Knutsford and District Ladies' Bowling League

Knutsford & District Ladies Bowling League Rules and Regulations adheres strictly to the Rules and Regulations set out by the BCGBA

Matches to be played on the date stated in fixture book unless previously re-arranged by the respective club Captains. Re-arranged matches can only be brought forward unless permission is given by the committee for a later date due to exceptional circumstances only.

Eight players shall form a team. The first four players drawn must be present at the start of the match. The Home team captain will determine the order of play.

During April and from the 15th August inclusive, games to commence at 6.30 pm. During September this time may need to be brought forward even earlier due to failing light but will need to be agreed between the two Captains.

Games to commence at 06.45 pm other than specified in Rule 3.

Every effort must be made to complete the game within 21 days. The league Secretary is to be notified as soon as possible of the rearranged date by the home team captain. Failure to do this will result in the team being penalised

All players must be registered 48hrs before their first game of the season. Registrations MUST be by Email or in writing and that NO registrations will be accepted by phone
Registrations to be sent to the league Secretary. Clubs having two teams, separate registrations to be sent.

The final date for all individual registrations is 30th June except under special circumstances.

All payments due will be billed toward the end of the season and are to be paid immediately on receipt of the invoice. This includes all competition entry money which must be paid whether the player turned up or not on the day of the competition

Any new teams applying to join the league must first be vetted by the Committee re: distance.

A player can only be registered with one club during the season and may only be transferred with The Committee’s sanction and the agreement of both team Captains. Transfers must be before 30th June.

Players may only play for a team in a lower division or the same division if after playing 4 games they have a minus average. In the event of needing such a player before 4 games have been played, the previous year’s average may be taken into account instead.

That there be no restrictions on players from a lower division playing up to a team in a higher division, but If after having played 4 games they have a plus average in the higher division, they may not play in a lower division again until that average becomes a minus.

If a team cannot field all their players, they may not play more than 2 players from a higher team.

Games to be 21 up.

Standard jacks only to be used in matches.

Home Captain is to complete a team sheet at each game this is to be signed by both captains. Home Captain is to enter the results on the web within 24hrs following the match. The Home Captain is to keep the match sheet as a record in case of any future disputes.

When a team is short, only 1 player maybe able to play twice. There is no limit to this throughout the season.

Four jacks to be used to commence the match. A fifth jack can be used with the agreement of both captains if the green is large enough in the event of failing light/inclement weather.

If two players are unable to decide as to which of their bowls is a winner, the respective Captains, or Deputy appointed by them shall measure and their decision shall be final

Players of a visiting team shall not be allowed to practice on their opponent’s green for three days prior to a match, except for competitions.

Should any club wish to raise an objection, they must do so to the league secretary within seven days of the match.

Each match to be scored on a chalk’s aggregate system.

Once a match has commenced, the green must be kept occupied by at least 3 blocks. In the event of the green becoming clear the match must be considered finished and the defaulting team forfeit 21 points. per player failing to arrive on time

On wet afternoons, home teams wishing to postpone a match must notify their visitors in time to prevent them travelling. Failure to do so gives the visiting Captain the right to insist on the match being played. NB: This does not apply if heavy evening rain after 6.30pm makes the green unfit.

If an objection is raised by the visiting team as to whether the green is fit to play on, it is left to the Home Captain to decide as to whether play shall commence

In all league matches, the visitors have the jack at the commencement of the game and must set a mark of 19 metres within one attempt.

All teams are to be in possession of 19 metre tapes.

At the end of the season the 2 lowest teams in Division 1 will be relegated to Division 2. The teams finishing 1st and 2nd in Division 2 will be promoted to Division 1.

The Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer of the league shall be, to all intents and purposes, the legal owners of the trophies in trust for the league. The trophies shall NEVER become the property of any club.

Should any other dispute arise, on or off the green, which is not provided for in these rules, the Committee shall consider. the same and their decision shall be final. Any bowling disputes the British Crown Green Bowling Association Rules and regulations will be adhered to at all times.

The Secretary with the committees’ permission may call an Extraordinary General Meeting at any time to deal with Exceptional Circumstances’ that may arise.

All rounds of the KO tournament will be played on neutral greens.

In the event of a draw, four players from each team to play again and 50% of the handicap to go to each team.

No practice allowed. If any player is found practicing on the day, all points scored by that player will be deducted from the team’s score. Five (5) practice ends will be allowed for a player in the event of them having a bye in the semi-finals of the knockout or in competitions if they then must play a player that has already played. If the player has had a bye in the semi-finals of the knockout and the team progresses to the final and their opponents are substituting players in...No practice will be allowed.

New teams entering the league to be on scratch.

KO semi-finals and final to be played on the same day.

Players must have played two (2) league games by the second round of the knockout and four (4) league games by the quarter final stage.

A player may only play for one team in the KO.

The league will contribute toward the use of lights during the KO matches.

Each Captain to number the sheets for the Knockout from 1 – 8 before coming to the green.

Ten (10) chalks will be deducted from the winning teams handicap for the following season.

Abandoned games – In the event of a match being abandoned the points scored shall count and the position of the jack shall be noted and it is from this position that the game will be resumed. Substitutes are permitted if original players are not available on the rearranged date. If a substitute is required for a game that has already commenced the substitute must continue play from the score that was noted when the match was abandoned. If Substitutes are required for games not yet commenced, they must slot into the place in the draw of the player they are substituting. The game is not redrawn.

Two votes per team at AGM of the KDLBL.

Bank Holidays will be played during the season.

In all competitions start and strike out times will be stated and strictly adhered to.

Ladies Individual Merit cup competitions shall be a straight 21 up and played on a neutral green. ladies Handicapped Individual competitions will be handicapped according to league status. Entrants playing on their own green will be -2 off their handicap.

Two players from different teams may play together in the Pairs competition.

The Pairs competition to be 21 up in all games with 5 on the card

Any AGM proposals which are not passed cannot be raised again for a period of 2 years.

Proposals for the AGM are to be sent to the Secretary in writing or by email by the 27th August. This is to allow the Secretary to circulate any proposals to the team captains before the end of the season so it can be discussed for an informed and democratic vote. Any proposals received after this date may not be included on the agenda

Any club not providing a representative at the meetings are to be fined £5.00. Any clubs not providing a representative at the presentation evening will forfeit any prize money due.

Team captains are to ensure league fees are paid promptly. These must be paid immediately on receipt of the invoice. Any failure to pay will be met with a £10 per team fine