Swinton and Pendlebury District Bowling League


affiliated to the Greater Manchester Crown Green Bowling Association and governed by their rules.


2020 revision

That the league be called Swinton and Pendlebury District Bowls League.

That the league be governed by the Executive Committee.

The Executive Committee shall consist of officers of the league (ex officio) and one representative from each affiliated team.

Any team not represented at committee meetings will be fined £5.00 for each absence.


The fees for each team will be: Affiliation fee £80.00

There will be no cut-off date for registering players. Players need to be registered 7 days before a league match. League Competitions have specific eligibility rules.

All players must be registered 24 hours before being eligible to play in a league match. Before a player can play for any other club, he/she must have fulfilled their obligations to their old club for the past season.

When two teams from the same club play in the same division, they may borrow a player from the other team if unable to make a full team. The top five must be exempted.

All matches to be played in accordance with BCGBA rules and byelaws. All league matches to be 21 up. A team short of players suffers the award of 21-0 for each player short.

Matches in April, August and September to commence at 6.30pm. and matches in May, June July to commence at 7.00pm. Matches to commence at 7.00pm. all season where there are floodlights.

Captains to declare their teams and make the draw in time to commence the match with a minimum of four games no later than the specified time. Alteration of players` names is permitted up to one hour after the commencement which is the final declaration time and teams play as finally declared. Four games to be in progress at all times, players arriving late may only play if four games are in progress.

Practice in the immediate thirty minutes before the start of all league matches shall consist of two separate periods of fifteen minutes, one for each team`s sole use. The away team to have the second period of fifteen minutes just before play begins.

Unless bowling in an official match or competition, bowlers are not allowed to practice on any opposition green later than 48 hours before a league match is due to be played. Failure to comply would result in the offending player `s score being deleted from the match card and a 21-0 win awarded to the opposing team.

For all matches, opponents shall be drawn for and not selected. Opposing Captains to exchange match cards prior to the draw.

Secretaries or Captains shall not make private or mutual arrangements for the allocation of points in connection with postponed matches.

The jacks must be standard yellow and shall be bowled by the visiting players at the commencement of each league match and knockout. On neutral greens rule 4 for the 10 a side will apply.

To set a mark: - If a mark is not set by the first player, the jack must be handed to the opponent and so on until a valid 19 metre minimum mark is set

Where a match is stopped due to adverse weather, players not having started their game must play on a date agreed by the two Captains, the match to be completed as soon as possible.

Those games in progress at the time should recommence from the point reached at the time match called off. Any player unable to play on the rearranged date will lose the game 21-0 unless, by mutual agreement a substitute is allowed. That game should also start from the point the match was called off.

All matches must be played as per the fixture list. The only exceptions are for green closures and adverse weather conditions. Those matches must be played within 4 weeks of cancellation. Failure to rearrange within the time limit will result in the date being set by the Executive Committee. Matches may not be cancelled or postponed for any other reason however a fixture may be rearranged to be played before the original date.

Clubs should either confirm or withdraw membership of the league at the AGM. If a club subsequently withdraws, all fees for the following year must still be paid.

Awarding of points: -

1 point for each individual win.

2 points for the home aggregate win.

3 points for the away aggregate win.

where the aggregate score is tied, 1 point for a home win and 1.5 for an away win.

Two teams will be promoted to the 1st Division and two teams relegated to the 2nd Division for the following season.

In the event of two teams tying for the division championship or relegation from the 1st Division then the team with the most wins will be champions or remain in the 1st Division whichever is the case.

The home team is responsible for notifying the results secretary of their result within 72 hours of the match. Details of any cancellation or postponement of matches must be notified also. Failure to comply will incur a fine of £3.00.

Any club found guilty of playing unregistered players will be penalised by having three points deducted for an away offence and one point for a home offence from their league total.

The league average prize will be based on a points system:

3 points for each away win

2 points for each home win

1 point for scoring 16 or more chalks away.

