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Bowrap shows you the data for one bowls team at a time (you can actually have several teams open at once; each team corresponds to a separate data file). The main window shows you the season summary - here is what it looks like at the end of the season (click on any of these images to see them full size):

Bowrap main window

All the team’s players are listed down the left hand side, and the opponent teams are listed across the top. The match scores are along the bottom, and each player’s record is listed in the right hand columns. The bottom right hand corner shows the team’s record - matches played, won and lost and the average score.

Regular players are listed in order of their averages, followed by the ocasional players in alphabetical order, followed by those who are registered but have not played at all. “Regular” players are those who’ve played at least n games - you can set n to any number, but 6 is a good choice for a full season.

This window is usually not big enough to show all the players and matches - the scroll bars are used to bring more of them into view.

In this case the league uses an aggregate scores - the match score is the total of the players’ scores. Bowrap can cope with lots of different ways of calculating match results.

To enter the results of a match, you double-click on the opponent team in the top row. This brings up the match result dialogue:

Match result dialogue

This shows all your team’s players, all the opponent team’s players and their scores (in this case the opposition were one player short). As soon as you click OK in this dialogue, the details are checked. If all is well, the main window is updated to include them.

You can double-click on any player’s name to get a summary of their results:

Bowrap player dialogue

Different leagues have their own ways of deciding what the overall match score is. Bowrap understands quite a few of these scoring schemes already. If yours isn’t covered, just send me details and it can included in a later release.