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The Knutsford Bowling League was founded in 1922. We are open to bowls clubs within 12 miles radius of Knutsford. As well as an evening league of five divisions, we organise a team knockout competition, an individual Merit, an individual pairs and handicap competitions.

We are affiliated to the Cheshire County Bowling Asociation, and play under British Crown Green rules.


For COVID specific rules for Pubs and Clubs please check below and check before travelling to away venues.

The 2021 AGM has been postponed until later in the year.
See below for the latest league status.

For information and inquiries please contact the KBL secretary - Jid Webb  
Email -
Mobile - 07957 496687

Jid Webb

C/O Crosstown Bowling Club.
Chelford Road,
WA16 8LY

To find out where the greens are, go to the green finder.


Please click here to obtain a copy of the Knutsford Bowling League Rules.

Safeguarding Officers - Please Read

KBL Presentation Evening.

KBL – Competitions Updates 2021

Gallimore Pair new fixture date

Result Entry - Playing Twice.

Temporary Rule for 2021 season only

2021 Team News

CV-19 Church Inn, Mobberley

Bowling Season - April Update


2021 - Bowling Season Update March 18th.

2021 Bowling Season - UPDATE

Cranford BC and Church Inn parking restrictions - All visiting teams please read.


Safeguarding Officers - Please Read

Message from Yvette Gregory.

As you are all aware we need to bring all clubs up to date with current safeguarding procedures for next season.
I am aware that there are DBS certificates that have expired. Therefore with the Cheshire County AGM being held on Saturday 30th October at Winnington Park. I will be available along with Paul Ashmore and Jim McGurk after the AGM to complete renewals and complete any new applications. Photo Id is required (passport or Driving license) and confirmation of address is required.
We will be present for 3 hours after the AGM to accommodate all applicants and would be grateful if you could pass this message to all safeguarding officers and club officials to come along and renew or apply. Please contact me via email or by telephone 07544 659779 if you have any queries.
Many thanks,

(Friday 15 October 2021)

KBL Presentation Evening.

Well with the season almost at a close, just 2 games to be played in Division 1 tomorrow night, it is time to announce the date for the presentation evening.

The Knutsford League Presentation evening will be held at Crosstown BC on Saturday 23rd October. It will be a 7.30 start for 8.00pm presentation.
All clubs will be allocated and billed for two tickets; additional tickets will be available on request. Tickets priced at £5, included in the price is hot food.

Please note all clubs are requested to bring a raffle prize... thanks.

I hope to see you there.


(Tuesday 5 October 2021)

KBL – Competitions Updates 2021

*** Ray Brandreth Trophy ***

This event has been cancelled until next year.

*** Len Gallimore Pairs ***

Now being played this Sunday 1st August.

Swettenham BC, start 10.30am.

Do come down and support.

*** Emmett Cup ***

Final day Mon 30th Aug (Bank Holiday).

Wilmslow Conservative BC.

Start 10.30am

Qualifiers only if required the weekend before.

Any entries to me via printed sheets or EMAIL ONLY –

(Thursday 29 July 2021)

Gallimore Pair new fixture date

Last weekend’s final day at Swettenham was called off due to a flooded green. The new date is Sunday 1st August, Swettenham BC. Start times are 10.30am for the first round, 11.30am for the second round.

(Monday 5 July 2021)

Result Entry - Playing Twice.

To teams who have to play a player twice in one game.

When entering the result, enter as played and the website will deduct the 5 points automatically. 

(Friday 7 May 2021)

Temporary Rule for 2021 season only

Additional amendments to the rules are as follows.

No promotion or relegation.

Top three places in each league will receive prize money (dependent on number of teams participating).

Shortage of Players. A team, if short can play a player twice in one night, with up to 2 players playing twice. There will be a 5-point penalty for each player that plays twice. The player/players playing twice have to be nominated at the point of making the draw and have them incorporated into the draw. 

