South Manchester Veterans Bowling Association

Held at Longsight CC. Bowling Green Lane Manchester M12 5FZ
on Monday 20th November 2023 at 1pm

Meeting opened by the Secretary.

Roll Call – All Clubs except Heald Green & Northenden

Apologies for absence – AEU P Briggs & Northenden Stuart Holmes late apologies

Silent invocation – Barry Nield, Harry Lowe – Crowcroft/Longsight. Michael Rowlance – Highbank - Les Ogden - AEU Gordon Norcott, Keith Bullock – Longford Park George Fairclough - Droylsden

League Affiliation to CCPBA & Addition to rule. Accepted (Thanks to John Cunningham CCPBA Secretary’s attendance)

Banning C Cox from being an Official of SMVBA. Withdrawn (Discussion took place)

Minutes of AGM 14th December 2022. Copy distributed. Accepted

Secretary’s Report – Season to start first Monday after Easter (now needs to be Friday)

From Ian Nield Ryecroft Hall

1.In future only greens which have teams playing on them in the SMVBA shall be eligible to stage association competitions - Accepted.

2. That the league appoints a competition secretary to oversee and organize the pairs, merit and K.O. Cup competition finals thus relieving the present match secretary of the task. Rejected

3. Scrap playing the K.O. Cup competition finals on a neutral green and play 4 home 4 away throughout. Rejected

(Another proposal to revert back to semis and final on neutral green) Rejected

4. Presentation of the proposal to hold a Barry Nield memorial cup game next season paid for by I Nield Accepted

From Houldsworth Park

1.Chris Cox proposes that the committee do all the cup draws. Withdrawn after discussion

2. Any League games postponed to be played within 4 weeks of the postponed date if possible. Accepted with amendment from Greenbank, All League fixtures to be completed by the end of League season. No Points given for matches not played overall points to count for promotion or relegation.

3. Committee meetings to be held every 2 months. Rejected Delegates meeting to be called as needed

From Droylesden - Matches to Start at 1pm instead of 1.30 – to avoid traffic congestion at schools. Accepted

Treasurers Report & Balance Sheet. Copy distributed Accepted

Election of Officers
President – J McNeil Proposed G Wood Accepted
Secretary, Treasurer and Match Secretary – New title Administrator G Wood Accepted after much discussion

Meeting closed for presentation 3pm