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The league run two divisions playing on Thursday afternoons. The league is open to bowlers aged from 55 years. A particular welcome to Brooklands Bowling Club, Haigh Road, Waterloo who will be joining the league in 2020.  As well as league games, a number of team and individual cup competitions are also run. Please scroll down for news and notices. 

Note also that Walnut B will be renamed Crescent Wasps in 2020. Walnut A thus become Walnut.

A weekly summary CALENDAR can be seen by scrolling down this header page. 

Full details of season 2019 results and statistics can be seen via the ARCHIVES link at the top of this page.

2019 AGM

The AGM was held on THURSDAY 31st October 2019 

The following proposals were tabled with results as indicated


  1. In ALL rules which state His or Him to be changed to His/her & Him/She. AGREED

     2. Rule 8.  The Player Registration fee of £2-00 per Player to be changed to a “one off” lump sum of £35-00 per team to register any number of players correctly registered. AGREED

     3. Rule 10A.   That the Three-Day qualification period for players to be eligible to play be removed and replaced with “players need to be registered by Midnight on the day before the Scheduled day of a game” Note Rule 11A the final date to register new players will remain 30th June. AGREED


From Litherland B C.

a) The Number of Players in each team be reduced from 11 to 10. DEFEATED

b)  All Cup Matches to be played on a 5 Home 5 Away Basis. DEFEATED

c)  That the Maximum Handicap difference in any Clare Cup match to be 50 points AGREED

d) All Games to start at 1-00 pm, given the number of players who play on a Thursday night. AGREED

From Freshfield B.C.

That the age for qualification should be reduced from 58 to 55 AGREED

(Note  only 2 players in age range 55 to 60 can play in any match)

Other matters arising

  • Walnut B to be renamed Crescent Wasps
  • Brooklands may enter a team next season.
  • Committee meeting to do cup draw etc Thurs 27th Feb 2020 at 11.00am (this is the last date for finalising teams for 2020).
  • Spring meeting Thurs 12th March 2020 at 11.00am.
  • Calendar broadly as last year, except Steele Cup and Tidman Pairs dates reversed back to as they were in 2018 season.  Start 2nd April (if 9 or 10 in div 2), 9th April for div 1. Last date Player of Season 1st October.



President: Eric Hoare Life Vice President: Austin Fleming

Chairman: George Campbell

Hon. Secretary: David Halewood 0151 924 8224 mob 07931 900775  

Hon. Assistant Secretary: Ken Buckley  01704 872834

Hon. Treasurer: Mike Truman 07890 047929

Committee Members: Gabriel Brittocoll, Ronnie McCann, Gordon Richards, Tony Wright, Keith Sandon

Scorecards are to be submitted to the Hon. Secretary and to reach him within 48 hours of match completion. IF SENT BY ELECTRONIC MEDIA, PLEASE RETAIN SCORECARD.

MERSEYSIDE COUNTY AGM - summary of main points from Jan 2020 AGM

·  There was a ‘Bowls for Health’ presentation, promoting Training & Coaching at Bowls Clubs throughout Merseyside as part of a Programme to improve health in all age groups and abilities with the aim to get more people playing Bowls initially at a Social level but ultimately to join clubs at a competitive level. Any Clubs interested should contact the MCCGBA Development Officer (details will soon be posted on MCCGBA Website) or by using Google “Bowls for Health”

·  Roy Cooke (07990 764143) is now the county Safeguarding OfficerThere is a D B S accreditation meeting on 2nd February at Heswall RBL, but nothing so far in our area (minimum 10 required).

·  Of 200 Merseyside clubs, about 20 have no Safeguarding Officer, and invoices for fines have been issued. Any Club not paying these fines and not providing details of a Safeguarding Officer would not be allowed to play Bowls under BCGBA. Leagues would be advised of clubs in the area being barred.

·  The County Treasurer said that she would publish on the Web Site invoices which Leagues and Clubs could either print off to send payment of fees due or just make payment by Direct Bank Transfer ensuring that League/Club name and registration number were quotedThere would be no reminders.

·  It is likely that sandals would not be allowed to be worn on greens without a medical certificate.

·  Ron Holt is now the County Web Master. He said he had plans to improve the site and would ensure that it was brought up to date quickly and notices would appear on a regular basis.


DH 24/1/2020












This assumes Div 1 has 8 teams, and Div 2 has 9 or 10 teams

(all fixtures on Thursdays, unless stated)

-------------------- DIV 1----------------------- DIV 2-------------

2nd Apr

Open date

League week 1

9th Apr

League week 1

League week 2

16th Apr

League week 2

League week 3

23rd Apr

League week 3

League week 4

30th Apr

Hawkyard Trophy QFs

League week 5

1st May FRIDAY           Clare Cup Prelim Game(s)

7th May

League week 4

League week 6

14th May

League week 5

League week 7

21st May

League week 6

League week 8

28th May

Clare Cup round 1

4th June

League week 7

League week 9

11th June

Hawkyard Trophy SFs**

League week 10 (rev1)

(13th June SATURDAY    Last date for Steele Cup entries)

18th June

League week 8 (rev 1)

League week 11 (rev 2)

19th June FRIDAY   Consolation Clare Cup Prelim game(s)

25th June

Steele Cup Prelims

2nd July

Steele Cup Finals

9th July

League week 9 (rev 2)