(Thursday 29 April 2021)

2021 Team News

To let you all know, Goostrey has left the KBL (and other leagues). Cranford have also dropped a team. Both down to loss of players.
Swettenham A - Due to Covid-19 issues within their team they have asked to be removed from the 2021 fixtures, this has been done today. So for this year only teams in the 1st Division will have 'bye' weeks.

Please check the website for up to date fixtures.

The season starts 1 week tomorrow, so may the 4th be with you!

Good luck everyone and stay safe out there.


(Monday 26 April 2021)

CV-19 Church Inn, Mobberley

The Church Inn, Mobberley have the following requirments for visiting teams.

  • We require the Church Inn team captains to speak to the visiting team captain before the match evening to explain the following requirements.
  • All Bowlers to park opposite St Wilfred's church, or school car park, unless disabled when the pub car park can be used.
  • Entry is only through the pub main entrance, where inclusion on the pub Covid register is mandatory.
  • We will be using the match team sheets to add names to the bowling club Covid register. [Yes, we have two Covid registers]
  • All bowlers to be responsible for using hand sanitizer and wiping down any surface they touch. [Hand sanitizer dispenser on the side of the hut and anti-bacterial wipes inside the hut]

(Wednesday 14 April 2021)

Bowling Season - April Update

Knutsford Bowling League

 Getting back to Bowling - 2021

The management committee of the KBL met via Zoom on Thursday 1st April.
The main topic of discussion was the resumption of the league in its full format. It was agreed that we will run a full set of fixtures for the 2021 season, starting on Tuesday 4th May. There is no ‘free week’ for Divisions 1 or 2 where the TKO would normally be played, normal fixtures are now in this week. Divisions 3,4 and 5 still have this free week (Wed 19th May) and it is available to move any ‘problem’ fixtures into, please let me know if you want a fixture moving.

With the current and changing situation around social distancing and some bowlers not wishing to return to bowling straight away it was agreed to relax and add rules for this season only. Rules can normally only be changed at an AGM but we have not been able to hold this meeting so far this year but hope to hold on in late June.

The amendments to the rules are as follows.

No promotion or relegation.
Top three places in each league will receive prize money (dependent on number of teams participating).
Shortage of Players. A team, if short can play a player twice in one night, with up to 2 players playing twice. There will be a 5-point penalty for each player that plays twice. The player/players playing twice have to be nominated at the point of making the draw and have them incorporated into the draw.

The league has already been produced and was due to start 15th April, this has been co-ordinated with other leagues to prevent fixture clashes. So, I will manually moving the first three week worth of fixtures to the end of the season.

There will be no Team KO this year.


Walter Baskerville – Mon 31st May (Bank Holiday) at Crosstown BC.
Gallimore Pairs – Sun 4th July at Swettenham, qualifiers only if entries require it.
Ray Brandreth Trophy (3rd, 4th, 5th registered players only) – Sat 31st July at Victory Hall Mobberley.
Emmett Cup – Qualifiers 14/15 Aug, final day Mon 30th Aug at Wilmslow Cons.

Please be aware that things can change quickly in this new world we find ourselves in so be please check the league website for updates.

If you have any questions please let me know at or ask any member of the management committee.

Stay safe and enjoy your bowling.

Jid Webb – GLS Knutsford Bowling League.

(Tuesday 6 April 2021)


To all clubs - Following numerous requests from various clubs the Knutsford league will now be running a full schedule of league fixtures and competitions this year. The only event that will be missing is the TKO but this will be back next season - THE WILL BE NO PROMOTION OR RELEGATION but PRIZE MONEY FOR 1st, 2nd and 3rd WILL BE PAID.

The league will start on Tue May 4th and I will post further details over the coming days.

Adherence to social distancing rules will be maintained in line with government guidelines at the time of play. Most clubs already have an operating model in place for this. 

There will be additional help for teams who are short of players by permitting, for this season only players to place twice but only where absolutely necessary and there will be a points deduction for this. Again further details to follow.

