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The Knutsford Bowling League was founded in 1922. We are open to bowls clubs within 12 miles radius of Knutsford. As well as an evening league of five divisions, we organise a team knockout competition, an individual Merit, an individual pairs and handicap competitions.

We are affiliated to the Cheshire County Bowling Asociation, and play under . Nick Hough.

To find out where the greens are, go to the green finder.

KBL ~ AGM 2016 Minutes

KBL AGM ~ 2017 Proposed Rule Changes.

KBL 2017 Divisional Layout.



KBL ~ AGM 2016 Minutes

Minutes of Annual General Meeting, 2016.

Held at Knutsford Bowling Club on Tuesday 12 January, starting at 2000hrs.



Silent Invocation.

A one-minute silence was observed in remembrance of the bowlers, who had died since the last AGM.

 Frank Murphy, George Wallis, Jack Cheetham.



 Apologies were received from John Venables and Tony Davies. The Chair was taken by Ray Brandreth

(Absent clubs will be fined as per Rule G3.)


 Minutes of 2016 AGM.


The minutes were accepted, following a proposal by HL, seconded by HBC.


Matters Arising.                   None.



Secretary’s Report.

 Nick Hough thanked all who had helped him throughout the 2015 season and wished everybody well for 2016. He then talked about the new system for self-reporting of league match results, which will be rolled out this year.

Each club secretary will be provided with a username and password which they can give to captains to access the system. Both the home and the away teams will be able to enter and modify the scores starting on the match date and for a period of one week thereafter. After then they will have to pass the information to the KBL General Secretary, who will have full control of the program. It is hoped that in 2017 it may be possible to enter initial player registrations and enter TKO information at club level, but meanwhile that will have to be done by the GLS.


 Competition Secretary’s Report.

 John Venables had sent apologies and a report. In his report he thanked all clubs and members for their co-operation in running both the team and individual competitions last year. He said that this year: the Gallimore Pairs final would be at Good Companions, the Baskerville Merit at Wilmslow Conservatives and the Emmett Cup at Chelford BC. He asked that all clubs log on to the Knutsford League web site, for information about the team knockout and individual bowling competitions, with a special look out for matches and qualifying events which may be on their greens.


 Treasurer’s Report / Auditor’s Report.


Bruce Tully presened to all clubs present, a detailed financial report for the 12 months to year ending

30 November 2015. This report showed the sum closing balance of all accounts to be £2768.16 this was £18.54 greater than last year’s balance of £2749.62. Bruce said that this was acceptable. Bruce proposed that the Team Knockout entry fee could be set at £10.00 per team.

 Mr Les Jennings FCA reported that he had audited the accounts and had found them to be correct, and he recommended them to the clubs for acceptance. Following a proposal by Church Inn, seconded by Good Companions, all clubs present voted to accept the report. The floor thanked both the treasurer and the auditor for their work.


Chairman’s Report.

 Acting Chairman Ray Brandreth said that we had finished good season. He thanked the MC for their work and wished everyone all the best, for the new season.


Election of Officers.

 The existing MC and Mr Les Jennings as auditor were proposed for re-election en-bloc, by Grappenhall, seconded by Cranford, for another year. The motion was carried unanimously, after which the MC were awarded a vote of thanks by the members.


Election of new teams

 Rudheath Sports and Social Club, wish to withdraw a strong team from the Norley Evening League, and enter it in the KBL. The MC recommends their inclusion in Division 2, if elected. Every effort will be made to get them to play at home on Wednesdays, but this cannot be guaranteed. After a proposal by the MC seconded by Goostrey and after considerable discussion, the member clubs voted them in to Division 2. It was noted with regret that this meant unexpected relegation for other teams in the lower divisions, but the main gain was that the KBL now had a full complement of 12 teams in each of five divisions.


Rules Revision.

 The GLS was again authorized to make suitable changes to the rules in the handbook to accommodate self-reporting and similar.

 A proposal from Goostrey BC to admit lady members to the KBL was discussed, considered and voted on.

The motion failed, the Ayes 11 the Noes 14.

 A proposal from the Management Council, seconded by Cranford to increase the TKO entry fee from £2.00 to £10.00 per team and scrap the TKO greenage levy was accepted unanimously.


