Stockport Parks Bowling League

Result sheet

Welcome to the web site of the Stockport Parks Bowling League.

There are two divisions, playing on Wednesday evening. Teams are of 8 players in both divisions.

We also run a team knockout competition (playing 4 at home and 4 away), and individual Merit competition and a Competition for pairs.

The league is run from day to day by its management committee:

  • Chairman: Dave Bates
  • Secretary: Andy Clews
  • Treasurer: Vacant
  • Registration & Match secretary: Kevin Wilson

New temporary rules for playing players short.

Result Sheets

New temporary rules for playing players short.

A draw will take place before the main draw to select the players who are to play twice. The team which is short of players will place ALL their players score cards, even if a player has not arrived, face down for the opposing captain to select players to play twice to make up the correct number.

Each team can draw out 2 players.

The draw will then be done as normal.

The game which is played second should be marked accordingly with (2) after their name on the result sheet.

ALL players should go into the pre-draw, if somebody is late and cannot play the first game then the game is forfeited.

Similarly, if somebody cannot play the second game then the game is forfeited.

The opponent of a player who has already played may have 4 ends practice.

There is no limit to the number of times it can be used throughout the season.

(Does not apply to Cale Green 1 and Shaw Heath 1)

(Thursday 20 May 2021)

Result Sheets

The Result sheet for the league can be downloaded from the link above and printed out.

Feel free to download as required.


(Tuesday 21 February 2017)