Urmston & District Veterans Bowling League

Rules of the League


  1. The league shall be known as Urmston & District Veterans Bowling League, with the object of promoting and encouraging the game of bowls for members, who must have attained the age of 55 years or be attaining said age in the current year.
  2. All correspondence including served notices on the league, shall be sent to the current League Secretary.
  3. The number of teams/clubs of the League will be subject to decisions of an AGM or EGM.
  4. All members are expected to observe the rules & bye-laws of the League and act in their interests at all times.
  5. Applications for league membership to be forwarded to League Secretary, who shall discuss the matter with next meeting of Management Committee.
  6. The management of the League shall be by elected committee of an AGM and consist of Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Fixtures Secretary, Competition Secretary and 2 other members, who shall convene after each general meeting or as called by the League Secretary.
  7. The Annual General Meeting shall be held in the 2nd week of October or as decreed by management committee, and all member clubs having been given details of venue, time, date, beforehand.
  8. The annual subscription for each registered player will be £1.00 to be paid to the League Treasurer no later than the March League Meeting. Registrations after this meeting and up to the closing date for registrations will be accepted at £1.00 per registration to be billed after the closing date and paid at least by the presentation day. Players must be registered at least 7 days before playing and before closing date for registrations.
  9. A flat variable payment shall be paid in lieu of Match levies and cup entry fee. Each club must pay £5.00 in lieu of raffle donation and amount received used for purchase of raffle prizes.
  10. The League Treasurer shall receive and record all payments to the league and distribute accordingly as required. An accurate and updated account must be maintained and presented at any time as required by the management committee. Any monies collected and not required immediately should be banked for safety. An audited copy of final balance sheet and report, should be presented at a General meeting.
  11. All disputes arising or not covered by these rules shall be referred to the Management Committee whose decision shall be final.
  12. All complaints shall be in writing to League Secretary who shall cause them to be discussed at next management committee meeting.
  13. These rules may be only altered by notices of motion to an Annual general meeting, by a majority vote. One vote per club. All notices of motion are to be received by the secretary no later than one month before the A.G.M.
  14. Auditors shall be appointed by the A.G.M. to examine the league books and accounts at the end of each financial year.


The Management Committee may from time to time make or vary or revoke bye-laws for the regulation of the internal affairs of the League and conduct of its members. Until revoked all bye-laws shall be deemed binding on all members.

  1. Number of players in a team to be EIGHT.
  2. All games be 21 up.
  3. League to be run on basis of total chalks scored and in the event of a tie on chalks for the Championship teams to play-off on a neutral green to be decided by Management Committee.
  4. Allocation of prizes shall be decided by the management committee.
  5. The KO cup competition will be run on Knock out basis. Each team will consist of eight players and played on neutral greens Four jacks to be on the green at start time and maintained. Each division to have its own cup competition.
  6. Match start to be 1pm. Match blocks to be made available to the away team 15 minutes prior to the match start time. No home team players to practise on the green in the 15 minutes prior to the matchs start time. The away team captain may practise early to allow time for the draw to be made.
  7. Each team fielding a player short, will forfeit 21 chalks per player. Teams may be changed up to one hour after starting time (illness being an exemption).
  8. That all games of bowls in connection with the League shall be subject to the Laws of the BCGBA rules. Each club shall provide 5 match jacks. Matches to start with a minimum of 4 jacks. In BCGBA law 4.2, ‘at least 19 metres’ to be read as ‘at least 19 metres and not more than 38 metres’. [38 metres = 41 yards 1 foot 8 inches]
  9. Clubs may enter more than one team.
  10. Notices of withdrawal from the League of any club or team shall be in writing to the League Secretary, before the AGM failing which, they will be liable for subscriptions for the coming season.
  11. That visiting teams receive and lead the jack in all league matches.
  12. That in all league matches, the captains of teams to be referees and to have sole control of the games. Each captain if included as a player to appoint a deputy to act during the progress of his game. The captains to submit players in order of play 1-8, no changes after 1 hour after start time. Refreshments or bar required on league matches.
  13. All clubs must be represented at delegates’ meetings and no limit on number attending but voting is limited to ONE per Club. Any club not attending will be fined £3.
  14. Awards will be made to the player in each division with the greatest number of wins. Ties will be resolved by reference to players’ averages (defined as chalks scored minus chalks conceded, divided by games played).
  15. The team/result sheet shall be posted by the home team, and received by Fixtures Secretary by 12 noon on Saturday following the match played.
  16. Final date for registering players is July 21st.
  17. Postponed/abandoned matches, The home team captain must offer within 48 hours, four varied dates/days to be completed within 21 days of postponement/abandoned and failure to do so (or respond, to by away team captain) will be taken into account on any Management Committee decision. All matches must be completed before end of the season.
  18. Should a player be unable to continue in a League or Cup game because of illness, a substitute may complete the game on behalf of original player, (at any time.) The substitute must not have, nor take any other part in the match. Where no substitution is made, the chalks scored by ill player will count, and opponent receive 21 chalks.
  19. No player may play in both of a club’s teams in the Urmston Vets league on same day, nor the equivalent match from same date.
  20. A dress code will be applicable on the final days of the team knockouts, the presenation day, and individual and pairs competitions: trousers (not jeans or shorts), collared shirts and flat footwear.
  21. Players having played, any wishing to transfer to another Urmston Vets member club must submit an application in writing to the League Secretary for discussion by the Management Committee and cannot play for new club until approved and re-registered before closing date for registrations, at current fee.
  22. All delegates and officials must be registered members of the league.
  23. Any team failing to collect monetary awards on presentation day will forfeit award to league funds.


