South Manchester Veterans Bowling Association

Delegates Meeting 14th March 2018 – 10.30am at Ladybarn Park

Present: Mr W Marshall – President. Mr G Wood – Secretary. Mr E Pentland – Treasurer. Mr R Bestwick VP

Presidents Address: Mr W Marshall welcomed all delegates and thanked Ladybarn for hosting us once again.

Roll Call & Apologies: Delegates from all Clubs, apologies Parkville and Mr P Ryan

Obituaries: Period of silence for:- Terry Bailey – Levenshulme, Harry Whitley – Longford and John Pemberton – SWMCC.

Minutes of Last Meeting: 13th September 2017 had been circulated and accepted as a true record. It was pointed out that in the SMVBC the minutes of the AGM was also circulated, these were read and accepted.

Secretary’s Report:

  1. Handbooks had been distributed and by a majority vote would be FOC. 2) Result Sheets – League & KO Competitions had also been distributed. 3) Correction to Mr E Pentland’s Address – No 28 not 23 as received from Roger, any other information that needs correcting during the season, please inform the Secretary.
  2. Barry Noble – Had 2 contacts with him – results of Council Meeting re greens to be available 2018 and a request from Parkville re a press report.
  3. Safeguarding Bowls a new rule by BCGBA was deferred.

Match Secretary’s Report: given by Mr G Wood only one club had not sent in Player Registrations. Owing to Mr P Ryan annual holiday, all result sheets that need to be posted during April only, please send to me and I will forward them by email to enable the league tables to be done, clubs that email the results send to Peter as normal, results to appear from the 16th April.

Treasurer’s Report: Mr E Pentland stated the league account balance was £ 1611.60 and he would send out invoices to all clubs for this season fees to be paid by the next meeting.

Any Other Business: It was pointed out by Mr J McNeill that the action group felt that they had not received any help from any of the other bowling organisations, a winter green was planned for the coming winter at Delamere Park. SWMCC offered their green, with bar facilities also tea etc should Crowcroft be in the final of the Monday KO Cups.

Next Meeting: 13th June at 10.30am Ladybarn Veteran’s Hut.

Meeting Closed: The President closed the meeting at 12.10pm will thanks to all for attending and Ladybarn for their hospitality.