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We run four divisions, playing on Monday evenings. For more information please contact the secretary, . 0151 282 5623 or 07799 305 463.

All postponements and rearrangements to be confirmed with the League.

If any new teams are interested in joining the league, please contact the League Secretary.


The following greens have floodlights so home fixtures will commence at 7pm:

Division One: Burscough C&BC, Freshfield, Our Ladys, Tute 2.

Division Two: BRNESC, Burscough Legion 1, Stanley Arms, Tute 1.

Division Three: Holy Trinity, Ormskirk BC.

Division Four: Burscough Legion 2, Our Ladys 2, Saracens.

Town Green unfortunately will not have the use of their floodlights so their early/late home fixtures will start at 6.30pm.

The Green Finder on the site is out of date and is in the process of being updated.



The league is in the process of arranging a date for the AGM - All delegates have been contacted.



Proposal One - From League Committee: 

Delete Rule 12: Where a club has more than one team in the league, a player will be eligible to represent both teams until having played six games for the higher division team. Once a player has played six games for the higher division team, they will no longer be eligible for the lower division team for the remainder of the season in league matches.

Delete Rule 12a: Rule 12 doesn’t apply if both teams are in the same division.


Replace With: 

Option 1

When registering players at the start of the season, clubs with two teams must register with the secretary five ‘starred’ players who are eligible for the A team only. The remaining players will be free to represent either team during the season. The starred players will be acknowledged on the league website by having a ‘*’ after their name.


Option 2

For clubs with two teams, when registering players at the start of the season, the league will ‘star’ five players who are eligible for the A team only. The remaining players will be free to represent either team during the season. The starred players will be acknowledged on the league website by having a ‘*’ after their name. The league will ‘star’ players based on ability and previous seasons results (i.e. the five best players).

Proposal Two - From League Committee: 

If any team are either one or two players short on any occasion a supplementary draw may be made from the players listed in games 1 to 6 to play again in order to complete the fixture. Any home player redrawn against a player who has not previously played forfeits 5 chalks per game. In the reverse case 3 chalks to be forfeited per game. When both teams use the same home green or a neutral green, 3 chalks to be forfeited by the team per game. The captain must let the opposing captain know before the start of the game and then must offer the opposing captain the choice of drawing the players from the 6 already drawn to play twice; Only the player’s first score will go towards the averages. The rule would be firm but in the spirit of the game discretion may be applied by agreement of both captains.

Comments - The league feel that if accepted, both proposals will greatly help teams who sometimes struggle to raise a team due to holidays or illness and will help keep games at 10 a side for the foreseeable future.

Last season there were 56 occurrences of a team being a player or more short in a league match. This works out as more or less 1 in every 5 games that a team could not put out a full team, with players on opposing teams often having to miss out on a game because teams were short.

Given the decline of the sport in general, we feel teams/clubs should be more flexible in order to help keep the game going.


Proposal Three - From League Committee: 

KO CUP – Players must have played one league game before being eligible to play in the Semi Final and two league games before being eligible to play in the Final.

Comments – Again, this is another attempt to ensure teams are not short of players for matches.


Proposal Four -  From Burscough C&BC: 

Reduce the number of players from 10 to 9.

This proposal has been seconded by both Town Green and Stanley Arms.



One application from Victoria Park BC, Southport – Will be entered into Division Four if accepted.

As I’m sure you are all aware, all clubs must have named a Safeguarding officer by the 1st of March otherwise they will be subject of a fine which could increase to £100 and may result in a suspension for the club


If your club already has a Safeguarding officer, please let us know their name and Safeguarding number.


Information re: Safeguarding below – Thanks to Ken Buckley for this.


"An individual can be the Safeguarding Officer for more than one Club, if they are also a member of that Club. However, this should be limited to no more than 3 Clubs with a plan in place to have an Officer appointed. 


The recommended Action Plan for Clubs is as follows: 

1. Identify an individual 

2. Arrange for a DBS application to be completed (Please see note below*)

3. Show the certificate to the County Safeguarding Officer / Evidence Checker / Counter Signatory.

4. Advise Club Members who the nominated Safeguarding Officer is.  This can be done by printing a copy of the Safeguarding Policy from the Safeguarding Website, adding the name of your Safeguarding Officer and then posting it on your Club notice board.

5. Ensure your Safeguarding Officer has a place on your committee to feedback any updates in policy.

6. Let the Merseyside Registrar have full details of the Safeguarding Officer for your Club. (This must be done by 28.2.19)


* You must bring with you the following items - Passport, Driving Licence and proof of National Insurance Number.


