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Welcome to the Macclesfield & District Bowling Association website. 


Mark Bowers (Secretary) of the Macclesfield league will administer this site.  Any comments, information or even adverts for anything connected with bowling will be happily included on the site. 

Mark is on 07878 436556 or

Mike is on 01625 427613 or

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CHAIRMAN: Mike Procter

SECRETARY: Mark Bowers

TREASURER: Mark Bowers



CHESHIRE REP: Mike Procter


The Greenwood Floodlit Trophy Draw is now online - see below


For administration matters (e.g. problems on the green, handbook issues) and the Floodlit Competition, please deal with Mark.

Any fixture problems, please deal with Mike.



Presentation Evening - Wednesday 22nd October, 8pm, Mottram Bowling Club

Presentation Evening - An Update

Greenwood Floodlit Final & Presentation Evening News

Greenwood Floodlit Competition rules

Greenwood Floodlit Trophy

TRC Bowling Club - Urgent Appeal

Bennett Cup - Breakfast baps and food available from 10am onwards

Maureen Bennett Cup - deadline extended

Drum & Monkey - Third Division

Cheshire Merit Qualifier

The Maureen Bennett Cup - Sunday 29th June, 10am. Main Sponsor: Peaks & Plains Housing Trust

Cheshire Merit Qualifier

Stan Mason Trophy

Handbook meeting


2014 AGM - Macclesfield Bowling Club, Wednesday 29th January 2014

Presentation Evening - Wednesday 22nd October, 8pm, Mottram Bowling Club

Hi all,


Presentation Night is this Wednesday, 22nd October at Mottram Bowling Club, commencing 8pm.  Entry is free of charge.

The bar will be open, and everyone is invited to bring their own food if they wish to do so.  A quiz will be run on the night, with a small prize also available to the winners!

The following winners will be presented with trophies and/or prize monies on the night:

Division 1


Winners - Railway A

Runners Up - MBC A

Third Place - Chelford

Male Average Winner - Kevin Boon (Railway A)

Female Average Winner - Carole Nicklin (Parkside A)


Division 2


Winners - Bollington A

Runners Up - Poynton WM A

Third Place - TRC B

Male Average Winner - Neil Johnson (Bollington A)

Female Average Winner - Helen Downes (Bollington A)


Division 3


Winners - Mottram B

Runners Up - Pack Horse C

Third Place - Bollington C

Male Average Winner - Ronnie Barker (South Park B)

Female Average Winner - Sue Butler (Lyme Green C)


Division 4


Winners - Drum & Monkey B

Runners Up - Lyme Green D

Third Place - Poynton WM C

Male Average - Mike Le Blanc (South Park C)

Female Average - Anne Smith (Drum & Monkey B)


The following competition trophies will also be presented:

Floodlit - Railway A

Stan Mason - Steve Barton & Sue Munslow

Neckwear - Steve Barton

Hayman - Andy Sparkes & Linda Foster

Victory Pairs - Ken Houghton & Pam Nixon

Bennett Trophy - Gary Prosser


If you've got any questions prior to the night, drop me a line - - or call me on 07878 436556.

Look forward to seeing all the winners there on the night!






(Monday 20 October 2014)

Presentation Evening - An Update

Hi all,

Following yesterday's post on the internet, I would like to offer my apologies.

The final date for the Presentation Evening is now Wednesday, 22nd October, at Mottram Bowling Club, commencing 8pm.  We were looking to host the presentation on the Friday evening indicated, but the chosen venue unfortunately confirmed it was not available on the evening in question.

I will be contacting club secretaries with full details over the weekend once confirmed, but it is intended that there will be entertainment on the evening, and entry will be FREE.

We look forward to seeing all prize winners at the event.  If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me on the usual number and email address, or speak to me in person at the Greenwood Floodlit Final at TRC this evening.


Many thanks,


(Friday 03 October 2014)

Greenwood Floodlit Final & Presentation Evening News

The Greenwood Floodlit Final is taking place on the evening of Friday, 3rd October at TRC Bowling Club.

The finalists are:

Railway A (-15)


Pack Horse C (33)


The Presentation Evening is to be held separately on Friday, 17th October, with full details to follow tomorrow.

Apologies for any confusion caused, as some people have mistakenly thought that the Presentation night would follow the floodlit final, but this is not the case.

