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Welcome to the Stockport Metro Indoor Bowling League

 Our aim is to promote the game of Short Mat Bowls in Stockport and the Surrounding Areas during the winter months.
Over 700 players participate, forming 53 Teams from 25 different clubs and are continuing to grow.
The league is open to all ages and all skill levels. Any team wishing to join the league should contact the league secretary.

President: Mr. M. Biggs.
Chairman: Mr. D. Bates
Vice Chairman: Mr. A. Bebbington
Honorary Secretary: Mr. B. Fennell
Honorary Treasurer: Mr. B Burn
Fixture / Results and Registration Secretary: Mrs. J. Wilson
Competition Secretary/Website Officer: 
Stockport ‘A’ Team Captain: Mr. J. Pajak
Stockport ‘B’ Team Captain: Mr. M. Dawson
Safeguarding Officer: Mr. Clint Crowther

Stockport Metro Home Team Venue:

Ladybridge Park Residents Club
Edenbridge Road
Cheadle Hulme

Season 2020/21

ESMBA Covid 19 Update 20th July 2020

ESMBA Covid 19 Update 1st July 2020






Stockport Metro Team Fixtures 2019 - 2020

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Season 2020/21

Dear Member

It’s with great regret that I have to inform you that your committee have made a decision to cancel the Stockport Metro Indoor Bowling League for the season 2020/21.

We brought an early finish to the 20019/20 season due to the Covid 19 pandemic. The health and safety of our members was our main concern and the reason it came to an early close. While we feel there has been a slight improvement in the pandemic we feel it is still unsafe (especially with the latest news in the Greater Manchester area) to go ahead with the 2020/21 season. I know there will be many people disappointed, but our main priority is the welfare of our members.

We also feel it would be very difficult to hold matches in many venues in the league with social distancing rules being in place. It is hoped that the season 2021/22 will go ahead as normal.

We would like to arrange our AGM for 2020 as soon as is safely possible. Your committee have all agreed to carry on in their positions until our AGM. As for our presentation evening we are looking at a 12 month delay to May 2021. I will write to you when we have any news on dates.

If anyone has any questions please do not hesitate to contact me. Please contact me via email

Best Regards.

Bill Burn

On behalf of the SMIBL Committee.

(Friday 31 July 2020)

ESMBA Covid 19 Update 20th July 2020

ESMBA Statement 20th July 2020

Following a meeting of the Management Committee this weekend, a ‘Route Map’ to bowling again and the basis of our guidance notes was agreed. These documents are being updated and prepared for sending to Sport England for approval as per Government guidelines. It is hoped that these will be sent over in the next week.

Until such time as these documents are approved and the Government give us the consent to start bowling again. The recommendation to clubs and association is to remain closed for the safety of its members.

The ESMBA does not support clubs resuming at this time.

Once these documents are approved they will be uploaded to the ESMBA Web site with full instructions of how to progress with getting your club Covid-19 safe and approved for opening again.

Barry Hedges

ESMBA Chairman on behalf of the ESMBA Management Committee

(Tuesday 21 July 2020)

ESMBA Covid 19 Update 1st July 2020

 ESMBA Statement June 2020

Dear County Secretary,

Back in March when the decision was taken to postpone events due to the Coronavirus outbreak, no one imagined four months on our lives would still be so affected by it.

The Government is slowly allowing activities to start again, albeit with restrictions. But indoor activities like Short Mat Bowls are still being advised to stay closed as are many of the venues we all use. As such the ESMBA strongly recommends that all its Counties and clubs follow this until it is safe to do so and remain closed.

The ESMBA is having ongoing conversations with its various partners and venues to try and find a safe way to start playing again in line with Government guidelines. We can now see that with the cap on the number of competitors within a confined space, that National and County events will struggle to happen at least in the next couple of months. It is expected that there will now be a gradual restarting of our sport, likely to be around September/October with clubs going back to practice before leagues, county and National events start to happen.

The ESMBA management committee are looking at possible guidance for clubs and then Counties but are waiting for Government information to be issued, so that we are in line with these. We understand it is going to be a very difficult time for members to continue so the ESMBA are looking at ways to help both professionally and financially to its members via its County set up. We are also looking at the diary ahead and areas where changes can be made to allow for a later or reduced start to the season. Information will follow as details are confirmed.

This is a first in all our lifetimes and has been a very testing time for many of us. Hard mentally for many of our members that rely on our sport for social interaction. But after making such a sacrifice with social distancing and shielding as we have so far, we owe it to ourselves and others not to rush back now. The positive selling points of portability and relatively small space required to play Short Mat Bowls, together with the Government guidelines make the situation of managing a safe return very complex.

Barry Hedges

ESMBA Chairman on behalf of the ESMBA Management Committee

(Wednesday 1 July 2020)


After our announcement last Sunday 15th March 2020 when your committee decided to suspend the SMIBL season 2019/20 with immediate effect due to the Coronavirus (CORVID-19), our reasons being the concerns for the welfare and health of our members.

With the outstanding games, your committee had to make a very difficult decision and one that we hope all clubs and members agree with. We shall be awarding all teams with outstanding games their average score for both home and away games. We feel this is the fairest way to deal with the situation we find ourselves in.

Thank you all for your help and understanding on this decision. I can assure you it wasn't taken likely. We shall be in touch with you all as soon as we have any news reference our presentation evening and AGM.