Presentation Night.

 It was agreed that this season’s awards night, will be held in October 2016 at a venue chosen by the MC but not at Mobberley Victory Hall Memorial Club.



 David Mee (KBC) asked what had happened to his proposal re a change to the TKO format. The GLS replied that it had been overlooked and apologized. The meeting agreed that due to the late hour it would be discussed at the next AGM in 2017.


 The Chairman thanked the members for their attendance.                                                                                                

 The meeting closed at 21:50.


N.S. Hough. (GLS)  23 February 2016.


(Monday 30 January 2017)

KBL AGM ~ 2017 Proposed Rule Changes.



KBL AGM Agenda ~ 2017: Item number . 8. Rules Revision. 


AGM Proposal. (This proposal was sadly omitted from last year’s AGM. I apologize again.)


Subject: Proposed change to, KBL Team KO comp


Knutsford BC wishes to discuss at the next AGM meeting, a proposal to change the format of the Team KO handicap competition. The proposal is to change the match format to a four games at home and four games away, when teams have been drawn out against each other. 


This format was experienced by KBC in the Interleague competition and found to be highly successful. It would negate the need to have neutral greens allocated for the various rounds and the argument that it brings about distances 2 full teams have to travel to complete their fixture. Tuesday and Wednesday nights would be allocated to complete the various rounds and would accommodate teams with 4 teams in the draw. Any team with 5 teams would have to play on another night as in previous comps. Neutral greens in the final rounds for full 8 player teams to compete for these final stages.


I have discussed this with various players and it has met with a positive feedback but at the meeting the proposal would have to be seconded and put to the vote.


Regards David Mee

Bowling Secretary Knutsford Bowling Club.




AGM Proposal.                                 SINCE WITHDRAWN.


Goostrey wish to propose that Ladies be admitted to play in matches in the Knutsford Bowling League for Season 2017.


Details supporting the motion will be given at the AGM in 2017.


Kind regards


Derek Hurdle - Chairman Goostrey Bowls Club



Following our recent AGM and discussion amongst members we would like to withdraw our proposal for opening the KBL membership to male and female members.


We believe although it would good for the smaller clubs and perhaps encourage more junior members it would not be fair on the larger clubs who are mainly against the proposal and yet would only have one vote.


Best regards



Neil Cook




From Mere Parish Club.


Amend Rule G1. Add the word “Men’s” so as to read, …….“Knutsford Men’s Bowling League” …….


Please note the following,


Rule G4 a). Already states that, …. “the league shall be confined to male members” ….







_  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _   _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _   _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _   _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _ 



From Mere Parish Club.


To amend rule G 3. by adding the sentence shown in bold below.





An AGM will be held in January each year. At this meeting each Club is entitled to one representative mandated with the power to vote. Each of these representatives will cast that number of votes as his club has teams in the league for the current season. Clubs will verbally confirm the number of teams they will enter in the League and provide contact details for the coming season. Clubs failing to attend shall be fined.






(Sunday 29 January 2017)

KBL 2017 Divisional Layout.


