Oakhill Golden Jubilee League

Oakhill Golden Jubilee League rules

The name of the league shall be The Oakhill golden Jubilee league and shall be affiliated to the North Staff parks and Recreation Bowling association.

Each club in membership with the league shall pay an annual subscription as agreed at the annual general meeting.

The league shall be managed by the Chairperson, General Secretary, Match Secretary and Treasurer, each elected to serve for two years.

Players shall be eligible to play in the league once they have attained the age of sixty and must be bona fide members of the club for which they play. Players can play only for one club in the league in one season, and for only one team each match day.

To constitute a match, four singles and two doubles games will be played twenty one up. Teams to consist of a minimum of six players and a maximum of eight players. Chalks to determine the outcome of the match. A bonus of twenty chalks will be added if seven players are used and a total bonus of thirty chalks added if eight players are used. The time for commencing matches will be 2.00pm and played on a Tuesday.

No practice will be allowed for visiting teams. The visiting team shall start the game with the first jack and association jacks will be used.

If a team has insufficient players when called to the green (ie few than six) twenty one chalks shall be allocated to the opponent for each game not played.

If less than eight players in a match, only the lowest scoring singles player, or if all winners, the player conceding the most chalks will be allowed to play in the doubles. Where six players only are available, then the two singles players with the lesser score will play in the doubles but not together as a pair.

Each club will be responsible for listing their players on the web site and the home club recording the score on the web site within three days of the match being played.

Matches to be played on the official fixture date, weather permitting, rearrangements, if necessary will be played within four weeks of the original date.

Should a team cancel a match for any reason, the team cancelling must notify their opponent as soon as possible before the match date, and inform the match secretary of the revised date.

All fixtures to be completed by one week after the scheduled last match, if any match is not played by then, dependent upon the reason, both teams could forfeit the twenty one chalks.

All matches shall be played within the BCGBA laws of the game.

Notice of any proposed alteration to the rules, together with the names of the proposer and seconder, who must be from separate clubs, shall be sent in writing (text, letter or email) to the secretary at least one month before the AGM.

There shall be promotion and relegation from each appropriate division of two up and two down, should any team withdraw from the league, or new teams join, the management committee to decide on any adjustments to the divisions.

If any club or individual has a grievance against any other team, club or individual, this must be put in writing (text letter or email) to the league secretary from the relevant club, accompanied by a fee of £10, the payment to be refunded to the complainant should the grievance be acknowledged as fair.

The league was formed in January 1979 for the purpose of enabling retired people to enjoy a game and to take light excersise.