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Sad News 16th. May 2019

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10 a side 2019

Next meeting


Bowler of the year

Floodlit results

five a side results

Bowler of the Year 2018

Presentation 2018

AGM 2018

Alan Proctor Cup 2018


10 a side results 2018

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Round up of results 2017

County Registration for Ladies.

Round up of results 2016

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Congratulations to John Prestwich winner of the Alan Proctor Cup

Runner up was Paul Kilfoyle.

Semi finalists were Stuart Metcalf and Norman Cunliffe

Qtr finalists John Heaton, Garry Barnett, Adam Bishop and Tony Johnson.

(Wednesday 10 July 2019)


To the next meeting on Sunday 18th. August please bring your floodlit entries and any notices of motion, in writing, which you wish to be proposed at the AGM.

Brian Leigh needs confirmation of the number of teams you wish to enter into the 5 a side competition before this meeting, i.e. by 1st. August.

 A decision regarding a new League Secretary should be made at this meeting as following the AGM, if no-one steps in, the League would be forced to close.

All teams have been asked to canvass their own members to find a willing volunteer to take on the role.

Every support and encouragement would be offered to that person as required.


(Sunday 23 June 2019)


Congratulations to the Pairs winners, John Prestwich and Bob Berry.

Runners up were David Barlow and Stuart Metcalf

Semi finalists B. Leigh and G Wallsworth, T Johnson and P Kilfoyle.

Qtr. finalists H Andrews and P Grimshaw, M Robinson and G Robinson

C Massey and M Worrall, M Raynor and N Bertenshaw.


(Thursday 23 May 2019)

Sad News 16th. May 2019

Whilst playing on the green against LH C & B A, Sam Corbett from Newtown Park collapsed and

sadly passed away despite the best efforts of bowlers and medics.

Our sympathy and condolences to his wife Elsie who witnessed the traumatic event and to the players 



(Friday 17 May 2019)

Next Meeting

Next meeting is 11.00am. Sunday 23rd. June 2019

(Tuesday 14 May 2019)

10 a side 2019

Congratulations to Monton, winners of the 1st. Div. 10 a side. Runners up Brackley B.

 and to Moorside Park, winners of the 2nd Div. Runners up Roe Green.

(Friday 12 April 2019)

Next meeting

 Sunday 12th. May 2019 11.00am.

(Sunday 31 March 2019)


The  10 a side will start on Monday 8th. April.

The Pairs will start on Tuesday 21st. May. Final at Monton.

The Alan Proctor will start on Tuesday 2nd. July

The 5 a side will start Monday 2nd. September.

Bowler of the Year will be held on Sunday 22nd. September.

The Floodlit will start Monday 23rd. September. 1st. DIV at Chandos, 2nd DIV at Winton Social.

Both finals at Chandos.

Presentation night Friday 1st. November ( to be confirmed ) at SRBL.



(Sunday 17 February 2019)

Bowler of the year

Congratulations to John Prestwich, winner in the 1st. Div competition.

Runner up was Alan Harris.

Congratulations to Pam Rothwell winner in the 2nd. Div competition.

Runner up was Alison Barlow.

(Sunday 30 September 2018)

Floodlit results

Congratulations to Mark Worrall, winner in the 1st. Div competition.

Runner up was Stuart Metcalf.

Semi finalists were Chris Massey and Tom Downie.

Congratulations to Josh Pendlebury winner in the 2nd. Div competition.

Runner up was Tony Johnson.

Semi finalists were Dilys Jackson and Alan Scoresby.

(Sunday 30 September 2018)

five a side results

Congratulations to Brackley A 1 winners of the 1st. Div 5 a side 

Runners up were Brackley B 2

Congratulations to Height Ladies, winners of the 2nd Div 5 a side

Runners up were LHC&B A.

(Friday 07 September 2018)

Bowler of the Year 2018

Bowler of the Year is on Sunday 30th. September.

Venue ...... The Height  starting at 11.00am.

(Sunday 12 August 2018)

Presentation 2018

This year`s presentation is on Friday November 2nd. 7.30pm till late. Please remember a raffle prize from each team to be donated on the night.

(Sunday 12 August 2018)

AGM 2018

The AGM is scheduled for Sunday 2nd. Dec at 10.30am.

(Sunday 12 August 2018)

Alan Proctor Cup 2018

Congratulations to John Prestwich this year`s winner.

Runner up was Josh Pendlebury.

Semi finalists were Paul Nichols and John Heaton.

The final was held at Pendleton and Alan Proctor presented the cup.

(Friday 06 July 2018)


Congratulations to Mark Worrall and Chris Massey winners of this year`s Pairs Competition.

Runners up were John Grace and Curtis Mellor.

Semi finalists were Tony Johnson and Paul Kilfoyle, Ian Ramsbottom and Noel Grant. 

(Friday 25 May 2018)

10 a side results 2018

Congratulations to :-

Monton, winners of the 1st. division 10 a side

Runners up - Boothstown A

St.Mary`s, winners of the 2nd. division 10 a side

Runners up Brackley W



(Friday 13 April 2018)

GM Info

Please find further info on safeguarding

GM. Info

(Wednesday 28 March 2018)

Round up of results 2017

results2017scan0001.pdf (click to view)

(Tuesday 03 October 2017)

County Registration for Ladies.

Following the untimely death of Mrs Alice Hollas, the long term Registrar, a new system is in place for registering ladies with the County.

All applications must be made on a standard form copies of which you can request from Pam Rothwell.


(Friday 14 April 2017)

Round up of results 2016

1st div League Champions -----------Monton

Runners up----------------------------Brackley B

2nd div League Champions-----------SRBL

Runners up----------------------------Roe Green

1st div Average winner---------------Chris Massey

2nd div Average winner---------------Marjorie Dean

10 a side handicap winners-----------Brackley A

Runners up----------------------------Monton

Pairs winners--------------------------Mark Worrall/Chris Massey

Runners up----------------------------John Grace/Curtis Mellor

Alan Proctor Cup winner---------------Bob Berry

Runner up------------------------------David Barlow

5 a side 1st div winners---------------Brackley B

Runners up-----------------------------Monton

5 a side 2nd div winners---------------Pendleton

Runners up-----------------------------SRBL

1st div Bowler if the Year--------------Norman Bagshaw

Runner up------------------------------Chris Massey

2nd div Bowler of the Year-------------Pam Rothwell

Runner up-------------------------------Paul Kilfoyle

1st div Floodlit winner------------------Craig Bishop

Runner up-------------------------------Brian Leigh

2nd div Floodlit winner-----------------Alison Barlow

Runner up-------------------------------Phil Barlow



(Sunday 02 October 2016)

Endsleigh Insurance

The Endsleigh Insurance On-line Application is now operational - click here to access.

Please make sure you use your club`s unique registration number when using this portal. eg. GTM00000CL

(Tuesday 21 June 2016)