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The Knutsford Veterans Bowling League was founded in 1995 with a single division and was expanded to two divisions in 2006. It is available to clubs within 10 miles of the centre of Knutsford and is open to players aged 58 years or over in the current season.

All matches take place on Thursday afternoons and play according to the rules of the British Crown Green Bowling Association. In addition to the league matches there are two annual competitions : a team knockout throughout the season and a pairs knockout over 1-2 days.

This site is updated by the KVBL Match Secretary (click to send email) but credit must go to Ross Kavanagh of the Cheadle & Gatley League who developed and supports the underlying software.

2019 Rule Changes

2019 Player Registration

2019 Team Knockout Competition (Don Booth Trophy)

2019 Fixtures

2019 Annual General Meeting

Parking at Cranford

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Parking at Rudheath

2019 Rule Changes

At last week's AGM the following rule changes were agreed :-

New Rule 6.9
Players in the Team Knockout can play for only one team throughout the competition. Switching between A and B teams is not allowed.

Amended Rule 10.1
Registration fee will be £1 per registered player.

(Thursday 11 April 2019)

2019 Player Registration

We are continuing with the policy of automatically registering people who played in the previous year. This avoids the year-on-year build-up of obsolete registrations, which only causes confusion and unnecessary additional administration. These old registrations are always held on the database but do not appear on the website unless a captain requests reinstatement of a lapsed player. As usual team captains are asked to inform Match Secretary Jim Burgess of any additions or deletions they wish to make and once the season is underway it is essential that he is told about new players before they play their first match.

(Saturday 02 March 2019)

2019 Team Knockout Competition (Don Booth Trophy)

This season's Team Knockout matches will take place on the final Thursdays of May, June, July and August. The draw for the Preliminary and Round 1 (including neutral greens) has now been made and this can be viewed by clicking "Tables" and then "Team Knockout". The Don Booth Trophy will be awarded to the winning team and there will be prize money for both winners and runners-up.

(Monday 25 February 2019)

2019 Fixtures

The fixture list for the coming season is now available. Refer to the "How to use this website" article below to check League Tables, Division Fixtures and Team Fixtures. This year's changes are the exact reversal of the previous year, namely :

 - Cranford A and Goostrey A are promoted to Division 1
 - Rudheath B and Middlewich RBL are relegated to Division 2

The good news is that we have at last filled the Division 2 vacancy! We very much welcome a team from Castle Sports and Social Club in Northwich who will undoubtedly be an asset to our league. The location of the Castle green can be found by going to Green Finder. Thankfully the arrival of Castle will mean the end of the two blank weeks that Divison 2 teams have suffered in recent years.

Once again the final Thursdays of May, June, July and August will be for the Team Knockout and the final Thursday in September (26th) will be the Pairs Competition, bringing the season to a close. The draw for the Team Knockout will be made shortly and details published on this website and in the handbook.

(Thursday 14 February 2019)

2019 Annual General Meeting

The 2019 AGM will be held on Thursday 4th April at 2.30pm at Crosstown Bowling Club. It is hoped that all teams will send a representative but League Secretary Sheila Broadhurst should be informed if this is not possible. The new season's handbooks will be distributed at the meeting together with additional score sheets, in readiness for the start of our bowling season on Thursday 25th April.

(Sunday 10 February 2019)

Parking at Cranford

Please make careful note of the following information from Chris Grice, chairman of Cranford Bowling Club :-

Car Parking Arrangements Cranford Bowling Club - Note for League Secretaries
The car park at the old Con Club building is no longer a pay and display car park. Only ‘authorised’ permit holders are allowed to park. Once a car enters the gate a number plate recognition system operates and unauthorised vehicles face a £100 penalty from Britannia Parking.

Cranford Bowling Club has 12 authorised permits. These will be distributed at each match as 6 for each team. During the match the registration numbers of the 12 (or fewer) parked vehicles will be sent electronically to Britannia. Individuals who have parked will be asked to enter into a pad their registration number and this will be sent electronically to Britannia. The team captains will make and sign a note of the registration numbers sent to Britannia. The Home team will keep the note as proof should there be any future problems.
I’m afraid that we have been advised that these restrictions will be rigidly enforced so please advise your club/league members of these arrangements, putting the details on the League’s Web site if that is appropriate.  If a visiting team arrives in more than six vehicles there is a risk, even if some leave promptly, that the fines will apply.