Many thanks,


(Thursday 02 October 2014)

Greenwood Floodlit Competition rules

It has come to our attention that a portion of the rules for the Greenwood Floodlit Knockout Competition are missing from this year's handbook.  Specifically, it has been queried what happens in the result of a tie during the competition.

In order to address the concern, here are the rules pertaining to the competition in full. Rule 9.2.6 is the rule that has been queried, as it is not in the handbook:

9.1 General
9.1.1 The competition shall commence after the conclusion of the league or earlier
if possible.
9.1.2 All league teams and registered players will be automatically entered unless
they inform the General Secretary or Treasurer before 31st July. A player can
play for a higher team not for a lower despite having a minus average.
No player may play for more than one team.
9.1.3 Each team will be allotted a handicap based on the overall league position
having played 15 games.
9.1.4 All matches to be played on a neutral green on Fridays starting at 7.00 pm.
The host club to provide approved jacks and long tapes.
9.1.5 All affiliated clubs with floodlights are expected to make their green available
and must inform the General Secretary by April 30th of any prior commitments
and in particular if the green is scheduled to be closed before the end
of September.
9.1.6 The entrance fee to be decided at the AGM. In addition on the day of the match
each participating team shall pay to the host club a fee towards the cost of
electricity. This fee also to be decided at the AGM.
9.1.7 The winning team shall be awarded the trophy to be held for one year, In
addition the winners, runners-up and semi-finalists will receive prize money,
the total of which will not be less than 75% of the total entry fees. These will
be presented at the Association Presentation Evening.

9.2 Play
9.2.1 All games to be 21 up starting from scratch under BCGBA Rules.
9.2.2 No players shall practice on the green on the day of the match.
9.2.3 The number of players constituting a team shall be 6 and these players must
have played a minimum of 25% of the current seasons league fixtures up to
the date of this tie.
Any TEAM playing a player who has not played 25% of the current seasons
fixtures will be disqualified from the competition. The losing team if appropriate
will go forward into the next round.
9.2.4 Teams to be entered on the result sheets in the order of play. If a player is not
available when required to play a reserve shall be substituted. Should a reserve
not be available then the game is awarded 21-0 to the opposing team.
9.2.5 Captains toss for choice of blocks, odds or even.
9.2.6 After six games the total points of each team is added to their handicap. The
highest total goes through to the next round. If the match ends in a tie each
captain names three players who have taken part in the match to play off. Each
player will receive 1/6th of the team’s handicap. The highest three person total
shall be the winners, but in the event of a tie at this stage, the tournament
winners will have the greater number of winners in their three person total.
9.2.7 The result sheets must be sent by first class post by the winners to the Match
Secretary within 2 days of the match.
9.2.8 All cases of dispute shall be decided by the agreement of both captains in
accordance with BCGBA Rules. Their decision will be final.


Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

(Friday 05 September 2014)

Greenwood Floodlit Trophy

The 2014 Greenwood Floodlit Draw is now online.


Divisions 1 & 2 - the draw is here

Divisions 3 & 4 - the draw is here


The preliminary round for Divisions 1 & 2 takes place on Friday 29th August, with the first round proper for all divisions starting on Friday 5th September.

Please carefully check the fixtures and if you have any problems with either hosting a game or raising a team, please notify Mark Bowers on 07878 436556 ASAP.

Thanks to everyone involved in hosting games, and good luck to everybody taking part!

Many thanks, Mark

(Monday 18 August 2014)

TRC Bowling Club - Urgent Appeal

As many of you are no doubt aware, TRC Bowling Club are currently under the threat of losing their bowling green.  The company that owns the green is looking to sell the land that it sits on for housing development.

The Macclesfield & District League would like to publicise TRC's plight and give our members the opportunity of supporting them in keeping their green, which has been an integral part of Bollington for almost 90 years.

There has been a petition passed to all clubs in our area.  If you would like to sign it, then please look out for it at your club.  If your club does not have a copy of the petition on display or readily available then please let me know, and I will make sure that you get a copy.

As and when we know further information that TRC would like us to share, we will obviously do so.

Many thanks,

Mark Bowers (General Secretary)


(Tuesday 01 July 2014)

Bennett Cup - Breakfast baps and food available from 10am onwards

Please note that Alderley Sports will be providing catering from 10am onwards tomorrow, including bacon baps at breakfast and a selection of foods, tea and coffee throughout the day.


