Salford, Eccles and District Ladies Amateur Bowling Association

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The S.E. & D.L A.B.A. was first formed in 1929 and currently comprises of 9 Ladies teams.

Each team consists of 10 players for each game.

The season starts in April and ends in September and play is on Tuesday afternoons commencing at 1.00pm.

Competitions are played on Mondays.

League Officers

Lady President:  Joan Clay     Chairlady:  Alice Thornley

Hon. Secretary:  Doreen Murray    Hon.Treasurer:  Jocelyn Frier

2021 Delegates Meetings commencing at 2.00 pm.   Venue: Winton Park

2021 Competition Results

2019 Competition Results

2018 Competition Results

2017 Competition Results

2021 Competition Results

Competition Winners Runners Up
Merit Cup Marjorie Dean Dot Taylor
Charity 4's Veronica Pearce & Rita Starkey Hazel Brady & Barbara Mulqueen
Broughton House  Jennie Shone & Barbara Milne Dilys Jackson & Margaret Barrett
Ladies Pairs Ann Radley & Marlene O'Donnell Fran Pheasey & Marian Anderton
Champion of Champions Barbara Mercer Caroline Annis
League Averages Eileen Brown Jennie Shone
League Cup Victoria Moorside Bolton road

(Monday 26 July 2021)

2019 Competition Results

Competition Winner Runner Up
Barrett Cup Sandra Woodward Ann Doherty
Reeves Cup Barbara Milne Marjorie Dean
Volex Trophy Jennie Shone Ann Doherty
May Peters Margaret Barret Jennie Shone
League 4's Chris Scott & Jennie Shone Fran Pheasey & Pam Rothwell
Merit Cup Barbara Milne Jennie Shone
Charity 4's Tina Carney & Jennie Shone Elaine Hampson & Doreen Murray
Broughton House Pam Rothwell & Jennie Shone Barbara Milne & Mavis Nelson
Champion of Champions Jennie Shone Sue Crank
Ladies Pairs Jennie Shone & Barbara Milne Chris Watson & Joyce Ryder
League Average Jennie Shone Elaine Hampson
League Cup Cadishead/Irlam Steel Bolton Road


(Friday 4 January 2019)

2018 Competition Results

Competition Winner Runner Up
Barret Cup Jennie Shone Pam Rothwell
Reeves Cup Jennie Shone Dilys Jackson
Volex Trophy Jennie Shone Marjorie Dean
May Peters Jennie Shone Ann Doherty
League 4's Betty Trueman & Enid Hilton Steph Johnson & Tina Carney
Merit Jennie Shone Barbara Gabler
Charity 4's Angela Hewiton & Delvine Sloane Barbara Gabler & Ann McGlynn
Broughton House Delvine Sloane & Linda Duffy Betty Trueman & Beryl Hughes
Champion of Champions Julie Wellock Jennie Shone
Ladies Pairs Jennie Shone & Pam Rothwell Julie Wellock & Ann Doherty
League Average Marjorie Dean  
League Cup Cadishead Winton


(Monday 17 September 2018)

2017 Competition Results

Competition Winner Runner Up
Barrett Cup Steph Johnson Jennie Shone
Reeves Cup Mavis Nelson Jennie Shone
Volex Trophy Doreen Murray Pam Rothwell
May Peters Pam Rothwell Sue Crank
League 4's Brenda Ingham  & Lillian Thornley Elaine Hampson & Margery Wilson
Merit Barbara Gabler Angela Hewitson
Charity 4's Barbara Milne & Irene Leslie Ruth Middleton & Elaine Hampson
Broughton House Jennie Shone & Lil Abraham Ann Jones & Julie Keymer
Champion of Champions Angela Hewitson Eileen Brown
Ladies Pairs Sylvia Burke & Jacqueline McAulay Angela Hewitson & Alison O'Connor
League Average Jennie Shone Marjorie Dean
League Cup Cadishead Victoria Moorside



(Wednesday 5 July 2017)