Stockport & District (Workshops) Friday Night Bowling League


The League to be called The Stockport & District (Workshop) Friday Night Bowling League.

The League to be governed by a President and an Executive Committee (EC) consisting of Chairman, Vice Chairman, League Officers and not more than six delegates nominated by clubs to be elected at the AGM. This EC to have full power to deal with Finance, Protests, Handicaps or any other business of the league. A minimum of five members to form a quorum and any decisions made by the Committee shall be final and binding on all parties. No Club to be represented by more than one delegate.

League meetings to be convened by the League Secretary, who shall be responsible for informing Club Secretaries of the date, time, venue and the business for the meeting. The meeting shall consist of the members of the EC and two delegates from each club. Seven days notice to be given in all cases.

The date of the AGM will be in January. No more than two votes to be allowed by each club present.

The League shall be open to any bona fide Bowling Club, which will be accepted for entry into the League, first by the EC then by all clubs present at the AGM. The EC shall be given authority to admit new teams where applications are received after the AGM but before the 31st January at the latest.

A Guarantee Fee of £5.00 shall be paid on acceptance to the league, before the commencement of the season.

A subscription fee of £25.00 for each team entering the League, to be paid to the Treasurer not later than 30th April each year. All other liabilities accountable for to be paid by a date to be decided by the Treasurer each year. Clubs failing to do so to be fined the sum of £5.00 in each case.

All funds and property of the League, to be held in trust, in the names of Two Trustees, the League Secretary and Treasurer.

The expenses of the League if the annual balance is, adverse, shall be borne equally by each of the affiliated Clubs.

List of members for registration to be forwarded to the Registration Secretary by the 31st March. Supplementary lists may be forwarded later but before the 31st July. Any club failing to comply with this rule shall be subject to a fine of £2.00. No registrations will be accepted after the 31st July in each year. Registration fee per member to be £1.00 (inclusive of handbook) to be paid direct to the Treasurer.

In any competition connected to the League, if a Club objects or protests against the playing of another Club, before the EC decide to postpone or change the venue of such match, the Club objected to or protested against, shall be given the opportunity of giving their views on the matter.

An inquiry into any suspected breach of rules by any Club or members, may be instituted by the EC at their discretion, or at the request of any Club or member who may have lodged a complaint or protest, a copy of which, must be forwarded to the offender(s), within seven days, the complainants must deposit the sum of £2.00. Such deposit to be forfeited in the event of the complaint being frivolous or unsubstantial.

Clubs wishing to withdraw from the League, or wishing to withdraw one of their teams, must submit their resignation in writing, prior to the next AGM otherwise they will be considered as members for the ensuing season, and are liable for the consequent obligations to the League.

Promotion and relegation to be left to the discretion of the EC.

All trophies awarded by the League must be returned to the League Secretary by the 30th September, failure to comply will result in a £5.00 fine. They must be in a clean, polished and sound condition. Any returned trophy that does not comply will result in the club or individual who is deemed responsible liable for any cleaning or repair costs necessary. In the event of a trophy being mislaid in any way the cost of a replacement will be borne by the club or individual responsible. The EC to apply any further sanctions deemed necessary.

Amendments or alteration to rules must be forwarded to the League Secretary no later than 30th November. Any such proposals must be officially endorsed by club members. All such suggestions will then be placed on the agenda and a copy forwarded to all Club Secretaries.

Should any dispute arise and not be catered for in the existing rules, shall be dealt with by the EC who will have full power to decide the outcome at their discretion.

Average prizes will be awarded to the player with highest average in each division. These averages will be provided by the Registration Secretary and calculated by adding 1 for each game played to the arithmetic average.

No Club to play any Senior players in a Junior fixture, unless they have a MINUS average, or they have played less than THREE games for the Senior team. Breach of this rule will be a 50 pence fine per player and the loss of chalks where necessary.

No Senior fixture to be cancelled when a Junior fixture is played.