N.B. Some players from the reserve list have replaced those who have dropped out of the competition. If a player has dropped out, the first reserve from the list has replaced them. We reserve the right to do this to maintain the numbers who have entered.


See you all tomorrow.

(Saturday 28 June 2014)

Maureen Bennett Cup - deadline extended

The deadline for entry to the Maureen Bennett Cup has been extended to this Friday, 20th June.  There are still a limited number of places available - and with prize money of £500 on offer, it's definitely worth entering!

For full details, see below.  If you wish to enter, please call Viv Hampton ASAP on 01625 511115.

Everybody is welcome - remember, this is an individual handicap competition, so players at any level of the league are encouraged to enter.

It promises to be a great day, with food and drinks supplied on the day by Alderley Sports & Social Club.


Don't miss out - enter now! 

(Tuesday 17 June 2014)

Drum & Monkey - Third Division

Drum & Monkey's Third Division team have been withdrawn from the league, following a dispute over the grading of Colin Brereton as an A team bowler.

The results for the Fourth Division team - Drum & Monkey B - are now online, and they will continue to play in the Fourth Division as before, with Pete Smith as their captain (as per the handbook).

Further information clarifying the position has been sent to club secretaries.

(Sunday 11 May 2014)

Cheshire Merit Qualifier

Today's Cheshire Merit Qualifier has been postponed due to adverse weather conditions, which have made the green unplayable. All players who were due to take part have been contacted, and confirmation of the rearranged date and time will be given imminently.

(Sunday 11 May 2014)

The Maureen Bennett Cup - Sunday 29th June, 10am. Main Sponsor: Peaks & Plains Housing Trust

The Maureen Bennett Cup will be taking place on Sunday, 29th June at Alderley Sports & Social Club, commencing 10am.

This promises to be a fantastic event in honour of our former President, with great prize money on offer of £500!

  • Entry costs £3
  • Individual handicap. First Division bowlers: Scratch, Second Division: 2, Third Division: 4, Fourth Division 6
  • Limited to 64 entries, on a first-come, first-served basis, with a waiting list if over-subscribed
  • Closing date for entries: Friday 13th June

Prize money on offer:

  • Winner: £200
  • Runner-up: £100
  • Semi-finalists: £50
  • Quarter-finalists: £25

A new trophy for the event has kindly been donated by Roger Molineux, who will present the trophy on the day.

The main sponsor of the event is Peaks & Plains Housing Trust, who will be present on the day.

Further sponsors are invited, and a programme will be produced with sponsor information included.

Donations on the day to East Cheshire Hospice/Cancer Research.

To enter, please call Viv Hampton on 01625 511115 no later than the deadline date above.

(Saturday 10 May 2014)

Cheshire Merit Qualifier

The Cheshire Merit Qualifier is taking place on Sunday 11th May, commencing 10am, at Victoria Park.  There are a couple of places available due to late cancellations.  Please can you contact Mark Bowers on 07878 436556 if you wish to enter the competition, before 8pm this evening.  Many thanks.

(Saturday 10 May 2014)

Stan Mason Trophy

The draw for the Stan Mason Trophy is now online - click here to see it.

The competition starts earlier this year, commencing 10am.  Please ensure you arrive promptly to be ready to play!  Entry is £3 per individual.

(Friday 11 April 2014)

Handbook meeting

Please note there will now be two meetings taking place to hand out the handbooks.  The first meeting is this evening at 7:30pm at Macclesfield Bowling Club, with a subsequent meeting taking place tomorrow evening at the same time and venue.  This is because not all clubs could make the rearranged Wednesday evening, so to ensure that all clubs get their books and results sheets on time, it is only fair that they are distributed over the two evenings.

Apologies for any confusion caused by the late rearrangement of the meeting.

(Tuesday 25 March 2014)


Please note that tonight's handbook meeting has been postponed until next week.  Further details will be posted online later.  I have informed all club secretaries and will be sending further information to them directly, too.

Many thanks,


(Wednesday 19 March 2014)

2014 AGM - Macclesfield Bowling Club, Wednesday 29th January 2014

The 2014 AGM will take place at Macclesfield Bowling Club on Wednesday, 29th January 2014, commencing 7:30pm.


The 2014 Notices of Motion, the proposed league structure and the 2013 AGM minutes can all be downloaded here:


2014 AGM Notices of Motion


If you have any queries, please don't hesitate to contact me on 07878 436556.

Many thanks,


(Tuesday 14 January 2014)