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Welcome to the web site of the Turton & District Bowling Association.

League Sponsored by: American Pan.

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President: Eric Williams, Esq

Chairman: Barry Robinson, Esq. 07835 406602

Vice Chairman: Mike Bailey, Esq. 01204 306771, 07482 608108

General Secretary: Sandie Whittaker. 07512 501385

Treasurer: Sandie Whittaker, 07512 501385Esq sandiewhitt@yahoo.co.uk

Fixtures Secretary: Jim Sheffield, Esq 01204 596786, 07484 761551

Competitions Secretary. Mike Dickinson 01254 234080 07841 635360

Honorary Life Members.

Brian Duncan, Esq.

Eric Williams, Esq.


Executive Committee.

Dobbies: John Southern. Cliff Unsworth

Eagley: Eric.Haslam, Roland Gee.

Edgworth A: Ian Harvey, 

Edgworth B: AndyWarman, Andy Tighe.

Great Lever BCC Booths: Clive Fenn

Longsight A: Dougie Baxendale, John Hawkins.

Longsight B: Eddie Ellard.

Tonge Moor Cons: Rod Hall.

Turton A: George Williams.

Turton B: Graham.Howarth.

Executive Meetings at Dunscar Conservative Club 7-30pm Start.

Dunscar Conservative Club, Hardmans Lane, Bromley Cross, Bolton. (Founded 1894) are pleased to be associated with Turton & District Bowling Association.

Dunscar Catering Services. Catering for all occassions. * Food for Thought*. Contact Sarah on 07802 473065.

Team Contacts.

Dobbies: John Southern 01204 398958, 07977 950918. Cliff Unsworth cliffunsy@hotmail.com

Eagley: Eric Haslam 01204 417706. R Gee 01204 305310

Edgworth A: Ian Harvey 01204 852769, Barry Robinson 07835 406602

Edgworth B: Andy Warman 01204 852315, 07482 628500. Andy Tighe 07947 812687

Great Lever BCC Booths: Clive Fenn 01204 708839, 07949 200926 

Longsight A: Dougie Baxendale 07766 521576

Longsight B: Eddie Ellard 01204 386967, 07507 123972

Tonge Moor Cons: Rodney Hall 01204 396347, 07717 086576. Dave Crook 07956037506

Turton A: George Williams 01204 306120. Jim Sheffield 01204 596786. 07484761551

Turton B: Graham Howarth 01204 598481, 07549 938913. 

Date and Venues for 2021 Cup Competitions.  All entrants to advise Mike Dickinson, preferably by email.

All teams are to provide  at least one player or pair the the league competitions. Failure to do this will subject the team to a £10 fine.

AGM Trophy: 

Mike Williams Pairs Trophy:  To be played Sunday August 8th at Tonge Park. 11-30am for 12 noon strike off. All pairs must be registered players and play for the the same team. 

Fred Haslam Trophy: Played at Longsight. Result to be inputted later.

David Howarth Trophy: 

George Wood Trophy.  To be played on Egerton Park green Sunday 12th September

Ainsworth Shield. To be advised.

Milburn Cup. The premlims and quarter final rounds to be arranged by the respective teams on a night to suit both teams.  The final will beplayed on Sunday 27th September at a neutral venue. Handicaps will be put on the website. 

Milburn Cup Handicaps 2021. If the competition takes place then handicaps will be based on where a team finishes in the league and as per Mike Willaims handcap table, No 3. It has beens agreed that the winners of the Milburn Cup 2019 will be subject to the handicap where they finish in the 2019 table and -10.

2021 Competition Winnses

Fred Haslam Trophy. Winner Harvey Moore. Runner Up Tony Wilkins. Losng Semi Finalists: Stuart Houghton, Charlotte Buckley.

Mike Williams Pairs Trophy. Winners Mike Bailey/Mick Hilton, Runners Up. Mark Bradshaw/Alan Rukin. Beaten Semi Finalists. Bob Williams/Les Fishwick. Alan Parker/ George Manning.

George Wood Trophy.

Milburn Cup.

Ainsworth Shield.


2019 Competition Winners

AGM Trophy: Winner  Mark Bradshaw. Runner Up. Stuart Houghton. Losing Semi Finalists: John Mort, Andy Warman.

Mike Williams Pairs Trophy. Winners Mark Bradshaw/Alex Power. Runners Up Les Hignett/Mark Warburton. Losing Semi Finalists. John Haslam/John Mort, Margaret Turtington/Ross Hatzer

Fred Haslam Trophy. Winner Alan Rukin. Runner Up. Eric Haslam. Beaten Semi Finalists. Clive Fenn and Alex Power

David Howarth Trophy. Winner John Southern. Runner Up Dougie Baxendale. Beaten Semi Finalists Ross Hatzer and Alex Power.

Ainsworth Shield. Winners Edgworth A. Runners Up Great Lever BCC Booths. Beaten Semi Finalists. Edgworth B, Turton B.

George Wood Trophy: Mark Bradshaw. Runner Up John Mort. Beaten Semi Finalists. Ian Price, Peter Crook

Milburn Cup: Winners Turton A. Runners Up Tonge Moor. Beaten Semi Finalists. Dobbies, Eagley

Merits. 1st Mark Bradshaw, 2nd Dougie Baxendale, 3rd John Mort.  

2018 Competition Winners

AGM Trophy Winner: Eric Williams. Runner Up: Peter Crook. Losing Semi Finalists: Stuart Houghton, Mike Bailey

League Pair Winners: John Haslam/John Mort. Runners Up: Sandie Whittaker/Barry Robinson. Losing Semi Finalists: Les Brown/Stuart Houghton, Kerry Holt/Andy Warman.

Fred Haslam Trophy Winner: Alan Hesford. Runner Up. John Mort. Losing Semi Finalists Eric Williams, George Williams.

Ainsworth Cup Winner: Barry Robinson. Runner Up Kerry Holt. Losing Semi Finalists Eddie Ellard, David Farnworth.

Milburn Cup. Winners Turton. Runners Up.Tonge Moor. Losing Semi Finalists. Longsight B, Dobbies

George Wood Trophy. Winner: Peter Howard. Runner Up. Mark Warburton. Losing Semi Finalists. John Mort, Bob Williams. A big thank you to Egerton for hosting the competition.

Ainsworth Shield. Winners Longsight A. Runners Up Eagley. 

Merits 1st Barry Howarth, Mick Howard, 3rd Alan Mealor.

2017 Competition Winners. 

2017 League Champions. Tottington. Runners Up Dobbies.

2017 AGM Trophy. Winner: Malcolm Stretch. Runner Up: Lee Bleakley.

2017 League Pairs. Winners: John Haslam/John Mort. Runners Up: Mick Howard/Margaret Turtington

2017 Fred Haslam Trophy. Winner: Anthony Rukin. Runner Up: Les Brown

2017 Ainsworth Cup. Winner: Stuart Houghton . Runner Up: John Mort

2017 George Wood Trophy. Winner: John Mort. Runner Up: Barry Robinson

2017 Milburn Cup. Winners: Tonge Moor. Runners Up: Edgworth A

2017 Ainsworth Shield. Winners: Eagley. Runners Up: Egerton.

Merits. 1st Lee Bleakley. 2nd Peter Howard. 3rd Alan Mealor


Fred Haslam Trophy.

Bank Top Brewery. The Pavilion, Ashworth Lane, Bank Top, Bolton 01204 595800. Brewers of fine traditional beers.

The George Wood Trophy.