You can see that this process will be a nuisance for both homesters and visitors. It will therefore be helpful if all captains arrange in advance for their teams not to arrive in more than six vehicles and on arrival to help the Home captain record the registration numbers.

Cranford Bowling Club Captains will do all they can to ensure that nobody is penalised so please help them to achieve this.

Chris Grice
Chairman Cranford Bowling Club
March 2018

(Monday 19 March 2018)

How to use this website

League Tables : To view the current league tables simply click on "Tables" which appears at the top of every page. If required, the tables can be printed by clicking "Print version".

Division Fixtures : Clicking a division name in the league tables will show all past and future fixtures for that division.

Team Summary : In the league table click on the team you are interested in and it will display a summary for that team (played/won/lost and points scored/conceded).

Team Fixtures : Following the team summary you will be given a list of past results and future fixtures.

Match Results : Detailed match results can be obtained by clicking the opponent's name in the team fixture list or by clicking a team score in the division fixture list. This will show the players and scores for each of the 8 games in that match.

Registered Players : A team's fixture list is followed by a list of all registered players with their performance to date. Where a club has two teams this will be a list of all players in the club but only those who have played for the selected team will have performance data against their names (played/won/lost and average net points).

Player's record : Clicking a player's name wherever it appears will show a summary of all the games they have played (played/won/lost and points scored/conceded/net) together with full details of each of those games (date, home/away, opposing team, opposing player, points for/against).

Team Averages : The list of players registered for a club will be in alphabetical order of the players' surnames but a more interesting view can be obtained by clicking on "Ave" at the top of the final column. The list will then be sorted by average net points, with the best average appearing at the top. (Clicking the top of any other column will also sort that item into order eg. number of games played).

League Averages : You can check on the leading averages for each division of our league. After clicking on "Tables" in the home page an "Averages" box will appear underneath. Clicking that will show, for each division, the players who have an average of +5 or better and have played in at least 75% of the available matches.

Team Knockout : To view the details of the current season's Team Knockout (TKO) competition, click on "Tables" at the top of the page. This will display a list of sub-menus, one of which will be "Team Knockout". Clicking that will reveal the draw for this competition, showing the opponents for each match together with their handicaps and the neutral green for the match. Those matches already completed will have the match result and hence the team progressing to the next round of the competition. Clicking on "Printable draw" will enable you to produce a print of what is displayed on screen.

Green Finder : Click this on any page to display a map showing the location of every club in our league. Selecting a specific club in the drop-down list or clicking on its marker will show a more detailed map together with the club's address and whether or not it has floodlights. The displays are produced by Google Maps and so there will be a "Satellite" box which, when clicked, gives an aerial view of the club's location. From that you can zoom in and out using the "+" and "-" and move in any direction by clicking on the arrows.

Honours Board : Clicking "Honours board" on the left of the Home page brings up historical records for our league. You can choose to list all past winners and runners-up for each division or for the Pairs Competition or for the Team Knockout. You can do the same for a particular season or for any specified club.

League admin : Clicking "League admin" on the left of the Home page prompts you to enter a username and password. This is mainly for team captains to enter match results, commonly known as "Direct Entry". It is also for general use by the league's Match Secretary to carry out various administrative tasks.

(Sunday 25 February 2018)

Parking at Rudheath

Our two Rudheath teams bowl at the Rudheath Social Club on Middlewich Road. Parking in front of the club is very limited and parking at the back is not recommended because of the rough track and frequent heavy lorries. In the past bowlers have parked at the Co-op next door but following customer complaints the new manager has now clamped down on this. Before 6.00pm parking there will be limited to one hour, which is no use for bowlers. Checks will now be made and anyone exceeding one hour will be subject to a £74 fine. Bowlers are therefore recommended to use the Leisure Centre car park which is in Shipbrook Road, opposite the entrance to the Co-op. Please note that evening parking at the Co-op is not a problem.

(Thursday 16 April 2015)