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The Sale and District Bowling League was founded in 1949 (first season was 1950), initially for teams within two miles of Sale Town Hall.

We currently run two divisions, playing on Wednesday evenings.There are also knock-out competitions for each division, an individual Merit competition and a pairs competition.

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Pride of Sale: Team handicaps

Honours boards

Pride of Sale: Team handicaps

Handicaps for the knock-out competition are based on teams' final league positions. Two matches were postponed from 22 August, and are due to be played on 3 September. The handicaps for the teams involved will be published as soon as possible afte the match results are received.

Handicaps are listed below.

The principle is that the top team in each division is on scratch, and the rest get a start based on the relative differences in their average match scores. These averages are adjusted to exclude the effects of absent or ineligilbe players.

Division 2 teams receive an additional 30 chalks. The choice of 30 is based on the observation that teams that get promoted or relegated see an average change of 26.8 in their average score per match from one year to the next. It's also a value used in other leagues that have knock-out competitions across divisions. It is ubder constant review.

All matches are singles, ten-a-side, with no practice. They start at 7pm (venues with lights) or 6.30pm for two first round matches.

The final will be on Saturday 22 September (1.45pm start) at a neutral venue.


Beech House 0
Bowling Green 55
Brooklands 77
Chorlton 43
Cringlewood 32
Fallowfield 23
Legh Arms 34
Longford Park 34
Nursery 55
Quarry Bank 7
Sale Cons 45
SW Manchester CC 65
Trinity 35
United Services 57

(Monday 03 September 2018)

Honours boards

There is a new web page available (at It shows all the history I have been able to gather. You can view the winners of a competition, or in a season. You can also search for a club: this will show the club's successes in team competitions as well as the triumphs of its members in individual competitions.

(Monday 26 August 2013)