South Manchester Veterans Bowling Association

Minutes of AGM held at Longsight CC Bowling Green Lane Manchester M12 5FZ on Monday 21st March 2022 at 1.30pm

The meeting was opened by the President

Roll Call - all Clubs were present

Apologies for absence - K Scott

Silent Invocation - W Marshall - our President & Chairman T Foley, A Beaumont, B Smith A Bains, G Rawson, - Highbank D Bond, R Stringer - West Heaton P Heaton, P Hartley, B Posch - Longford Park J Lowton - Ashton Park B Rich-ardson, K Buller - Heald Green P Mottram - SWMCC R Fletcher, D Atkinson, B Mackin, N Etchells R Grundy - AEU P Ryan, D Woodbridge- Ladybarn

Minutes of 2019 AGM and our last meeting had been distributed - Accepted

Secretary's report and Match Secretary - After discussion affiliation to Cheshire County Parks was carried over.

Treasurers Report and Balance Sheet - Accepted

Election of Officers
President - R Bestwick
Secretary - G Wood
Treasurer - R Bestwick ( C Cox & G Wood would be added to the Signatures at the bank)
Match Secretary - G Wood
Committee - K Scott (resigned) T Gerrard and C Cox All accepted


Meeting closed