The Executive Committee shall have power to settle all disputes between clubs and players and further to deal with the matter. Any club raising an objection should do so in writing within 48 hours of the match in question, clearly stating the nature of the objection to the league secretary who will immediately convene a meeting of the Executive Committee. All representatives of the club raising the objection must attend otherwise it will be deemed the objection withdrawn.

Secretaries or Captains shall not make private or mutual agreements on the allocation of points in connection with postponed matches.

All trophies, cups or shields etc. are the property of the league and cannot be won outright.

There shall be no alteration of these rules unless preceded by a Notice of Motion to be voted on at the AGM. Proposals must be received and formulated at the meeting which precedes the AGM.


Only duly registered members of The Swinton & Pendlebury District Bowling League are eligible to enter any competitions for league trophies and prizes.

There is no practice allowed in any league competition.

The 1st and 2nd Divisions will have separate competitions.

In the Floodlit competition players should nominate night they CANNOT play and be available for all other night. In the Pairs and Alan Proctor they should choose either Tuesday or Wednesday.

Players not turning up on finals night to forfeit any prize monies.

In the 5-a-side and floodlit competitions, to be eligible, players must have played a minimum of six games in the current season, three of which must have been away. However, special dispensation may be given to long standing members of a team, specifically of three or more years who, due to illness do not fulfil this criterion.


The Alan Proctor Trophy and both floodlit competitions will be handicapped as follows: -

The winner of each competition from the previous year will give their opponent three points, the runner up will give 2 points and semi-finalists one point.

This handicap will decrease annually providing they enter each year thereafter.

Players with a handicap will be given the opportunity to play to 15 i.e. to 18 for a 3-point handicap, to 17 for a 2 point and to 16 for a 1 point.

10 a side KNOCKOUT

Teams to comprise of 10 players and played to 15 up on neutral greens.

Aggregate scores only to count, in the event of a tie, wins to count. If still tied, one player from each team, nominated before the match, will play a decider. First to 5 chalks deemed the winner.

Teams to be handicapped on the previous season`s placing. New teams to start off scratch.

Lead of the jack to be decided on the toss of a coin. The winning team to have the jack in the 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, and 9th pairing.

Players are not permitted to bowl on the selected green later than 48 hours before the match is due to be played, unless in an official game/match.

Results to reach the competition secretary no later than 48 hours after the match. Failure to comply will result in a fine of £3.00

Any team entering an ineligible player will forfeit that individual game.

Up to the semi-final stage, Captains should make the draw in time to commence the match with a minimum of three games by 6.30pm. Alterations are permitted up to 7.00pm. Which is the final declaration time.

In the semi-final, a minimum of two games from each tie to be in progress by 11.00am. Alterations permitted up to 11.30am. which is the final declaration time.

In the final, all selected players to be available at the commencement of each match, no alterations to be made after the draw is completed.

When full details of the draw have been finalised, clubs must not change venues unless the nominated green has subsequently been closed.


Games to be 21 up and handicapped on the current season’s placings.

An unlimited number of teams from a panel of 7 players per team may be entered but only the number 1 team may contain their top 3-point scorers.

Teams to play as drawn, all matches to be played on neutral greens

Lead of jack to be decided on the toss of a coin. Winning team to lead the jack in 1st., 3rd. and 5th. Pairings.

Up to the semi-final stage, where two separate matches are to be played, 3 games from one and two from the other should commence at 6.30pm. All games in a third match should commence at the same time.

Any team with a bye to be allowed 10 minutes practice time.

Where only one match is scheduled all games to commence at 7.00pm.


In the final, all players to be available at the commencement of the match. No alterations permitted after the draw is made.

Aggregate scores only to count. If scores are level, team with most winners deemed the winner.

Rule 5, 6 and 7 for 10-a-side also apply.


Players may choose a partner registered with any team in the Swinton & Pendlebury League.


Home players to be penalised 1 point.

Home players to give their opponent the jack in the first round unless that person has played in a preliminary round.