A match levy of 25 pence per player, to be paid for all League and Cup matches.

All teams winning prize money are required to take TWO presentation night tickets, the cost of which will be invoiced to clubs by the League Treasurer. The remaining tickets to be placed on open sale. The method of sale to be decided by the EC. Payment for these tickets will be required in advance.

In all League and Cup games teams to consist of 10 players.

Any club failing to send at least one representative to the AGM or Pre-Season meeting will be fined the sum of £10.00 in each case.

Any club or individual failing to attend the Presentation Evening night to collect a prize will forfeit 25% of any prize money due.

All Clubs to be charged £10.00 annually to provide Presentation Evening raffle prizes.


The HOME club, shall be responsible for posting or emailing the result sheet to the Registration Secretary, or informing him the match has been cancelled, not later than 3 working days after the match has been played or cancelled. When a match has been cancelled the result sheet with fixture details, and CANCELLED written across the sheet, must be sent to the Registration Secretary. Clubs failing to comply with this rule, to be fined £2.00 in each case.

All matches shall be played as per fixture list. Provisions will be made for playing members to have a practice as follows. Home team to have sole use of the green up to 15 minutes prior to the start of the match. The away team to have sole use of the green for the last 15 minutes prior to the start of the match, and play to commence at 7.00p.m. prompt. Any player who has not arrived by 8.15p.m., can be substituted with a reserve. If a reserve is not available, the game shall be awarded to the opposing team, as per match rule 10. Where greens have no lights prior to 1st June and after 1st August, matches to start at 6.30p.m. prompt and strike out time to be 7.45p.m.

No fixtures to be cancelled except for inclement weather (having insufficient players is not acceptable). Any match with the mutual agreement of the Captains can be cancelled due to inclement weather on the day of the match, before the start or during the match. For any match cancelled due to the weather the Registration Secretary must be notified of the rearranged date within 21 days of the original fixture date by the HOME club. Failure to comply with either of the above will incur a £5.00 fine plus deduction of 50 points.

The rearranged date for a cancelled fixtures must be passed to the Registration Secretary.

All rearranged matches to be played by the 1st October at the latest. Failure to comply shall incur a £20.00 fine and a deduction of 50 points against the defaulting team.

All Home Clubs playing on Parks greens, shall be responsible for the full greenage payment, for Practice and match duration, and that visiting teams shall have free use of the green in accordance with match rule 2.

The Captain of each team, shall officiate as referees, and shall have full power to nominate one of their respective team members, to act as a Referee, whilst being occupied in their own game. In case of dispute arising which cannot be settled by the temporary referees, the case shall be referred to the Captains, whose decision shall be final.

The rules of the British Crown Green Bowling Association shall govern all aspects of play.

The Home team is responsible for providing measuring equipment. When measuring the adjustable end of the tape must be taken to the Jack. No part of the hand or fingers to touch the Jack or Bowls when measuring.

All chalks scored in each game to be recorded on the result sheet and the total number of chalks at the end of the match added up and the team with the higher number of chalks will be deemed the match winner. League tables to be compiled using total chalks scored by each team. NO aggregate points to be awarded.

All scores to be entered on ONE result sheet supplied by the HOME team. Individual scorers (including forenames) to be provided by each club taking part in the match. At the conclusion of the match, both Captains must sign the sheet, which shall make the match result binding, but in no way prevents clubs from making a protest as per league rule 12.

Any team failing to supply sufficient players for a match shall forfeit 21 chalks plus a £2.00 fine for each absentee. Any player who receives a WALKOVER, their name must be entered on the match sheet as 21-0 or 0-21, and the word ‘walkover’ entered. Teams failing to turn up for a match, without prior notice of not being able to, shall be fined £20.00 and be penalised 50 chalks when the match is eventually played.

Falsifying a result sheet in any way not covered by existing rules will be subject to a £20.00 fine for each offence.

