Sale and District Bowling League

Rules of the League

These rules were last modified at the annual general meeting in 2021.


The League shall be styled and known as the Sale & District Bowling League and will be open to bona-fide bowling clubs who may be accepted at the discretion of the League Secretary and/or the Management Committee.

The league shall be managed by the President, Chairman, League Secretary, Treasurer, Fixture Secretary and divisional delegates as elected at the Annual General Meeting. The members of the management committee do not have any voting rights at the AGM unless acting as a delegate for a team/club. Chairman has no vote other than a casting vote.

An Annual General Meeting shall be held in November for the Election of Officers, consideration of Rules and Bye Laws, and to hear reports on all the aspects of the past season. A Pre Season Meeting will be held annually in March to discuss arrangements for the coming season, payment of Flat Fees and for the supply of fixture cards and other relevant documentation. Meetings will be held at the discretion of the League Secretary who will give each club at least seven days notice of the said Meeting. Clubs failing to be represented at these Meetings will be fined £2 per occasion. Voting rights are ONE PER TEAM.

The accounts shall be audited and a copy of the balance sheet shall be supplied to each member team at the Annual General Meeting.

All disputes are to be reported to the League Secretary in writing, and brought before the committee, whose decision is final. No longer than 28 days will be allowed from first notification to final conclusion.

The League Secretary shall convene an Extraordinary General Meeting within 7 days of receiving a request to that effect, signed by the secretaries of at least four member clubs or, as requested by the Management Committee.

A Merit competition will be held for registered members who are bona-fide members of the league.
Team knockout competition(s) will be held, for singles (the Pride of Sale trophy) and/or pairs (the President’s Cup), subject to the numner of teams available and approval at a general meeting.
A dress code will apply at any competition final of the league of trousers, (no shorts) collared shirts and proper footwear. In addition individual club codes must be recognised by league players. At all competitions, league officials must be respected, and their decision is final.

Any club raising an objection under these Bye-Laws should do so within 48 hours of the match and shall lodge £1.00, which will be forfeited should the committee consider the objection groundless or frivolous and the committee’s decision will in all cases be final.

Should either of the clubs connected with the dispute or protest have a member on the committee, the said member shall not be eligible to sit on the committee while the matter is discussed.

The committee are the sole interpreters of these byelaws and from its decision there shall be no appeal in law or otherwise.

None of these bye-laws shall be altered except at a General Meeting duly convened by the league secretary, who shall have received a copy of such proposed amendment at least 14 days before the meeting.

The inclusion of extra events and players’ or teams’ qualification minimums for all competitions may be arranged at the AGM or later meetings.

A first team player is allowed to play for a club’s second team at any time, providing he has a current minus average, otherwise he may play for the second team with a plus average providing he has played no more than three league games for the first team during the season. Penalty for infringement - player’s score deleted and club fined £1.00 No player may play in two matches in the league on the same day.

The League Secretary may use a policy of re-instatement for a team, to ensure a team final.

In league matches and competitions, all games will be played under B.C.G.B.A. rules.

These bye laws shall be adhered to at all times.


That in league matches, the captains shall act as referees and have full control of games, but during their own games they shall, before commencing a game, elect a referee to act in their place.
When there are an odd number of teams in the league, the extra team must be in the first division.

That all matches be played as per fixture list. Teams to be of eight players. Children 10-17 years (Juniors) are permitted to play except at greens which have applicable age restrictions. The fixture secretary is not obliged to ensure that venues used as neutral greens are without restrictions to juniors. Four jacks to be on the green at start time and maintained throughout the match. Offenders will be liable to forfeit game points. Matches will start at 7.00 pm except in April and from 1st August when they will start at 6.30pm.Start time is 7.00pm for all matches played under floodlights. Any team failing to play a match as per fixture list, except for inclement weather, shall be fined £10.00 per offence.

That for matches played, visitors shall lead the jack and all games shall be 21 up. Standard jacks to be provided by the home team and used in all matches. The home team may practice until 15 minutes before start time and then clear the green for the away team. The visiting captain should be allowed on the green with the home team to enable him to prepare match cards and to make the draw.

