South Manchester Veterans Bowling Association

Delegates Meeting Wednesday 13th June 2018 – 10.30am Ladybarn Park

Present: Delegates from all Clubs except – Northen Etchells and Mr R Bestwick VP

Presidents Address: Secretary opened the meeting in the absence of the President owing to illness.

Roll Call & Apologies: Mr W Marshall President – Illness, Mr E Pentland Treasurer - Hoilday

Obituaries: Period of silence for:- Terry Bailey & John Bright.

Minutes of Last Meeting: 14th March 2018 had been circulated and accepted as a true record, after amendments: Under apologies add Parkville, Peter Bailey changed to Terry Bailey and Delamere Park as the winter green.

Secretary’s Report:

Complaint from Ray Langton – Re new Cup for Monday Division 1. Delegates agreed that the new Cup mete their requirements.

Complaint from Eric Pentland – That the Secretary only invoiced Clubs £40 per team when he requested £50. Delegates agreed that the fees should be £40 as agreed at the AGM, they would be reviewed at the next AGM.

Complaint from Kevin Shackell MMBC – Re damage to green at Northen Etchells – Resolved between Council & Club.

AGM – Longsight CC booked 14th November 2018

SMVBA – Merit 31st August and Pairs 7th September to proceed in the same format as last year on a neutral green If possible.

Match Secretary’s Report: He requested that all clubs should when submitting team sheets ensure that they are clear and easily readable. As some copies mainly photo type as taken by mobile phones can be out of focus.

Treasurer’s Report: Given by the Secretary: A E U, Crowcroft. Debdale Pk, Heald Green, Highbank, Levenshulme and West Heaton had not paid their fees as of the 5th June. He had banked £770 since the last meeting. A E U, Crowcroft, Heald Green, Longford Pk all paid the Secretary at the meeting a total of £240 which would be passed to the Treasurer. The remaining Clubs with outstanding fees Debdale Pk, Highbank and West Heaton.

Any Other Business: Mr F Warburton asked about Division format for next season, the Secretary pointed out that it would be on the agenda for the AGM.

Next Meeting: 12th September 10.30am Amended to 3rd October owing to Secretary’s work load will be at Ladybarn Veteran’s Hut.

Meeting Closed: The Secretary closed the meeting at 11.50am with thanks to all for attending and Ladybarn for their hospitality.