Southern Ladies Evening Bowling League


This LEAGUE shall be styled and known as the SOUTHERN LADIES EVENING BOWLING LEAGUE and shall be open to female members of bona fide Bowling Clubs in the Trafford and District area.


That the League shall be managed by a Management Council, consisting of Chairlady, Administrative Secretary, Competition Secretary and Treasurer plus one representative of each team, quorum to be at least FIVE MEMBERS.

A GENERAL MEETING to be held annually in OCTOBER to consider the Financial Statement, Election of Officers, receive reports and consider alterations to Rules, Bye-Laws and Match Rules. Notices of motions affecting any rule or bye-law will not be considered unless received in writing to the Administrative Secretary at least FOURTEEN DAYS before the meeting. Each person present at an Annual General Meeting to be allowed one vote.

The registration fee for new clubs is £5.00.

A fee of £20.00 per team will be paid at least TWENTY-ONE days prior to the commencement of each season to offset any costs during the season.

A registration fee of £2.00 per annum per member shall be charged to all club members registered within the League.

The accounts will be audited and a copy of the balance sheet sent to each club, together with a notice calling the Annual General Meeting.

Any dispute must be reported to the Administrative Secretary in writing and the decision of the Management Council will be final.

The Administrative Secretary shall convene a Special General Meeting within TWENTY-ONE days if requested to do so in writing by at least half of the Registered Clubs.

Each Club shall furnish themselves with a copy of the Rules and Bye-Laws of the game and shall be bound thereby.

A list of the players of Affiliated clubs, along with the names and addresses of captains must be forwarded to the Administrative Secretary at least FOURTEEN DAYS before the FIXTURE MEETING. There is no restriction on the number of players a club may register.

No rules, bye-laws or match rules shall be altered, rescinded or added to without the approval of a majority of those present at an Annual General Meeting.

The Management Council of the League are the sole interpreters of the Rules, Bye-Laws and Match Rules which shall be strictly adhered to, and from their decision there shall be no appeal to law or otherwise.

The Management Council will decide if and when a trophy requires to be replaced.

Should it be for any reason the SOUTHERN LADIES EVENING BOWLING LEAGUE have to disband, the Management Council at that moment in time, will distribute monies in the bank account, or any other assets held in the name of the League, to a charity or charities who, in their opinion, are most deserving.


All games organised by the Management Council of this League must be played to BRITISH CROWN GREEN BOWLING ASSOCIATION RULES.

In League matches the Captains shall act as referees and nominate markers and measurers as necessary. Score cards to be checked every three ends and markers to remain within close proximity of each other in order that cards can be checked and verified.

All games to commence promptly at 7.00pm. During the months of APRIL, AUGUST and SEPTEMBER games to commence at 6.30 pm. And 7.00pm. where there are floodlights. A minimum of FOUR BLOCKS to be on the green and maintained during the match. Captains to use their discretion and put FIVE BLOCKS on the green when necessary to avoid playing in the dark. In the event of a player not being in attendance when they are due to play, the next pair of players will be put on to maintain 4 blocks. The player who was not available will go on at the next opportunity.

In all matches, VISITORS to take the Jack. A maximum mark to be set not exceeding 38 metres. No practise by either team. Standard Jacks to be used. Games to be TWENTY-ONE up. Teams to consist of EIGHT PLAYERS.

At the Captains’ discretion, any RESERVES can play at the end of a match provided there are no more than FOUR BLOCKS on the green at any time. RESERVE GAMES to be FIFTEEN-UP, these RESERVE MATCHES will not count in the match.

In the event of a tie in chalks at the end of season the winner will be decided on the team with the most wins and if still a tie the team with the most winners.

All winners of trophies shall hold them until 31st August of the year following the date of their presentation. They shall then return them in a clean, sound and polished condition to the Competition Secretary. The League shall be responsible for the cost of engraving.

Match result to be based on the number of chalks gained overall.

clubs registering more than one team, for example ‘A’ or ‘B’ shall not substitute between teams;

when clubs register teams it must be stated which members play for the respective teams;

no player shall play for more than one club in the League.

All matches to be played during week days. Fixtures to be arranged at a FIXTURE MEETING, date to be set by the Management Council. Any games postponed to be arranged by Captains and the Administrative Secretary informed. Team sheets to reach Administrative Secretary by Saturday after matches played that week – [Monday if a match is played on a Friday] – or a fine of £1.00 shall be imposed.

Home Captains shall decide order of play.

players must be registered and fees paid at least THREE DAYS to be eligible to play, although no players will be accepted after 31st July. Players must have played in at least one league game to be eligible to play in the Knock Out. If this is not adhered to, their chalks will be deducted from the offending game;

there will be no age limit for registrations..

The Management Council shall annually hold a Pairs Competition governed by the following rules:-

open to all registered league players, entered in pairs;

games to be TWENTY-ONE up;

green and date to be decided by Management Council;

fee and prizes to be decided by Management Council;

captains to make sure that anyone entering competitions can play right through to the finals.

Members of teams engaged in League or Cup matches shall not practise on the greens selected after the draw or fixtures have been made. This rule does not apply to league games prior to competitions.

In the event of a DRAWN KNOCK-OUT GAME, both teams to play two ends of the same NINE (9) BLOCKS.

The Management Council shall annually hold a League Averages Competition governed by the following rules:-

clubs will submit the names of one or two entrants to the Competition Secretary. The exact number will be determined by the Management Council in order to make a total of 16;

the Management Council will make the draw on a knock-out basis and nominate the green and date;

Games to be TWENTY-ONE up.

Entrants must have competed in at least TWO-THIRDS of League Matches to qualify ie 12 games.

Prizes to be decided by Management Council.

From time to time the Management Council can arrange further competitions.

Appropriate footwear must be worn – offenders will be reprimanded.

Smoking or the use of electronic cigarettes is not allowed whilst on the green.

No fixture can be changed, whether a KNOCK-OUT or a MATCH, unless the weather is totally inclement.

On match days all players must turn up, regardless of the weather.

Teams to consist of eight players. If a team is short that team can play a player twice as long as that team consists of ladies only. If the team consists of a man/men then that team cannot play a player twice.

In the event of a full ladies team being unable to field a full team of eight players, one lady from of that team shall be given the opportunity of playing twice in the match, both scores counting towards the match total, but only the first game played will count towards the player’s personal average.

The draw to take place in the normal way, after which the captain of the incomplete team to offer the opposing captain the seven remaining cards, face down, to select a player randomly, giving her the opportunity of playing again. If the player selected is unable or unwilling to play twice then the team will forfeit 21 points in the usual way.

When a team is short, a player may only play twice during a season on three occasions.

Where a player is drawn against a player who is playing a second game in that match, the opportunity should be given for the player playing their first match to have a practice prior to playing of up to four ends.

If a player has to stop play or leave the green due to any incident and is unable to resume play before the finish of the match, or that round in a competition, the opponent(s) shall be awarded the game. The score of the player who left the green to remain as it stood and the opponent(s) to receive the maximum score.

A ruling agreed at an AGM must remain in existence for a period of TWO YEARS.

Revised December 2022