South Manchester Veterans Bowling Association

AGM HELD AT LONGSIGHT C C (Bowling Green Lane)
ON WEDNESDAY 20th NOVEMBER 2019 at 1.30pm

Minutes of meeting

1) Opening of the meeting by R Bestwick –President

2) Roll Call & Apologies –

3) Obituaries – John Speak, Arnold Walker – Didsbury Pk. :- J Fletcher, G Gardner, H Jackson and S Booth - ?. David Irwin – Longford Pk, Peter Barnes - Crowcroft

4) Minutes of Last AGM - Had been circulated in advance with the Agenda.

5) Minutes of Last Meeting - Had been circulated in advance with the Agenda.

6) Secretaries Report – I feel that we have had a good year and looking forward to next season, First I would like to thank Ray Langton for the donation of a new Trophy for Division one Mondays. We had a few problems with the home greens format in the KO Cups, the format for the finals of the KO Cups I think should be on a neutral green regardless of format used. We had a good turn out to watch them also the merit and pairs. Subject to format agreed at the AGM. The format for the league for next season at present Monday Division 1 11 teams and Division 2 10 teams which equal 22 weeks each, with three vacant team places, Friday 1 Division of 10 teams which covers 20 weeks (Droylsden joined) with the KO cups a full season of bowling, with no matches Easter Weekend but other Bank Holiday Mondays would have to be played on the Monday or Tuesday by mutual agreement as required. The Merit and Pairs would be arranged for Fridays. Handbooks will only be printed 10 per team for clubs requesting them.

7) Match Secretary Report – As above

8) Treasurers Report and Adoption of Balance Sheet. - Accepted

9.i) Change or Rules – Change of format, cup matches 4 home 4 away from Levenshulme - Accepted

9.ii) League games if you only have 7 players no one allowed to play twice you lose the game 21/0 from Levenshulme - Rejected

10) Election of Officers - President – Mr R Bestwick Secretary – Mr G Wood -
Match Secretary – Mr G Wood Treasurer - Mr R Bestwick.
Committee - Ken Scott. Tom Gerard,

11) Honorariums – to be increased to £125

12) All voting decided by majority vote for or against - one vote per club

13) Date of next meetings Delegates Wednesday’s 18th March, 10th June and 7th October with AGM at Longsight 18th November all 2020

14) A O B -

15) Close Meeting - for Presentations after a short recess.