As long as the Merseyside Registrar has received the name of the Safeguarding Officer and the DBS Certificate Number (or evidence from Paul that he has submitted the DBS on their behalf) your Club will not be fined.


I would like to re-iterate that currently it is NOT mandatory for the Safeguarding Officer to have attended a training course although it is recommended for them to attend one to help them fully understand the role."


There are still training courses this month for those who wish to bother. I am not sure if the courses are full so please contact Paul Ashmore on 07702 347 360 / to book. I believe the course is three hours long and will cost £15.00. Communication / information from both Merseyside and the BCGBA has been very poor so apologies if any of this info is incorrect. If I am wrong please feel free to correct.



Sunday 24th February, 4pm at Holy Trinity BC

Monday 11 February 2019, 7pm, at Halewood BC, 42 Church Road, Halewood, L26 6LB

Wednesday 27th Feb 2019, 6.45pm at Alder BC, Alder Road, Liverpool L12 2AY (This is before the MCGBA AGM)


You will need the following - N.I. Number, Passport, Driving Licence.

If you do not have either a passport and/or driving licence then a birth certificate, marriage certificate, bank statement will suffice. These forms of ID are for the issuing of a DBS Certificate, which will be given out on the completion of the Safeguarding Course.

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Group A – To take place at Fox Lane, Leyland, 10am start

Leeds A, Ormskirk, Liverpool/St Helens, Dregiau Clwyd Dragons.

Group B – To take place at Empire Services, Preston, 10am start

Wallasey, Bradford, Doncaster A, Wrexham.

The winners of each group will face each other at Eagle & Child, Leyland at around 5pm.

8-a-side format. Supporters are more than welcome at Fox Lane.

(Wednesday 18 September 2019)


Division One

Winners: Railway Rebels

Runners Up: Our Ladys 1

KO Cup Winner: Brooke Hotel 1

Merit Winner: Mike Davies (Our Ladys)

Division Two

Winners: Burscough Legion

Runners Up: Tute 1

KO Cup Winner: Formby Park 1

Merit Winner: John Greenwood (Crossens)

Division Three

Winners: Hesketh Arms

Runners Up: Meadows

KO Cup Winner: Hesketh Arms

Merit Winner: Tony Wakefield (Hesketh Arms)

Division Four

Winners: Saracens

Runners Up: Our Ladys 2

KO Cup Winner: St Gregorys

Merit Winner: Frank Smedley (Sefton & Thornton 2)

Winter League

Moorside League - Winners: Walton Park, Runners Up: Brooke Hotel A

Freshfield League - Winners: Freshfield Natterjacks, Runners Up: Fleetwood Hesketh

Winter League Play Off – Winners: Walton Park, Runners Up: Freshfield Natterjacks.

(Sunday 15 September 2019)


Ormskirk - Division Four

Sunday 26th April v Furness

Sunday 31st May - BYE

Sunday 28th June v South Lancs

Sunday 26th July v Mon Menai

Sunday 23rd August v Mid Cheshire

Ormskirk A - Division Eight

Sunday 26th April v East Lancs B

Sunday 31st May v Doncaster B

Sunday 28th June v Rochdale A

Sunday 26th July v Eccles & District

Sunday 23rd August - BYE.

(Wednesday 11 September 2019)


Division One: Brooke Hotel 1 188 - 165 Our Ladys 1

Division Two: Formby Park 1 204 - 145 Burscough Legion 1

Division Three: Meadows 194 - 171 Hesketh Arms

Division Four: St Gregorys 162 - 155 Our Ladys 2

Our thanks to the Northern Club for hosting the finals.

(Monday 26 August 2019)


Ormskirk finished the season as champions of Division Five by defeating Menai 17-15 in a tough fixture. The damage done at home by winning the aggregate by 76 points on an exceptionally difficult Town Green helped get them over the line. Ormskirk have been promoted into Division Four and have qualified for the Champion of Champions on Sunday 22nd September.

Ormskirk A finished off the season with a 20-12 win over Rochdales Ladies who could not handle the green at Burscough C&BC, with Ormkskirk winning the home aggregate by an astonishing 149 points. Despite this, Ormkirk A unfortunately were relegated into Division Eight for the 2020 season.

Full results and final tables can be found here:

Our thanks to all who supported and to all the clubs who hosted matches throughout the season.

(Sunday 18 August 2019)


The Winter League play offs were played on Saturday 9th March at Freshfield BC and was dominated by Walton Park who, captained by Billy McGee, convincingly won both their semi final and final matches. Congratulations to Walton Park and our thanks to all teams who participated over the winter. Our thanks also to both Moorside Park and Freshfield for all their help and support in running this league.