Individual aggregate wins to count in the case of a tie on chalks for the league championship.

League Championship is run on the basis of total chalks scored per match accumulated.

That winning clubs hold the trophies for one year following the date of presentation and must return same, in sound condition to the league secretary on request. Holders of the league trophies should take reasonable precautions to ensure safety of such trophies.

One completed result sheet, signed by both captains, to be sent by the home captain to the fixture Secretary to be received by him no later than the Saturday following the match. £1.00 fine per late result sheet. Walkovers must be declared and the name of the player present, must be entered on the score sheet. Any fictitious score entered in lieu of walkover: both teams shall receive no chalks. Captains to submit list of players or cards numbered 1 - 8 as the playing order of the match.

Postponed or cancelled matches must be completed/replayed within 28 days, after which the Management Committee will adjudicate a score in lieu of the match, applying a deduction for any intransigence shown. Home team captains must notify fixture secretary and away team captain within 48 hours of 4 various dates for the match to be replayed or completed. Where matches postponed are near to final weeks of the season and not completed within it, teams will be credited 168 chalks in lieu in ascertaining a team’s handicap in the cup competition. It will be adjusted on completion of the match being played. If the draw for a match has been made but match not started, the draw is invalid Postponing a match due to ground unfit should only be done following consultation with the venue groundsman and the Home team captain. The visitors must be contacted as soon as possible.

No player may play for more than one club in the league during one season.

Any player being in default to any club in the league, shall not be allowed to play for any other league club until their obligations have been met.

That defaulting members of clubs should be reported to the league secretary.

Any club playing a defaulter or non registered player shall be fined, the offenders score deleted from the match sheet and 10 (ten) chalks deducted from the teams final match total.

Each club shall be furnished with a copy of the Bye laws & Rules and shall be bound thereby, and in the case of infringement thereof by any club or member be liable for expulsion from the league.

A programme of fixtures of all matches to be held during the season shall be issued to each club.

At an inquiry, the committee shall have the power to require the production of books, documents of other evidence which it may deem necessary or desirable to any inquiry, or to furnish such evidence as may be required. The committee shall have the power forthwith to suspend such club or member or otherwise at its discretion.

Registrations accepted in any form up to July 31st at £2.00 per registration.

No rule or byelaw of the league shall be altered, rescinded or added to, without the consent of a majority at a General Meeting.

That applications to join the league would be preferred to be received before January 1st.

That any team wishing to withdraw from the league, shall give notice to that effect, in writing before November 7th to the league secretary, otherwise they will be liable for the next season’s fees.

The Management Committee of the League is the sole interpreter of these rules and from its decision there shall be no appeal at law or otherwise.

It is a condition of entry to the league that each club shall keep its green available for competitions as listed in the annual programme and as arranged at a general meeting.

Each team is required to pay £45.00 off their league bill at the March General Meeting.

Each division shall have its own KO competition with awards to finalists only.

Any awards uncollected at League Presentation shall be forfeited to League funds.

League averages awards will be made to the top two players per division. are ranked by total chalks scored divided by games played. Players must not have missed more than three matches, nor more that two of the final three matches. If tied - standard averages will apply.


The competition may be organised in any division. It will be played by teams of eight registered players on a 4 home & 4 away basis. Players must be registered by 21st June as per rule 16 and must have played in at least two league or 4 home/4 away matches to play in the Final.

Teams will be drawn into two sections of four teams and will play all other teams in their section once.

There will be no practice and away teams will have jack leads. There will be a numbered playing order as in League matches and three jacks must be on the green from the start.

Home captains will send to the Fixture Secretary a completed score sheet signed in the usual way covering the four matches on their green.

The winner of each section will be the team that wins most matches. If there is a tie on wins, the team scoring most chalks will win the section. In the event of a further tie on chalks, the team conceding fewest chalks will win the section.

The two section winners will play each other in the Final on a neutral green with eight players per side. The captains will toss to decide who shall have jack leads (odds and evens) and four blocks must be maintained. Again there will be a numbered playing order and the team scoring the most chalks will be the winners. In the event of a tie, the team with most wins will be the winners. If each team has the same number of winners the team with the most number of winners out of the first three numbered matches will be the winners.

