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This is an experimental Android application for scoring bowls matches.

In the starting page, set the names of the teams and/or players. Then either start a new game or resume scoring a current game.

On the scorecard, tap on the +1 and +2 buttons to record a score for either player. In games where more than two chalks can be scored at an end, there is an extra button for three or more chalks.

When a check with the other scorer is due, the end number is marked in red. Tap on the end to indicate that it has been checked - this is shown in green.

If you need to make any amendments, tap and hold on an end. You will get the option to delete the end, modify it, or insert another end above it.

From either page, tap on the three dots (top right) to get the settings menu:

There are three groups of settings:

  • Game style
    Set the type of game: decided by shots (e.g. 21-up in crown green terms) or ends, and how many shots (or chalks) can be scored at each end.
  • Checking
    How often (if at all) the score should be checked with the other marker. When a check is due the end number is highlighted in red. Tap on the end to record it as checked (shown in green).
  • Scorecard style
    You can choose different styles of recording the chalks and totals at each end. These are a matter of personal preference, and don't affect the outcome of the match. You can also select a sound to be played when the match is won.

From the scorecard screen, the menu also offers the option to save the game. A suggested file name is preset, but can be changed.

If there is at least one saved game the home page menu offers options to load or to delete a saved game.

You can install the app from the link below. You will probably have to permit installation from unknown sources. Go to Settings - Security.

Scorecard    Download Bowrap-Scorecard

New features in this version (23 April 2018):

  • Player and team names are preset to have intial capital letters.
  • On a wide enough screen the buttons for scoring points are larger and further apart.
  • Games can be saved and reloaded.
  • A notification sound can be played on completion of the game.
  • Pop-up messages alert you to notable events such as when a player is capable of winning at the next end.