Semi finals: Freshfield Natterjacks beat Brooke Hotel A, Walton Park beat Fleetwood Hesketh

Final: Walton Park beat Freshfield Natterjacks


Moorside League Winners, Walton Park:


Moorside League Runners Up, Brooke Hotel:


Freshfield League Winners, Freshfield Natterjacks:


Freshfield League Runners Up, Fkeetwood Hesketh:



(Saturday 09 March 2019)


The West Lancashire & Sefton Junior Bowls Forum runs a junior league and any clubs interested in taking part are most welcome.  The 2018 season saw four clubs take part - Ormskirk BC, Botanic Gardens BC, Scarisbrick BC and Moorfield BC (Widnes).  Players need to be aged 16 or Under on 1st March 2019.  

Matches consist of 4 singles games and 2 pairs games, and players may play in both singles and pairs. Teams can therefore range from between 4 and 8 players for any particular match.  All abilities are catered for and matches are ranked according to ability - ie the best player in one team plays best in another etc

If any club is interested in taking part, or just want a chat about it, please contact Ian Gill, Chairman of the Junior Bowls Forum on  Details of the Junior Bowls Forum and the league can be found at  If your club is interested in working with Juniors then the Bowls Forum can provide some support, equipment and limited financial help. Membership for Clubs is just £10 per year and local leagues also provide some financial support which is most welcome.

Junior and Youth teams are also entered in the Federation of Crown Green Bowls with two match days being played on the first Sunday of May and July, both in Leyland which is nice and handy for us.  Juniors have to be 16 & Under on that first Sunday, and Youth 20 & Under.  If anyone knows of young players in the area who may be interested please get in touch with Ian.  This is great experience for young players and many have gone on to play at County level.

(Sunday 10 February 2019)


2018 Winners Runners Up Cup Winners Merit Winner
Division One Brooke Hotel 1 Railway Rebels Railway Rebels Danny Barwise (BRNESC 1)
Division Two Sefton & Thornton 1 Moorside Park BRNESC 2 Phil Olsen (BRNESC 2)
Division Three Crossens Northern 1 Northern 1 Gary Burgess (Crossens)
Division Four Hesketh Owls Ormskirk BC Hesketh Owls Dave Ball (Ormskirk BC)
Winter League - Moorside Walton Park Saracens Play Off Winners Walton Park
Winter League - Freshfield Zetland Freshfield Play Off Runners Up Freshfield

(Wednesday 06 February 2019)


Requests for membership cards must be accompanied by a BCGBA Membership Application Form.

The current fee for a BCGBA Membership Cards has been increased to £12 (£4 for replacement cards) and all cheques must be made payable to Merseyside CCGBA.

Send to: Linda Howard, 65 Prospect Vale, Wallasey, CH45 6TG.

(Sunday 03 February 2019)


Despite finishing strongly in their final two games and recovering from a bad start, it was not enough to keep Ormskirk in Division Four and they were relegated by only 3 points.

Ormskirk A also struggled in their first season and unfotunately finished bottom of Division 6A.

Our thanks to all supported and to the clubs who hosted matches throughout the season.

There were better fortunes for Liverpool/St Helens who won Division Four by one point and for Southport who will remain in Division 6A next season.

All scores can be found by clicking here.

(Friday 31 August 2018)


The league have received complaints about the language used on and around greens.

Please note that foul language during games will not be tolerated and is not in the spirit of the game or the league. Any further complaints will result in action being taken.

(Thursday 05 April 2018)


2017 Winners Runners Up Cup Winners Merit Winner
Division One Railway Rebels BRNESC 1 BRNESC 1 Dave Fenney (Railway Rebels)
Division Two Freshfield Formby Park A Freshfield Rod Houghton (Moorside Park)
Division Three Sefton & Thornton 1 Tute 1 Tute 1 Luke Sinnott (Formby S&S)
Division Four Crossens Meadows 1 Crossens Dave Ball (Ormskirk BC)
Winter League Saracens Walton Park

(Wednesday 04 April 2018)


2018 Division One Winners, Brooke Hotel 1:


2018 Division Two KO Cup Winners, BRNESC 2:


2018 Division Three KO Cup Winners, Northern 1:


2018 Division Four KO Cup Winners, Hesketh Owls:


2017/18 Winter League Overall Winners, Walton Park:


2017/18 Winter League Overall Runners Up, Freshfield:


2017/18 Winter League Semi Finalists, Zetland & Saracens:



2017 Division One Cup Winners, BRNESC:


2017 Division Three Cup Winners & League Runners Up, Tute 1:


2017 Division Four League & Cup Winners, Crossens:


2016/17 Winter League Winners, Saracens:


(Sunday 01 April 2018)