South Manchester Veterans Bowling Association

Minutes of meetings

Welcome to the web site of the South Manchester Veterans Bowling Association.

We exist to promote Crown Green Bowling,

Our area covers South Manchester, Droylsden, Sale, Stockport, Stretford and Wythenshaw.

See the green finder for a list of clubs and links to maps showing where they are.

We run a mixed league for teams playing on Monday & Friday afternoon, for players over 55.

Currently we have two divisions on a Monday and one on a Friday, eight players per team.

The leagues are decided on aggregate points scored.

We also run knock-out cup competitions for each division, Monday division 1 the Coronation Cup division 2 J Arnett Cup and Friday division 1 the Nuttall Cup.

An individual Merit competition and a pairs competition.

For more details please contact the Admin Secretary by email



South Manchester Veterans Bowling Association


Entries for Merit & Pairs

2018 - Coronation Cup

2018 - J Arnett KO Cup Winners

2018 - Friday Division 1 Winners

2018 - Nuttall Cup Winners

League Pairs

League Merit

Coronation & J Arnett KO Cups


South Manchester Veteran’s Bowling Association

AGM AT LONGSIGHT C C (Bowling Green Lane)

ON WEDNESDAY 20th NOVEMBER 2019 at 1.30pm

1)      Opening of the meeting by R Bestwick –President

2)      Roll Call & Apologies

3)      Obituaries – John Speak, Arnold Walker – Didsbury Pk. :- J Fletcher, G Gardner, H Jackson and S Booth - ?. David Irwin -Longford Pk.

Please inform me of any others to be added.

4)      Minutes of Last AGM - Had been circulated in advance with the Agenda.

5)      Minutes of Last Meeting - Had been circulated in advance with the Agenda.

6)      Secretaries Report – I feel that we have had a good year and looking forward to next season, First I would like to thank Ray Langton for the donation of a new Trophy for Division one Mondays. We had a few problems with the home greens format in the KO Cups, the format for the finals of the KO Cups I think should be on a neutral green regardless of format used. We had a good turn out to watch them also the merit and pairs. Subject to format agreed at the AGM. The format for the league for next season at present Monday Division 1 11 teams and Division 2 9 teams which equal 22 weeks each, with four vacant team places, Friday 1 Division of 10 teams which covers 20 weeks (Northenden Soc joined, Ryecroft sound hopefull)  with the KO cups a full season of bowling, with no matches Easter Weekend but other Bank Holiday Mondays would have to be played on the Monday or Tuesday by mutual agreement as required. The Merit and Pairs would be arranged for Tuesdays. Handbooks will only be printed 10 per team for clubs requesting them.

7)      Match Secretary Report –  

8)      Treasurers Report and Adoption of Balance Sheet..

9.i)  Change of Rules – Change of format, cup matches 4 home 4 away from Levenshulme. 

9.ii) Amendment - Neutral Greens from Ashton

9.iii) League games if you only have 7 players no one allowed to play twice you lose the game 21/0.       from Levenshulm

10)  Election of Officers - President – Mr R Bestwick             Secretary – Mr G Wood -

                                    Match Secretary – Mr G Wood      Treasurer  - Mr R Bestwick.

                                                       Committee - Ken Scott. Tom Gerard,

11)  Honorarium – No Change –

12)  All voting decided by majority vote for or against - one vote per club

13)  Date of next meetings Delegates Wednesday’s 22nd March, 10th June and 7th October with AGM at Longsight 18th November

14)  A O B - None

15)  Close Meeting - for Presentations after a short recess


(Monday 04 November 2019)

Entries for Merit & Pairs

              Merit                                 2019                              Pairs

           12th July                             Friday's                       16th August

        Entry fee £ 2                                                             Entry fee £ 2       

Venue for Merit - SWMCC draw will be made from bowlers present at 12 noon.

