Knutsford Veterans Bowling League


The League to be known as “The Knutsford Veterans Bowling League” and shall consist of one or more divisions.

All greens of the member clubs to be within 10-mile radius from the centre of Knutsford.


The aim of the league is to provide a friendly afternoon game of crown green bowls for all of its members.


Players are to be 58 or more years of age, a player may register to play in the year of their 58th birthday.

Players are to register for a club. Anyone who played in the previous season will be automatically re-registered for the same club. The Match Secretary must be told about any additions to or deletions from this list.

Players can move between teams within a club.

Additional players may be registered during the season. This must be done via the Match Secretary before a new player’s first match and can be by post, email or telephone.

Once registered a player can only move to another club with the permission of both clubs and the management committee.


All matches to be played in accordance with the British Crown Green Bowling Association "Laws of the Game".

All teams will be 8 a side.

All league fixtures games will be played to 21 up.

Matches to commence at 2.00pm.

3 jacks to be maintained during the match.

No practice is allowed to visiting teams.

Matches to be played on the fixture date with the following exceptions:

Teams can mutually agree to play their match before the date shown in the fixture book.

The green is unfit before the start of play due to inclement weather. The home team captain must contact their opponents in time to prevent them travelling.

If a match is cancelled for any other reason, both clubs should inform the Match Secretary giving reasons for the cancellation. The Management Committee recommend that a match should not normally be cancelled simply because one team does not have 8 people available.

Cancelled matches must be played within 28 days of the scheduled date. If a team refuses to play within that time period then they will incur a fine of £10.


Match results may be entered onto our website by either captain using the "Direct Entry" system. This must be done as soon as possible after the match and the home team captain must keep the original sheet.

TEAM KNOCKOUT (“Don Booth Trophy”)

This will be a handicap competition with the handicaps set by the Committee according to each team’s performance in the previous season.

The general rules for league matches will also apply to knockout matches i.e. BCBGA, 8 a side, 21 up, 2.00pm start, cancellation etc.

All TKO matches will be played on neutral greens, the greens being selected by draw when the actual competition draw is made.

Captains are strongly advised to check neutral green availability before travelling.

Neutral green clubs must assign a person to provide jacks, mats and tapes on the day of a TKO match.

Captains will toss a coin with the winner choosing whether odd or even numbered players have first lead of the jack.

In the event of a draw after 8 games each captain will nominate 4 people to play again on the same day, with half of the original handicaps.

Every player in the semi-finals and final must have played at least two league games for the team in question.

Players in the Team Knockout can play for only one team throughout the competition. Switching between A and B teams is not allowed.


The result of a knockout match may be entered onto our website using the Direct Entry system, as with a league match. The original signed sheet must be retained by the captain of the winning team.


Clubs may enter up to 2 pairs per team.

Entries to be in the hands of the Secretary on the morning of the draw. A substitute player will be allowed to enter prior to the first game of the competition.

Competition to be held at different greens in rotation.

Strikeout time when called.

A practice of 5 ends will be allowed for any players having a bye on the day of the competition.


Players can object to a mark if they think that the jack has been bowled more than 38 metres.


Registration fee will be £1 per registered player.

Greenage for league matches will be £2.00 per team per match. No greenage for the Team Knockout.

Competition entry fees:

The pairs competition fee is £5.00 per pair.

There will be no fee for the Team Knockout.

All fees to be paid at the end of the season, the treasurer will invoice each team for the amount due.

The balances at the bank to be restricted to £300 after the season's expenses have been paid. The remainder to be divided between the teams playing in that season.