Stockport & District (Workshops) Friday Night Bowling League

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Welcome to the web site of the Stockport & District (Workshops) Friday Night Bowling League.

The league is run from day to day by its management committee:

  • President: Eric Wilde
  • Chairman: Steve Fletcher
  • Secretary: Kevin Wilson
  • Treasurer: Dave Simon
  • Registration and Match secretary: Kevin Wilson
  • Competition secretary: Andy Clews


Friday Night Handicap 2019

Result sheets

Friday Night Handicap 2019

Kerri Lush 12 v 21 Tom Danby

Dave Durham 21 v 20 Jack Holland

Steve Crowther 21 v 13 John Hignett

Mike Coram 21 v 13 Adam McDermott 


Tom Danby 21 v 20 Dave Durham

Steve Crowther 15 v 21 Mike Coram 


Tom Danby 21 v 8 Mike Coram


Tom Danby (Friendship)


(Tuesday 10 September 2019)

Result sheets

The Result sheet for the league can be downloaded from the link above and printed out.

Feel free to download as required.


(Tuesday 21 February 2017)