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The Evening League play on a Tuesday or Thursday evening and currently has 4 divisions, consisting of 10 players per team.

The 1st and 2nd Division play in a Knockout for the Adshead Plate and the 3rd & 4th divisions play in a Knockout for the Keith Deighton Plate.

The Veterans play on a Monday afternoon and currently have 4 divisions, consisting of 8 players per team, playing in pairs.

The Veterans play in a Pairs Knockout for the Bill Wildman Trophy.

The Officers of the league are :- 

President: Keith Deighton

Chairman: Malcolm Savage

Hon. Secretary: Steve Fletcher

Registration and Match Secretary, Veterans Leagues: Steve Fletcher, email:

Registration and Match Secretary, Evening Leagues: John Cunningham, email:

Treasurer : Steph Alsop

Management Committee : P. Penny, P. Mason, D. Malcolm, S Heald, K Deighton, J Cunningham, G Richards  



Keith Deighton Shield, Crown 1 v Romiley Arms 1

Adshead Cup George and Dragon 1 V Grapes 1

Adshead Cup and Keith Deighton Shield





Keith Deighton Shield, Crown 1 v Romiley Arms 1

Teams for the Keith Deighton Shield

Crown 1            v          Romiley Arms 1

1. Dave Hadfield          Ivor Hulme

2. Steve Fletcher          Neil Adshead

3. Rodger Collins         Dave Wilson

4. Craig Lees                Craig Lindfield

5. Gordon Collins        Steve Hutchinson

6. Gary Willimson        Steve Ward

7. Dave Middlemas      Peter Oliver

8. Jamie Evans              Neil Farrell

9. John Carter               Simon Dunning

10. Steve Blair               Chris Phillipson


Roy Copeland               Bob Bennison

Jim Hurst                      Rick Faram

(Sunday 27 August 2023)

Adshead Cup George and Dragon 1 V Grapes 1

The teams for the Adshead Cup Final.

G & D 1                                Grapes 1    

1. Charlie Roberts                 1. Ben Gloag

2. Jack Hargreaves                2. Gary Clapham

3. Colin Leishman                 3. Nick Taylor

4. Dave Walker                     4. Dave Gwilliam

5. Ant Walker                       5. Dean Ferris

6. Colin Price                        6. Mike Gee

7. Chris Heyes                      7. Andy Hallas

8. Dean Hibbert                   8. Paul Morris

9. Chris Haynes                    9. Nathan Warwick

10. Dave McGuiness            10. Dale Kenyon


Dan Smith                            Lee Sturges

John Blezard                        Phil Peters

Chris Lord

(Sunday 27 August 2023)

Adshead Cup and Keith Deighton Shield

The finals of both competitions will take place at Cheadle Cons Club on 3rd September, at 11.00am. 2 players from each final will be on the green at the same time.

The bar will open at 11.00am and their will be barbecue food avaliable. 

Your team, including 2 named reserves, in player order to be submitted to John Cunningham 7 days prior to the Final.  

(Tuesday 25 July 2023)


The final will take place at Cheadle Cons. on Monday 29th May, 12.45 check in, 1.00pm start. No substitues are allowed. The draw was conducted using the Bowrap randomizer.

For the draw go to the "Veterans" tab and then "Bill Wildman Pairs" tab.


(Tuesday 2 May 2023)


This is not the draw. A draw will be conducted of those players present at 1.00pm. Games will start as soon as the draw is done.    
Billy Munro & Kevin Marland  Q CROWN
Phil Penny & Brian Pownall CROWN
Steve Wilson & Shelia Wilson  Q CROWN
Joe Humphries & Dave Owen CROWN
Tony Swettenham & Bernard Kelly CROWN
Colin Gray & David Needham CROWN
David Hodkinson & Terry Hodkinson CROWN
Tommy Bradbury & Steve Fletcher CROWN
Keith Jackson & Paul Craven CROWN
Dave Hadfield & Jim Hurst NURSERY
Chris Lord & Ron Newton    Q NURSERY
Geoff Shaw & Kevin Chatterton NURSERY
Dave Jewsbury & Jeff Lawrence NURSERY
John Chapman & Alan Kenyon NURSERY
Doug Ralph & Brian Sellars NURSERY
Peter Wagget & Mark Bennett NURSERY
Mike Shaw & Alan Hoy NURSERY
John Carter & Jamie Evans   Q NURSERY
Graham McDermott & Dave Gwilliam VERNON
Dave Betts & Steve Flynn    Q VERNON
Paul Elliot & Brian Udale VERNON
Dave Fallows & Ian Fallows VERNON
Bill Welsby & Stuart Cropper VERNON
Andy Bilyk & David Hardman   Q VERNON
Bob Hamnett & Dave Little VERNON
John Davies & Mike Bacon VERNON
Mike Coram & John Dodd VERNON
Steve Fletcher & Gary Williamson VICTORIA
Tommy Heyes & Paul Whitehead VICTORIA
Phil Homer & Alan Scholes VICTORIA
Graham Barret & Bernie Thorley VICTORIA
Roy Mycock & Ernie Williamson VICTORIA
Dave Moran & Mark Sattler VICTORIA
Dave Wardle & Kevin Bannister    Q VICTORIA
Brian Costello Irene Costello VICTORIA
Steve Crowther & Paul Edge    Q VICTORIA

(Friday 21 April 2023)


Qualifying games will take place on Monday 1st May, on neutral greens. Final day 29th May

Entries must be received by Tuesday 18th April, to John Cunningham.

Each club is billed for one pair, any extra pairs from your club will be added to the club invoice.

Note: Pairings must be from the same club and must have played one veterans match to enter. Please make sure you can play both dates, no substitues will be allowed. 

(Tuesday 28 March 2023)


The revised rules are now avaliable on the link, top left above. Also avaliable is the Calendar of events and the new Honours board.  

(Monday 20 February 2023)