  1. Teams’ handicaps shall be decided by the Managament Committee, based on their average chalks scored in league matches at a “record date” shortly before the start of the competition.
  2. Players must have played in at least three games at the date of Round 1 for the said team to be able to take part in Round 1 of the competition. Players must have played in at least three games at the date of Round 2 for the said team to be able to take any further part in the competition. Any player having a dual qualification shall be cup-tied to the first team he plays for.
  3. Matches will be played on Monday or Wednesday at 1.00pm on drawn neutral greens and hosting clubs to ensure equipment including toilet access is available. Providing refreshments is optional but appreciated. Visiting teams to ensure safety of such equipment.
  4. Winning team captain must compile a completed result sheet and return promptly to fixture secretary for scrutiny re score, and qualified players participation.
  5. No matches may be postponed except for weather/conditions. Should a match be postponed/abandoned due to weather conditions the match shall be played/ completed the following Monday unless mutually agree to play earlier.
  6. Each captain to supply list of players in playing order and any changes must be made no later than one hour after start time. Toss up for jack leads ie odd or even numbers.
  7. In the event of a tie on total chalks including handicap, most wins shall decide and if still tied, most wins from first three names on scoresheet.
  8. No match practice allowed.
  9. Four blocks on at start time and maintained.
  10. Any team playing an unqualified player is disqualified from the competition any may incur a handicap penalty the next time they enter the competition.


  1. Match abandoned or not started due to weather conditions: the venue groundsperson has first say then (in the league) the home team captain. Where possible, notice of the green being unfit should be given to the away team as soon as known.
  2. Match abandoned: unless mutually agreed, any games already drawn shall stand and substitutes entered to replace absentees.
  3. Where a game has started a reserve may continue on a player’s behalf, but must not have already played in the match or play later.
  4. League matches must be played as per fixture list. Emergencies such as funerals, weather and green conditions are acceptable reasons for postponment. Player shortage is not a valid reason for postponing a match and a team should play with what they’ve got.
  5. Teams rearranging a league match must:
    1. Inform a league official.
    2. Make the arrangements with the opponents and inform the league of arrangements or problems.
    3. These arrangemets must be sanctioned by the Management Committee.
    4. Any match rearranged for a later date than the original date scheduled will be liable to penalties by the Management Committee.
    5. No players of a club may play on the rescheduled date and also on the original date. This applies to clubs with two teams and constitutes playing twice on one day, which is contrary to bye law 19.
  6. No team may cancel, postpone or rarrange a cup match (except for weather and green conditions), only forfeit it.
  7. Any cup match postponed for weather or ground conditions must be played the following Monday or earlier by mutual agreement. The fixture secretary or a league official must be informed.


  1. Open to all players registered at the March delegates’ meeting or who have played in at least three league matches in the season at the closing date of entry.
    1. In the Pairs competition, the members of a pair must be from the same club, and the names as per the entry sheet, except that a player may change his partner up to 48 hours before the qualifying date by informing the secretary or fixture secretary.
  2. Players may not qualify on a green where they are Urmston Vets members.
  3. All games will commence off “6” and be 21 up. Where a member of hosting venue on finals day is an Urmston Vets League player he shall commence off “4”.
  4. Draws will be made at start time from designated/qualified players present only.
  5. Competition is not started or abandoned because of weather conditions:
    Qualifying rounds A ballot of all players still in the competition will be made.
    On finals day all players will receive a dividend of the prize total money. Any players knocked out will not be included but shall receive a finals day monetary award due. Any player objecting prior, may have entry fee returned.