Stockport & District Parks Veterans Bowling League

Welcome to the web site for the Stockport & District Parks Vets Bowling League

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The League currently consists of 23 clubs and play there matches on a Thursday afternoon in 4 divisions, consisting of 8 players on each team.

All the teams play in a Knockout, for the Parks Vets President Cup. A pairs Knockout competition for the Ken Poole trophy, is also run.  

The Officers of the League are:-

President : Paul Stevenson

Chairman : Frank Quigley

Hon. Secretary : Ken Poole

Registration and Match Secretary : John Cunningham

Exec. Committee : J. Hembrough, I. Sherry, S. Leigh, R. Hemmings, D. Malcolm, J. Trainer


South Reddish Park 2nd team

The Crown Hotel

League Update


Following an exectutive committee meeting on 15th June, it was decided to further help teams with player shortages.

If a team is short of 8 players, up to 2 players can be randomly drawn out to play twice.

This will apply to all divisions and all clubs who only have one team. For clubs with more than one team it will apply to all but their first team. (first teams would be expected to draw from their lower teams if they were short)

The following conditions apply;

1. The team that is short will place all their players score cards, (even if a player has not arrived) on the table face down and the opposing captain will draw cards unseen for the players to play twice. Extra score cards are then made out for the the drawn out players. Drawing out must be done prior to the main match draw.

2. Players drawn out to play twice will only have the first drawn game count to their league averages, however games may be played in any order. The match sheet must indicate which game was drawn first.

3. The opponent of a player playing their second game may have 4 ends practice.

4. A penalty of 2 chalks per player playing twice will apply. The penalty will be applied to the aggregate score after the match has finnished.

5. There is no limit to the number of times drawing out can be used during the season. 

(Tuesday 15 June 2021)

South Reddish Park 2nd team

Please note that South Reddish Park 2nd team have withdrawn from the league.

(Saturday 5 June 2021)

The Crown Hotel

Please note that The Crown Hotel 2nd team have withdrawn from the D division 

(Monday 17 May 2021)

League Update

The league starts up on 20th May 2021, the leagues had to be reorganised due to some teams dropping out and also the late start.

Because of the late start and all the Thursday's being taken up with the league programme unfortunatly the President KO Trophy has been cancelled for 2021. There is however room to play the renamed Ken Poole Pairs Trophy.

You will note that in division D that you may play the same club 3 times, this was done to give that league extra games.

Also in Division D you are allowed to draw out 1 player to play twice if your team is short of players. The opponent of the player playing twice may have 4 ends practice.

Please observe the latest guidelines and keep safe.    

(Friday 30 April 2021)