Oakhill Golden Jubilee League

Contacting captains etc

League rules

Hi  In order to obtain contact details for a club in the league, Go onto the website, click on contacts and enter your log in and

password, This will give you access to all contacts and club captains.    



AGM 2025 at

Alternate way to enter results on the web

Entering match results

Contact details


The league fixtures are now on the website

(Wednesday 14 February 2024)

AGM 2025 at

Hi   The next AGM will be on the

(Wednesday 2 August 2023)

Alternate way to enter results on the web

Hi  An alternate way to enter match results   cgleague.co.uk/oakhill/    When home page appears click on   contacts 

 When list of clubs comes up click on   log in        then enter your user name   ie   OJ Birches Head Hotel and then your password

next  click on tables     click on your club name   ie   Birches Head   then click your opponent    then click     edit match  then 

just enter the names and scores and click     submit    the extra chalks will be added automatically

(Tuesday 2 May 2023)

Entering match results

Here is how to enter match results on the web site.  It is important that they are done as written with capitals and spaces as necessary.

OK first enter the web address on google   cgleague.co.uk/oakhill/edit   next click on  Direct entry of match results,  next click Manage League.

then enter your unique user name,  ie   OJ Baddeley Green   next click log in Password and enter your unique password,

all of which are lower case.  Then select Tables  next select your own club name on the relevant division,  once done that, click on

the opponents name and, near the top of the page click Edit. This will give you a blank list. Click the little arrows to bring up the list

of players and click the players name. repeat until all names are listed.(any problem, leave the names blank and let me know )

next Click the little arrow to the right of the name and enter the score, once done and all names and scores are in, go to botton of page and click Submit. The grand total will be done automatically.   My number is 07761 534 947 if you need more guidence or have a problem. 

(Tuesday 14 March 2023)

Contact details

 Hi   Contact details are now on, To access them  follow   Alternate way to enter match result on this home page 

(Wednesday 1 March 2023)