Please don't bombard me with questions right away - I will publish further details over the next few days. 

Here is hoping for a good season.


(Thursday 1 April 2021)

2021 - Bowling Season Update March 18th.

After a meeting of the MC it has been decided to postpone the start of the season. This is down to numerous factors. Divisions 1 and 2 were scheduled to start mid-April. It is still not clear if the BCGBA will permit bowling at this time, some clubs also informed me that their venue will not be available until mid-May. Starting in mid-May would not be an option for us as it would take the season into the middle of October. It is also not clear what the government rules will be, as of today restrictions on social contact will not end until mid-June.

So we will run 'Half a League' starting week commencing 6th July. This will be ran as a friendly league and there will be no promotion or relegation. 

Prior to the start of the league we plan to run a full Team Knockout competition in June. Start date is to be confirmed but for week one can all clubs make sure their green will be available on their normal Knutsford League night. Social contact restrictions will have to be adhered to.

All individual and pairs competitions will also be played. I will be sending out forms once we have agreed dates and venues. 

Please stay safe.

Jid Webb GLS

(Thursday 18 March 2021)

2021 Bowling Season - UPDATE

Hello everyone and I hope you are all well and coping with the everything as well as you can.

After the update from Boris and the BCGBA this week this is where KBL is with regards to the 2021 league season.

The AGM scheduled for Monday 22nd March has been posponed until later in the year.

From 29th March – Greens may open and be available to bowl on, with the appropriate safeguards in place. So practice, internal competions and ‘mini leagues’ can commence from that date (subject to change and local green regulations).

This does not give the green light for league bowling. This is dependant on the BCGBA, they need to authorise league bowling and as of today they have not given any indication of when this will be. However – The MC is going ahead with producing league fixtures for 2021, starting as late as possible week commencing  13th April. This will mean the league finish in the second week of September, any later and greens with no lights would not be able to finish an evening match.

The Team KO which is normally played as the first week of the season is to be postponed.

If permission is NOT give to resume league bowling until May/June then it will not be possible to complete the league in its entirety so therefore it would have to be abandoned. BUT if this is the case the Team KO could be played in its place. Dates are obviously dependant on Boris and the BCGBA.

It would also be the MC’s intent to run all league individual and pairs competions on dates that fit with CV-19 guidelines.

Walter Baskerville Merit Singles.

Len Gallimore Pairs.

Emmett Cup Handicap Singles.

Ray Brandreth Trophy Singles (NEW) Open to Division 3, 4 and 5 players only.

Hopefully a presentation night in October where we can all get together and have a drink.


Links to the relevant organisations.

Competions dates and venues will be confirmed once available.

One last comment -

If we cannot run a full league fixture. I will have the option to run half a league starting at the end of June. There would not be promotion or relegation from this but it would certainly help to get people and teams back into the swing of league bowling. It would also help to generate revenue for member clubs.

Jid Webb GLS – KBL


m: 07957 496687

(Thursday 25 February 2021)

Cranford BC and Church Inn parking restrictions - All visiting teams please read.

Cranford BC

All teams visiting Cranford BC (Cons Club) please read the attached document regarding parking at the club.

Note for Leagues & Clubs on Car Parking Arrangements.docx

Church Inn, Mobberley.

All visiting teams are requested to park in the school car park next to the pub.

(Sunday 18 March 2018)


All players competing in competitions organised by Cheshire CBA or in any of the affiliated leagues are required to hold life membership of the BCGBA and of Cheshire CBA. The membership cards can be obtained from the County Registrar:

Mr John Small
17 Farriers Way
CW7 2TS         Tel. 01606 599268

Applications should enclose the fee (£12 for BCGBA membership, £4 for a replacement card and £3 for Cheshire membership).

Click here to obtain a copy of the BCGBA application form from the Cheshire Website.


(Tuesday 26 April 2005)