South Manchester Veterans Bowling Association

AGM HELD AT LONGSIGHT C C (Bowling Green Lane)
ON WEDNESDAY 14th NOVEMBER 2018 at 1.30pm

Minutes of meeting

1) Opening of the meeting by R Bestwick – Vice President owing to the resignation of President W Marshall (wife’s illness)

2) Roll Call & Apologies – W Marshall, P Ryan (both resigned) E Pentland – Holiday. D Gordon, Jim Owen – Crowcroft, Delegates were present from all clubs

3) Obituaries – All present observed a period of silence in memory of: Derek Colclough West Hea-ton.

4) Minutes of Last AGM - Had been circulated in advance with the Agenda. They were taken as read and approved as a true record

5) Minutes of Last Meeting - Had been circulated in advance with the Agenda. They were taken as read and approved as a true record

6) Secretaries Report – I feel that we have had a good first year and looking forward to next sea-son, we had a few problems with the neutral greens not being available, the format for the finals of the KO Cups I think should be repeated as we had a good turn out to watch them also the merit and pairs. The format for the league for next season at present Monday both Divisions are 11 teams which equal 22 weeks each with one vacant team place in each division, Friday 1 Divi-sion of 8 teams which only covers 14 weeks but if we play an extra 7 games ether first drawn or neutral green that would give us an extra 7 weeks with the KO cups a full season of bowling, with no matches Easter Weekend but other Bank Holiday Mondays would have to be played on the Monday or Tuesday by mutual agreement. The Merit and Pairs would be arranged for August on a Tuesday. Heald Green applied to play on Fridays and the return of Longford was almost con-firmed which would change the plans for next season also Parkville was looking doubtful on Mondays

7) Match Secretary Report – Owing to P Ryan resigning on health grounds, I have now got access to the Results / Fixtures and have made corrections to them that I know about, I would like all clubs to check the website and report any errors before the end of the month after 30th Novem-ber no changes can be made as it will be shut down and reopened shortly afterwards by the web master ready for the 2019 Season, I shall start putting the Fixtures and Player Registrations on as soon as I have confirmation from all clubs.

8) Treasurers Report and Adoption of Balance Sheet. In the absence of Eric Pentland who refused to submit a balance sheet audited before he went on holiday (read his note) and (the letter sent to him) I have with help from R Bestwick been able to submit a Statement that shows a £100 pound withdrawal which at present is not explainable, also I which to raise why he claimed £50 Expenses when I sent the invoices out and sorted a number of queries out. He gave me £50 ex-penses during the last meeting and I raised the point that I had produced the handbooks but would speak to him after the meeting, he left without doing so. The accounts will be looked into by a special meeting of the committee, If it can be arranged before R Bestwick as his annual break and after E Pentland returns from his holiday.

9) Recommendation from G Wood that entry fees be raised to £50 per team, the full rise of £10 per team to be applied across present prize money amounts that are paid out which would make the lower amounts for recipients more meaningful. Rejected – Invoices for £40 would be sent out by email before the March meeting, for payment between March and June meetings.

9.i) Change of Rules – From Ashton for KO comp’s for next year to be - venue is first team drawn.

Amendment from Levenshulme - First drawn is home venue, away team receive 15 points plus handicap and first to set a mark. Amendment voted on first – Rejected – Two further amendments was proposed from the Clubs Both Rejected – 4 Home 4 Away – Rejected. Neutral Green – rejected Proposal passed.

ii) From Levenshulme - Prize money only to be paid out if present at presentation event. - Passed

iii) Rule 2.7 Change to - Any team with 7 or less players shall lose the games 21-0 No redraws.

Amendment from Albert Vets - “A team may use Rule 2.7 - a maximum of three times in any one season. Amendment – Passed.

iv) From Levenshulme - 1st Div Champs to concede 30 points and Runners Up 15 points each home match. - Rejected

v) Teams that withdraw from semi-finals in Cup Matches to be disqualified from entry the following season. - Rejected

vi) Rule 3.4 Change to - Player qualification is to have played in 4 league games for that team.

Amendment from Northen Etchells a change to rule 3.4 from a third to read from a quarter. – amendment rejected – proposal passed.

10) Election of Officers
President – Vacant - proposed by G Wood that Roger Bestwick be President - Passed
Secretary – Mr G Wood - Passed
Match Secretary – Mr G Wood would set the website up and if no volunteer would cover for next season - Passed
Treasurer – Should remain vacant owing to Eric Pentland being absent and no balance sheet, contravening our Rule 1.4 Again Mr G Wood would send invoices including any fines due by email for payment between March and June meetings, with banking assistance from Mr R Bestwick. – Passed subject to committee meeting and March meeting that could be updated to an EGM.
Committee - Ken Scott. Tom Gerard, Ray Langton, - Passed.

11) Honorarium – No Change – But none passed for Treasurer for season 2018 subject to the above meetings

12) All voting was decided by majority vote for or against - one vote per club

13) Date of next meetings Delegates Wednesday’s 20th March, 12th June and 2nd October with AGM at Longsight 20th November

14) A O B - None

15) Closed Meeting at 2.55pm- for Presentations after a short recess