The Stockport Summer Short Mat Bowling League

Stockport Summer Short Mat Bowling League. Played at Great Moor Sports & Social Club, on selected Sundays throughout the Summer Months. Contact Keith Lackford Tel:07927 152643 Email:

Handbook 2019

The name of the League shall be "The Stockport Summer Short Mat Bowling League".

The object of the League shall be to promote Short Mat Bowls in Stockport & surrounding areas during the summer months.

Shall bare no direction or need to affiliate to any governing body or association.

Applications to the League to be made in writing by letter or email, notifying the acting League Secretary. League to be limited to a maximum number of 12 teams, but provisions will be taken if more teams apply.

Affiliation Fees:
Each team to pay a registration fee of £20.00. Each registered player will cost a team £2.00 per player. On a match night, League subscription will be £3.00 per player (£6.00 per team). No limits on how many players a team can register.


A full list of players to be sent to the League Secretary before the first week of commencement. Registering further players after this point will be taken on a case by case basis. All Games to be played at Great Moor Sports & Social Club on Sunday evenings with a 7.00PM start time. No limit on practise ends before a game commences. 2 end roll up before each game with two bowls only. No cancellations, teams need to have sufficient players registered to commit to a league fixture. One of the suggested dates will be a singles knockout.

Teams can register as many players as needed, but only two play on a match night. Players will play 4 Bowl, 12 end singles, with a draw to determine who plays who before commencement of a match. Each team will play eachother on a "Round Robin" League basis. Each team will be designated a pre-determined mat. One mat consisting of two league games, with teams sharing the mat on a session by session basis. First league game will be over sessions 1 & 3, Second league game over sessions 2 & 4. A jack off the side of the mat will be placed back on the Short Mark for timing reasons. Each player not playing will be expected to mark one game.

5pts per win, 3pts for draw and 1pt for a loss within four shots. 5pts for team with highest chalks total in the league fixture.

Game 1 - Player 1 47 (5pts) - 0 Player A (0pts)
Game 2 - Player 2 9 (1pts) - 12 Player B (5pts)
Aggregate goes to Player 1/2 (56-12) Team 5pts

Final Score 11-5