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Welcome to the Southern Ladies Evening Bowling League which was originally formed at the Shell Bowling Club [Carrington] - now extinct.

Prior to its formation, teams of ladies played on a friendly basis from Chorlton, Hale, Timperley, Northenden and Flixton, hence its title.

December 1980 gave birth to this league with 6 teams - it now comprises 12.  Competition and enthusiasm throughout the season is excellent - ie Matches, Knockout cups, Pairs and Merit etc.

New members welcome to all teams.  For more information, contact the secretary, Jackie Goodwin.

League update

League update

League bowling will start week commencing Monday 28th June 2021.

Unfortunately Flixton Cricket B and Urmston Sports A are unable to raise a team this season.

Each team will consist of eight players for this season only.   A maximum of four games to be played on the green at any one time.   Personal contact to be minimised by ensuring that all four matches come off the green before the next four games go onto the green.   Equipment to be cleaned between one group finishing their matches and the next group starting.   No refreshments to be served for the remainder of this season.   Any additional safety measures will be at the discretion of each club and in line with Government guidelines.

(Monday 26 April 2021)