All matches to be played as per BCGBA rules. Sale League competition Rules will apply to cover any situations not covered here.

Awards will be paid to the Winners and Runners Up in the Final.


The Pride of Sale Team handicap KO will be teams of eight players who must have played at least three of their team’s league and four home/four away games during the current season.

Competition will be of all teams and played on neutral greens. Should the home team reach the final they will be handicapped 20 chalks.

The competition shall commence after league fixtures have been completed, and teams with uncompleted matches at dates of cup rounds shall be credited 168 chalks in lieu per uncompleted match. The original handicap shall be re-installed on completion of uncompleted league fixtures as they occur.

There is no practice allowed.

On the finals day, a dress code is applicable.

The secretary, in the event of a team withdrawing, may re-instate a losing semi-final team to ensure a finals day match. (Withdrawing team–see Rule 15.)

Four jacks must be maintained throughout the match.

Captains shall forward their list numbered 1-8 and any changes must be completed before the sixth block goes on.

Captains to toss up who shall have jack leads...odds or evens.

Result will be on aggregate total attained inclusive of handicaps, and in the event of a tie on aggregate total, most wins shall decide, if still tied, most wins of first three games on scoresheet will decide.

Hosting clubs to ensure mats, jacks and measuring equipment is available at the scheduled start time.

On finals day each team to supply a competent measurer who shall measure under the steward’s instructions.

Trophy holders are to ensure they are retained in a safe environment and returned in a cleaned condition.

Awards will be paid to Winners and Runners up only.

Any team withdrawing without due notice may be liable to future exclusion.

The draw for the competition will be held early and all clubs to ensure stated dates are kept free.

Team handicaps are related to Final league average, less walkovers conceded and decreed by management committee.


Above competition Rules applicable where appropriate.

Teams of four Pairs who have played at least three of his team’s league games in the current season. No singles and no player may play twice in the same match.

Competition will be of all teams and played on neutral greens. Should the home team reach the final they will be handicapped 10 chalks.

Result will be on total chalks plus handicaps and if tied, most winning pairs will decide.

Teams will be handicapped on final league positions.

All teams shall commence their games off “0” and 21 up.

Two blocks to be on the green at commencement time with a third within 15 minutes and thereafter maintained.

No match practice.


Open to all registered players of the League who have played in at least 3 of their team’s League matches at the date of the qualification round.

Qualifying rounds will be held on a Wednesday evening to reduce the finals day to a suitable number.

A player playing on a green where he is a Sale League player will be penalised 2 chalks when playing a visitor.

Players will be drawn to greens and at 6.50 pm a draw will be made from players present in person.

There shall be no alterations to the player’s green draw. No reserves. No substitutes.

If the total number of players is 16 or less, all games are off scratch. If more than 16, then off 5. This number may vary in the event of inclement weather.

No practice is permitted but a player receiving a bye and to play a player who has already played will be allowed a ‘run over’ on instruction from the controlling official.

All players absent without early notification may be excluded for two years.

The draws for the qualifying rounds will be made at the closing date and will remain unaltered.

FINALS DAY, DRESS CODE APPLIES and hosting club’s dress code also. No shorts and no collarless shirts.

Players play under BCGBA rules and MUST NOT dispute League Officials’ decisions.



This Pairs competition is for 16 pairs (32 players). It is a one day event and will be held on a green nominated by the Committee. The first sixteen entries received by the Treasurer together with their entry fees will compete whilst a waiting list of late entries will be drawn up. Players must be from the same team unless accepted on the day from reserves.

Homesters will be penalised 1 chalk per player - previous winners are also penalised one chalk per player which reverts to zero after two years without a win.

Players must have played in at least TWO league matches to be able to participate.

No practice is allowed.

One substitute is allowed per pair prior to their first match. Where pairs are not available their places are filled in order from the waiting list .Entries are allowed on the day if places are still available.

Awards dependant on entry.

Dress code applies in this competition