All unfinished games in a match, which have been interfered with by inclement weather, or any other legitimate cause, shall be completed on a future date arranged by the Secretary/Captain of Clubs involved. The Registration Secretary of the League to be notified as per match rule 3.

No player shall play for more than one team in any Calendar week, (Calendar week defined as Sunday to Saturday inclusive). This rule does not apply if a CUP and LEAGUE match are played in the same week.

Any club found guilty of playing ineligible players shall have the players score deducted and awarded to the opponents. The offending Club will be fined £2.00 in each case.

In case of dispute, notice must be given to the League Secretary within three days of the incident taking place, so that the case can be put before the EC whose decision will be final and binding on all parties.



The trophy shall be called ‘The Vice-Presidents Challenge Cup’.

The competition be obligatory to all teams.

The Competition to be played on a Knock out principle, on neutral greens. All arrangements for match jacks etc. to be made by the club whose green is being used. Failure to do so will result in a fine of £2.00.

Entrance Fee to be £5.00 per team.

The competing teams to have equal number of leads with the jack. Team Captains to toss for use of the jack (odds or evens) prior to the start to the match. Team Captains to present teams in order of play, odd numbers leading the jack for one team, even numbers leading, the jack for the other team.

The two Captains to act as Referees.

All games to be 21 up and total number of chalks to decide the winners. Result sheet to be sent by the winning Club to the Competition Secretary, within three working days of the match taking place.

All matches to start at 7.00 p.m. prompt. Strike out 8.15 p.m. prompt. Venues and dates to be decided by EC with NO alterations allowed, unless absolutely necessary.

No player shall compete for more than one team in the competition.

Only players who have played at least a quarter of league games will be eligible to play in the Competition. No Club to play a Senior player in a Junior team, unless they have a minus average or unless they have played less than two league games. Breach of rule will incur a fine of £2.00 per player and the deduction of points where necessary.

NO practice allowed by teams or individuals for 24 hours immediately prior to the commencement of the match. Exceptions are bona fide matches or events under the jurisdiction of another League. Breaches of rule subject to sanction by the EC.

All cup competitions to be played on a handicap basis. Handicapping to be based on League position at the end of the previous season, any new teams to start on scratch for one season. Level of handicapping to be decided by EC and additional handicapping can be applied to and removed from previous seasons winners at the discretion of the EC.

In the event of a tie three persons from each side will play off, handicapping to be 3/10s of original handicap rounded up to nearest whole number. If the game remains tied after the play off then the team with two winners shall be declared the winner.

Any point not covered by the forgoing rules shall be dealt with according to the League rules.

Match rule 13 to apply in this competition.

Any team failing to turn up for a VP Cup 1st round tie without prior written notice to their opponents and Competition Secretary that they are unable to fulfill the tie for whatever reason will not be entered in the George Kay Cup.


The Competition to be contested by 1st round losers in the VP Cup.

The Competition to be played on a knock out principle on neutral greens and governed by the rules of the VP Cup, including handicapping as per VP cup rule 12.

Entrance Fee to be £3.00 per team


Any individual entering must have played a minimum of a quarter (rounded up) of league games prior to the entry date of the competition.

The EC to be responsible for arranging the handicap of players and playing of the rounds on neutral greens. The final date and venue to be decided by the EC. Any qualifiers whose home green is chosen for the final to be handicapped an extra TWO points.

No member of the EC. shall take part in their own handicapping.

All games to be of 21 up. Limit of Eight Handicap held.

Entries to be in the hands of the Competition Secretary by the first Friday in August, to be eligible for entry.

That each Club guarantees a minimum of FOUR entrants per TEAM.

Entrance Fee to be £3.00 per player. The total monies collected shall constitute the Prizes, to be decided by the EC.

NO practice allowed prior to the commencement of each round.

On date of qualifying round and the final draw to be made at the venue at 6.45 prompt by the organisers. Any entrant not present at that time will not be included in the draw. No substitutes to be allowed either on the qualifying or final nights.