Venue for Pairs - Longsight draw will be made from bowlers present at 12.30pm            

Crowcroft               Ian Nield                                                      Crowcroft             John Jordan & Bil Jordan

N Etchells               Mike Hannabal                                              Crowcroft             James Collins & John Endsor

Crowcroft               John Endsor                                                  Crowcroft             Jim McGlynn & Tim O'Connell

N Etchells               Chris Cox                                                      Albert Vets           Charlie Martin & Tony Spiers

Albert Vets             Charlie Martin                                                Ladybarn              Ben Scott & Terry Hester

Ladybarn                Ben Scott                                                      Ladybarn              Paul Reeves & Alan Telfer

Ladybarn                Alan Telfer                                                     N Etchells             Bernard Myers & Jean Myers

Ladybarn                Paul Reeves                                                   N Etchells             Chris Cox & Terry Peters

SWMCC                  Steve Price -3                                                N Etchells             Peter Bradford & Joe Hardie

SWMCC                  Mike Ellis -3                                                   N Etchells             Mike Hannibal & Roger Bestwick

Didsbury                Keith Bradbury                                               N Etchells              Paul Machin & Brian Machin

Didsbury                Barry Palin

Didsbury                Peter Sloan

Didsbury                David Clark

SWMCC                  Paul Mottram  -3


SMVBA Merit was played at SWMCC on Friday 12th July starting at 12.15pm. Ray Langton did the draw from those

present at 12 noon. All matches were played during a pleasent summer afternoon, with very good bowling to entertain.


Paul Reeves Ladybarn 21 21 21 20
Chris Cox N Etchells 9      
Peter Sloan Didsbury Pk 15      
Ian Nield Crowcroft 21 7    
Alan Telfer Ladybarn 21 21 9  
Paul Mottram  -3 SWMCC 19      
Steve Price  -3 SWMCC 21 9    
Barry Palin Didsbury Pk 18      
Ben Scott Ladybarn   21 21 21
Mike Hannibal N Etchells   12    
David Clarke Didsbury   21 11  
Mike Ellis  -3 SWMCC   17    


SMVBA Pairs was played at Longsight CC on Friday 16th August starting at 1.45pm. Bill Greenlee did the draw from

those present at 12.30pm. All matches were played during a wet afternoon, with good bowling on a good running green.


Peter Radford & Joe Hardie N Etchells   10    
Chris Cox & Terry Peters Ladybarn   21 21 18
John Jordan & Bill Jordan  -3 Crowcroft   21 1  
Dave Clark & Brian Palin Didsbury Pk   14    
Paul Reeves & Alan Telfer Ladybarn   21 21 21
George Wood & John Endsor  -3 Crowcroft   9    
Ben Scott & Terry Hester Ladybarn   21 18  
Mike Hanibal & Roger Bestwick N Etchells   5    




(Monday 17 June 2019)

2018 - Coronation Cup

                   Coronation Cup - 2018

                Winners -  Levenshulme


(Wednesday 10 October 2018)

2018 - J Arnett KO Cup Winners


                                       2018 - Winners Northenden Social

(Tuesday 02 October 2018)

2018 - Friday Division 1 Winners


                                        2018 Winners - Northen Etchells "B"

       Peter Bradford, Dave Thorneycroft, Terry Peters, Chris Cox, Reg Fletcher, Mike Hannibal

                        Mark Boland, Joe Hardie, Roger Bestwick, Dave Vaughan capt


(Wednesday 05 September 2018)

2018 - Nuttall Cup Winners


                                          2018 - Winners  Northen Etchells "B"

       Mike Hannibal, Joe Hardie, Mark Boland, Peter Bradford, Dave Thorneycroft, Reg Fletcher,

                       Chris Cox, Terry Peters, Roger Bestwick, Dave Vaughan capt


(Wednesday 05 September 2018)

League Pairs

The League Pairs held on Longsight CC ( the new home of Crowcroft Park Veteran's

on Friday 7th September at 11am and played to a finish.

Northen Etchells   Bernard Myers & Jean Myers 6      
Northen Etchells   Mke Hannibal Roger Bestwick 21 8    
Northen Etchells   Mike Bolan Chris Cox 15      
Debdale Park   Phil Rudkin & Fred Taylor 21 21 9  
Northen Etchells   Joe Hardie & Peter Bradford   21 21 14
Ladybarn Park   Danny Griffin & Nick Doherty   13    
Ladybarn Park   Ben Scott & Terry Hester   21 21 21
West Heaton   Derek Bond Clive Toon   10    
Ladybarn Park   Alan Telfer & Colin Tindell   21 6  
Parkville   Dave Fallows & Ian Fallows   6    


           Winners 2018 - The Jim Barrie Pairs

              Terry Hester & Ben Scott (Ladybarn)

(Tuesday 28 August 2018)

League Merit

The League Merit that was planned for the 31st August has been changed to the 21st September.