League week 12 (rev 3)

16th July

Clare Cup QFs **

23rd July

League week 10 (rev 3)

League week 13 (rev 4)

30th July

Hawkyard Trophy Finals**

League week 14 (rev 5)

6th Aug

League week 11 (rev 4)

League week 15 (rev 6)

13th Aug

League week 12 (rev 5)

League week 16 (rev 7)

20th Aug

Clare Cup SFs **

27th Aug

League week 13 (rev 6)

League week 17 (rev 8)

(29th Aug SATURDAY   Last day for Tidman Pairs  Entries)

3rd Sept

League week 14 (rev 7)

League week 18 (rev 9)

10th Sept

Tidman Pairs Prelims

17th Sept

Tidman Pairs Finals

24th Sept

Clare Cup Finals **

1st  Oct

Billy Nelson Trophy

Arthur Hughes Trophy


** Date also includes the equivalent Consolation Cups rounds


(Monday 4 November 2019)


Division 1

League winners: Litherland A; Runners up: Litherland B

Hawkyard Trophy winners: Walnut A; Runners up: Litherland A

Hawkyard Consolation winners: Freshfield A; Runners up: Formby Park A

Billy Nelson Trophy winner: John O'Connor (Walnut A); Runner up: Frank Southward (Litherland A)

Division 2

League winners: Aughton Institute; Runners up: Moorside Park

Arthur Hughes Trophy winner: Sue Moorcroft (Moorside Park); Runner up: Alan Dutch (Maghull Vets)

Clare Cup

Winners: Walnut B; Runners up: Sefton and Thornton

Clare Consolation Cup

Winners: Freshfield A; Runners up: Maghull Vets

Steele Cup

Winner: Harry Jones (Brooke Hotel A); Runner up: Norman Lee (Litherland A)

Tidman Pairs

Winners: Paul Carline and Ted Clayton (Formby Park A)

Runners up: George McGhee and Billy Halliwell (Litherland B)


(Friday 4 October 2019)


  • Any Safeguarding fine will be delayed to 1st July to allow clubs more time to make arrangements.
  • The BCGBA affiliation fee is increased to £30 for 2019 (and will be £35 in 2020).
  • The County fee for clubs remains at £25, so the total  to be paid in 2019 is £55 (excluding handbooks)
  • The fee for individual bowlers BCGBA registration is now £12 (was £10).
  • All County officers were re-elected, with the exception of Paul Ashmore, the Safeguarding Officer, who resigned.
  • All club and league secretaries were urged to keep the County Secretary, Pat Crowther, updated with any secretary and/or contact details changes.
  • Pat said that all clubs who had paid the Affiliation Fees plus payment for the BCGBA handbook were sent copies to the last known addresses for the relevant clubs/leagues.
  • The meeting lasted over three hours, over half of this on Safeguarding.

David Halewood, League County Rep


(Thursday 7 March 2019)


Requests for membership cards must be accompanied by a BCGBA Membership Application Form.  (Follow the links on

The current fee for a BCGBA Membership Cards is now £12 (£4 for replacement cards) and all cheques must be made payable to Merseyside CCGBA.

Send to: Linda Howard, 65 Prospect Vale, Wallasey, CH45 6TG.


(Monday 25 February 2019)


From BCGBA: All clubs must have a Safeguarding Official by 1st March 2019. If the official is a member of more than one club then they can cover all clubs they play for.  If not, such clubs will be subject to a £25 fine, increasing by a further £25 for each succeeding 3 months without such a person, with the ultimate sanction of being barred from playing.

Just to remind you all, the recommended Action Plan for Clubs is as follows:

1. Identify an individual

2. Arrange for a DBS application to be completed through the BCGBA

3. Show the certificate to the County Safeguarding Officer / Evidence Checker / Counter Signatory.

4. Advise Club Members who the nominated Safeguarding Officer is.  This can be done by printing a copy of the Safeguarding Policy from the Safeguarding Website, adding the name of your Safeguarding Officer and then posting it on your Club notice board.

5. Ensure your Safeguarding Officer has a place on your committee to feedback any updates in policy.

6. Let the Merseyside Registrar have full details of the Safeguarding Officer for your Club. (This must be done by 30/6/2019 to avoid a fine)

KB 7/3/2019


(Thursday 14 February 2019)


AUGHTON INSTITUTE          Bold Lane, Aughton L39 6SG

BROOKE HOTEL                    Brooke Road West, Waterloo L22 2BE

FORMBY PARK                      Duke Street, Formby L37 3LT

FRESHFIELD                         Timms Lane, Freshfield L37 7DN

LITHERLAND                        Hatton Hill Road, Litherland L21 9JN

MAGHULL VETS                    Oakhill Park, Liverpool Road, Lydiate L31 2NA

MOORSIDE PARK                 Moorside Road, Crosby L23 2RR

NETHERTON PARK               Arnside (off Thirlmere Drive), Litherland L21 5JL

NORTHERN                          Moor Park, Elm Avenue, Crosby L23 2SX

SEFTON & THORNTON        Nags Head, Green Lane, Thornton L23 1TJ

WALNUT A                           Orrell Lane, Bootle L20 6PG

WALNUT B      Moss Lane, Bootle L20 0ED (entrance adjacent to no. 24)

(Saturday 17 February 2018)