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Bowrap is designed to manage a team’s data; it is intended for use by team captains and club secretaries. There is a companion program - Bowrap-League - which does a similar job for bowls leagues.

If you are trying to enter a match result, look at the User guide.

Current users can download the latest version of Bowrap-League.

Bowrap-League can handle all the processing for a league - there is no practical limit to the number of divisions, teams in a division or registered players. Here are some of its features:

  • Players can be registered to a club, or to teams.
  • Simple entry of players’ names from the lists of registered players
  • Automatic completion of scores, and calculation of match result.
  • Records of players’ BCGBA membership numbers.
  • Exports of league tables, player registrations, players’ averages.
  • Export of team data to Bowrap.
  • Automatic generation of web pages.
  • Checking for compliance with league rules (typically players who are ineligible because they are tied to a higher team, or playing twice in a day).

Bowrap-League understands the intricacies of the league rules for each league it is used in. For this reason, I need to study a league’s rules, and encode them into a new version of the program. If you are interested in using Bowrap-League to process your league tables, please contact me.

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