Listed players please confirm to me (George Wood details in handbook) that you still wish to play

on the new date.

If you want to be included and not shown below, you can still enter, please contact me.

  Ladybarn confirmed Benny Scott  
    confirmed Alan Telfer  
    confirmed Ray Langton  
    confirmed Nick Doherty  
  West Heaton confirmed Derek Bond  
  Northen Etchells confirmed Joe Hardie  
    confirmed Chris Cox  
    confirmed  Mark  Boland  
  Didsbury Pk confirmed David Clark  
    confirmed Keith Bradbury  
    confirmed Ian Smith  
  Debdale confirmed Phil Rudkin  
  Highbank confirmed Brenda Thompson  
  Albert Vets confirmed Geoff Fletcher  
    confirmed Charlie Martin  
    confirmed Frank Warburton  
    confirmed Peter Gibson  
  A E U confirmed Dave Rayner  


  Chris Cox Northen  Etchells 21 18      
  Keith Bradbury Didsbury Park 13        
  Joe Hardie Northen Etchells 16        
  Benny Scott Ladybarn 21 21 21 21  
  Alan Telfer Ladybarn 21 13 18    
  Frank Warburton Albert Vets 11        
  Pete Gibson Albert Vets   0      
  Phil Rudkin Debdale Park   21 21 17  
  Nick Doherty Ladybarn   13      
  Mark Boland Northen Etchells   7      
  David Clark Didsbury Park   21 8    

The Presedents Cup was won by Ben Scott of Ladybarn on a very wet Friday.

                                 2018 - Finalists


             Runner-up Phil Rudkin  -  Winner Ben Scott


(Monday 27 August 2018)

Coronation & J Arnett KO Cups

Venues for the Semi Finals of both competitions:-

Coronation Cup -  Selected greens are Northen Etchells  &  Ashton

J Arnett Cup  -  Selected greens are SWMCC  &  Highbank

Above venues have all been confirmed.

The Final of both competitions will be at Longsight CC the new home 

of Crowcroft Park Vets on Monday 1st October start at 1pm


  Monday 27 August Monday 10 September     Monday 27 August Monday 10 September  
  Prelim Round 1     Prelim Round 1  
  A E U (Scr)       HIGHBANK    
  V BURNAGE (21)  142   V HIGHBANK (21)   96
  BURNAGE (21)  V   v   LONGFORD V    v
  DEBDALE (13)    DEBDALE (13) 163   ALBERT VETS ALBERT VETS (22)  163
  155 V 136 @     V  @  
  HEALD GREEN (12)                             CROWCROFT / LONGSIGHT confirmed   CROWCROFT A E U confirmed
    LADYBARN (7)  148     LADYBARN A (24) 137 
    V    v     V    v
    LEVENSHULME (22)  155     NORTHENDEN (21) 160
    N ETCHELLS confirmed    
    LONGFORD (30)  138     ASHTON (Scr) 166 
    V    v     V    v
    N ETCHELL (9)  141     ASHTON A (34) 157 
    @       @  
    NORTHENDEN confirmed     ASHTON No 2 Green confirmed
    S W M C C (30)  143     N ETCHELLS A (34)  196
    V    v     V    v
    WEST HEATON (23)  167     DEBDALE A (21)  149
    @       @  
    LADYBARN confirmed     CROWCROFT / LONGSIGHT confirmed
  24th September   Coronation Cup   Semi-final    
  Debdale  13 v Levenshulme  22 @ Northen Etchells  151 v 175  
  Northern Etchells  9 v West Heaton  23 @ Ashton N Etchells won by walkover
  24th September   J Arnett Cup   Semi- final    
  Albert Vets  22 v Northenden  21 @ S W M C C 131 - 153  
  Ashton  Scr v Northen Etchells  34 @ Highbank 168 -159  
  1st October   Coronation Cup   Final 1pm Start  
   Levenshulme  22 v Northen Etchells  9 @ Longsight CC 157 v 154  
  1st October    J Arnett Cup   Final 1pm Start  
  Northenden  21 v Ashton  Scr @ Longsight CC 150 v 139   

Would last years winners please return cups to me before the final day or to Longsight CC on the day. THANKS

Good Luck, Have a great afternoon to all competing teams, George

The above details are correct as the 1st October.

Refeshments ie tea and biscuit a charge of 20p under league rules is allowed, but I suggest that a small football card would off set the cost better.


(Monday 27 August 2018)