  KBL ~ 2017 List of teams by divisions.    
        With provisional TKO handicaps.  
      Team Prov H/C          
1 D1 1 Knutsford BC A 0          
2   2 Railway A 2          
3   3 Swettenham A 3          
4   4 Good Comps 4          
5   5 Crosstown A 5          
6   6 Altrincham Boro 6          
7   7 Alderley Union A 7          
8   8 Budenburg 8          
9   9 Mob Victory Hall A 9          
10   10 Chelford BC A 10          
11   11 Mere A 11          
12   12 Rudheath BC 12          
13 D2 1 Grange BC 18          
14   2 Chelford BC B 19          
15   3 Victoria A 20          
16   4 Knutsford BC B 21          
17   5 Crosstown B 24          
18   6 Wilmslow R.B.L. A 25          
19   7 Mob Victory Hall B 26          
20   8 Hartford RC 27          
21   9 Wilmslow Cons A 30          
22   10 Swettenham B 31          
23   11 Railway B 32          
24   12 Grappenhall 33          
25 D3 1 Cranford A 37          
26   2 Wilmslow BC A 38          
27   3 Mob Victory Hall C 39          
28   4 Swettenham C 40          
29   5 High Legh A 43          
30   6 Navigation 44          
31   7 Sandbach Park A 45          
32   8 Mere B 46          
33   9 Sandbach Park B 49          
34   10 NFU 50          
35   11 Cranford B 51          
36   12 Alderley Union B 52          
37 D4 1 Church Inn A 56          
38   2 Wilmslow R.B.L. B 57          
39   3 Goostrey 58          
40   4 Railway C 59          
41   5 Swettenham D 62          
42   6 Hale BC A 63          
43   7 Wilmslow R.B.L. C 64          
44   8 Chelford BC C 65          
45   9 Cranford C 67          
46   10 Crosstown C 68          
47   11 Mob Victory Hall D 69          
48   12 High Legh B 70          
49 D5 1 Oughtrington 76          
50   2 Crosstown D 77          
51   3 Mere C 78          
52   4 Wilmslow Cons B 80          
53   5 Knutsford BC C 81          
54   6 Mere D 82          
55   7 Victoria B 85          
56   8 Hale BC B 86          
57   9 Wilmslow BC B 87          
58   10 Church Inn B 91          
59   11 Mere E 92          
60   12 Cranford D 93          


(Sunday 29 January 2017)



President: K Barker Esq.      Chairman: A B Davies Esq.

Competitions Secretary:   John Venables. Withinlee Cottage, Prestbury MACCLESFIELD SK10 4AT Mob: 07845 741178

Hon. Treasurer:              Bruce Tulley. 77 Coare Street, MACCLESFIELD SK10 1DN Tel: 01625 262152

General League Secretary: Nick Hough. No 7 The Old Courthouse, KNUTSFORD WA16 6HX

Website: Mob: 07721 002098

Dear Sirs.

 The Annual General Meeting of the Knutsford Bowling League will be held at Knutsford Bowling Club on

 Monday, 30 January 2017 starting at 20:00.

 Clubs not represented by a member, will incur a fine. Each club is entitled to mandate one delegate to vote.


KBL AGM Agenda ~ 2017:    (Please also refer to any attached documents)


 In Memoriam 2016:           Those players who last year sadly departed from this life, for the next one.


 1         Minutes of last AGM and matters arising.

 2         Secretary’s Report.

 3         Competitions Secretary’s Report.    

 4         Treasurer’s Report/Auditor’s Report

 5         Chairman’s Report

 6         Election of Officers.                Often elected en-bloc.




Present Incumbent

Any new proposals?



Mr K Barker,                      (MPC)




Mr A B Davies                     (RLY)




Mr B Tulley                       (MVH)



General Secretary

Mr N S Hough                    (MVH)



Competitions Secretary

Mr J T Venables                    (CBC)



League Delegate

Mr R Brandreth                    (XT)




Mr L Jennings  FCA              (XT)



General Delegates

Mr R Eaton (GC), Mr N Harris (MPC), Mr J Hirst (HL),Mr Richie(CRN).


Honorary Life Members

Mr Ken Barker, Mr Don Booth, Mr Nick Hough. Any more nominations?

7         Confirmation of continuing existing teams and election of new teams, if any. (No changes requested.)

 8         Rules Revision. See overleaf and any attachments.

 9         Presentation Night. Should this be held at Crosstown Club again?

 10     AOB. None advised.


N.S. Hough. (GLS) January 2016.



(Thursday 12 January 2017)



Players’ membership cards

All players competing in competitions organised by Cheshire CBA or in any of the affiliated leagues are required to hold life membership of the BCGBA and of Cheshire CBA. The membership cards can be obtained from the County Registrar:

Mr John Small
17 Farriers Way
CW7 2TS         Tel. 01606 599268

Applications should enclose the fee (£10 for BCGBA membership and £3 for Cheshire membership). If you are applying only for Cheshire membership (e.g. if you have a BCGBA card via another county), please enclose a stamped addressed envelope. New members of BCGBA receive a Welcome Pack, which won’t fit in a small envelope.



(Tuesday 26 April 2005)