South Manchester Veterans Bowling Association

Delegates Meeting Wednesday 3rd October 2018 – 10.30am Ladybarn Park

Present: Delegates from all Clubs except – A E U – Mr W Marshall President – Mr P Ryan Match Secretary.

Presidents Address: Secretary opened the meeting in the absence of the President owing to illness.

Roll Call & Apologies: P Ryan Hospital – W Marshall Illness

Obituaries: None

Minutes of Last Meeting: 13th June 2018 had been circulated and accepted as a true record,

Secretary’s Report: opened with a brief review of the season, including a statement about problems clubs had opening greens for neutral venue matches, two cups still to be returned ready for engraving with 2018 details, hoped to achieve that later that day, prize money would be the same as last year. Amendments to Rules for the AGM. From Ashton for KO comp’s for next year to be - venue is first team drawn. From Levenshulme 1) Prize money only to be paid out if present at presentation event. 2) Any team with 7 or less players shall lose the games 21-0 No redraws. 3) 1st Div Champs to concede 30 points and Runners Up 15 points each home match. KO Cup matches – 4) First drawn is home venue, away team receive 15 points plus handicap and first to set a mark. 5) Teams that withdraw from semi-finals to be disqualified from entry the following season. 6) Player qualification is to have played in 4 league games for that team. From Northen Etchells a change to rule 3.4 from a third to read from a quarter.

Match Secretary’s Report: The Admin Secretary stated that the web site needed a few corrections before archiving the information for this year.

Treasurer’s Report: The Bank balance was £2706.50 and he would pass a copy of the Balance Sheet and Prize Money to the Admin Secretary for the AGM as he was on holiday.

Any Other Business:

Heald Green inquired about entering a second team, the admin secretary stated that under the present structure we could have 3 more teams on a Monday and 4 on a Friday. He would like confirmation from all clubs re team entries for next season as soon after the AGM and no later than Christmas as he would do the fixtures for publishing for the start of the new year.

Next Meeting: 14th November 2018 AGM at Longsight CC @ 1.30pm

Meeting Closed: The Secretary closed the meeting at 11.10am with thanks to all for attending and Ladybarn for their hospitality