Best regards.

Bill Burn
Acting League Secretary

(Thursday 19 March 2020)


Your SMIBL committee have been monitoring the outbreak of Coronavirus and the responses from respective Governments and health agencies.

In light of this we have decided to cancel both our presentation evening (Saturday 16th May 2020) and our AGM (Sunday 17th May 2020) We hope to hold these events at a later date.

We thank you for your understanding in this matter, our concerns are the welfare and health of our members.

Stay safe and healthy.

Bill Burn
Acting League Secretary

(Tuesday 17 March 2020)


The Committee have decided that no further matches are to take place for this season due to the Coronavirus.
The League positions will be discussed by the Committee to decide what action should be taken regarding awarding of points.
The Committee hopes everybody stays safe during this time.

(Sunday 15 March 2020)


Dear Secretary

Following on from a previous email sent from Bernard Fennell in which he informed all clubs that he was standing down as our league secretary and myself (Bill Burn) would take over as acting secretary until the AGM in May 2020.

Your committee held a meeting on Thursday 20 February, in which we discussed the league secretary's position, it was decided to write to all clubs to see if any club may have members who would be interested. We would be grateful if you could inform your members of the vacancy as this position is a requirement for the league to operate. A nomination form will be issued to all club secretaries along with the AGM information in mid-April.

Any person interested, who would like to find out more information about the position please contact me. The new secretary will have the full support and help of all the committee when they commence their new role.

I shall look forward to hearing from you all with plenty of offers.

Best regards

Bill Burn

Acting League Secretary


(Saturday 22 February 2020)



WINNER:        Chris Crowther

RUNNER UP:    Mike Clancy



WINNER:           Chris Crowther and Peter Roberts

RUNNER UP:     Bill Burn and Ben Holbrook



WINNER:          Daniel Sands, Lyn Clancy and Kevin Lawley

RUNNER UP:     Bill Burn, Mike Clancy and Ben Holbrook

(Monday 3 February 2020)

Stockport Metro Team Fixtures 2019 - 2020

Stockport Metro has two teams into the NESMBA in which they will play against against various counties in Northern England.
The full results for both teams can be found on the official NESMBA Website.


Sunday 20th October 2019
Stockport Metro A           32 Pts  (247 Shots)
Derbyshire                     08 Pts  (129 Shots)

Sunday 17th November 2019
Humberside A                 12 Pts  (150 Shots)
Stockport Metro A           28 Pts  (206 Shots)

Sunday 24th November 2019
Stockport Metro A            24 Pts  ( 212 Shots)
West Yorkshire A              16 Pts  ( 179 Shots)

Sunday 08th December 2019
Staffordshire                      27 Pts  ( 186 Shots)
Stockport Metro A              13 Pts  ( 146 Shots)

Sunday 19th January 2020
Derbyshire                          10 Pts  ( 141 Shots)
Stockport Metro A               30 Pts  ( 215 Shots)

Sunday 02nd February 2020
Stockport Metro A           32 Pts  ( 197 Shots)
Staffordshire                     8 Pts  ( 147 Shots)

Sunday 23rd February 2020
West Yorkshire A              20 Pts  ( 187 Shots)
Stockport Metro A            20 Pts  ( 194 Shots)

Saturday 29th February 2020
Stockport Metro A           30 Pts  ( 226 Shots)
Humberside A                   10 Pts  ( 124 Shots)



Sunday 13th October 2019
Durham                         32 Pts  (230 Shots)
Stockport Metro B           08 Pts  (135 Shots)

Saturday 19th October 2019
Stockport Metro B           16 Pts  (171 Shots)
North Yorkshire A            24 Pts  (178 Shots)

Saturday 02nd November 2019
Stockport Metro B           21 Pts  (203 Shots)
North Yorkshire B            19 Pts  (155 Shots)

Sunday 10th November 2019
West Yorkshire B              24 Pts  (180 Shots)
Stockport Metro B           16 Pts  (178 Shots)

Sunday 08th December 2019
Stockport Metro B             21 Pts  ( 178 Shots)
Durham                            19 Pts  ( 185 Shots)

Sunday 15th December 2019
North Yorkshire B             26 Pts  ( 195 Shots)
Stockport Metro B            14 Pts  ( 152 Shots)

Sunday 05th January 2020
Humberside B                    28 Pts  ( 205 Shots)
Stockport Metro B              12 Pts  ( 152 Shots)

Sunday 16th February 2020
HOME                Cancelled due to weather - Average Points
Stockport Metro B            29 Pts  ( - - Shots)
West Yorkshire B              11 Pts  ( - - Shots)

Saturday 22nd February 2020
Stockport Metro B              17 Pts  ( 172 Shots)
Humberside B                    23 Pts  ( 191 Shots)

Sunday 01st March 2020
North Yorkshire A            24 Pts  ( 205 Shots)
Stockport Metro B           16 Pts  ( 153 Shots)

Sunday 23rd February 2020

West Yorkshire A


Stockport Metro

- - Pts  ( - - Shots)

- - Pts  ( - - Shots)


Saturday 29th February 2020

Stockport Metro


Humberside A

- - Pts  ( - - Shots)

(Wednesday 25 September 2019)

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County Carpets & Designer Floors

Irving Cummings

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Techniheat Plant Services Ltd.


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