowing the user to copy the match data to the clipboard.

Version 8.8
(September 2007)

Changes to improve compatibility with Windows Vista: the help files have been revised and the installation program rewritten. There are also corrections to the way user preferences and the registration details are stored. As a side-effect of this, multiple users on the same computer now have their own preferences (and will all need to register the program).

Version 8.7
(April 2006)

Yet more scoring schemes. Players’ names like ‘J.Smith’ are now sorted with the S’s (previously they were sorted as if the surname began with J - a source of confusion to those who had not read the help file).

Correction to the calculation of pairs leagues (which were showing double the correct score).

Correction to the scoring for the Heart of England and Warwick & Worcester leagues.

Modification to players’ ranking points in the Formby and Southport Leagues. Southport and District Ladies’ League also available.

Version 8.6
(August 2005)

Added still more scoring schemes. The main window now has sub-headings in the right-hand columns above the team records as well as the player records. These headings vary according to the scoring scheme and make it clear whether an average or a total is being shown.

New page added to this site, describing treatment of players’ averages.

Version 8.5
(June 2005)

The main printout has always been scaled to fit one sheet of A4. With a lot of fixtures or players, this can result in excessively small type. Now, the scaling is limited to 70%, and if this is not enough multiple pages are printed.

Font selection now also applies to the main printout as well as the screen display.

It is possible to highlight losing games and matches, and negative averages, in red.

Scoring for yet more leagues added.

Version 8.4
(April 2005)

Scoring for the MEN Premier league added.

Version 8.3
(February 2005)

Fixes a bug which could cause the program to crash when editing a fixture in which one of the players had a walkover.

Version 8.2
(November 2004)

Dramatic extension of the numer of match scoring schemes. The rules for 24 leagues have now been identified and incorporated into the program.

Version 8.1
(September 2004)

Available for download as an evaluation version. This version only allows data for six matches to be saved to disc. The program can be registered by supplying a user name and registration code, and is then unrestricted.

Version 7

Now only a 32-bit program (Windows 95 onwards). Several bug fixes. Possibility of 15-up games.

Version 6

Was supplied in separate Windows 3.x and Windows 95 versions. The Windows 95 program was a 32-bit application. It allowed long file names, and used Windows 95 style dialogue boxes. It also ran under Windows NT.

Version 5

The first version of the current Bowrap, written in C for Microsoft Windows.

Version 4

An application using Microsoft Excel macros and exploiting its formatting capabilities. This version ran on Macintosh and PC.

Version 3

An early implementation using Excel macros. Because of limitations in Excel’s formatting, it was integrated with Microsoft Word and Claris MacDraw and ran on the Apple Macintosh. This version established the current presentation of the team summary.

Version 2

A re-coded copy of version 1 written in C to run under UNIX.

Version 1

Written in Coral 66 for the Ferranti Argus 700.