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Direct Entry: Season 2022

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Direct Entry: Season 2022

The direct entry link is now here on the web along with full instructions. Each club will receive an individual specific pass word early next year which will give you direct access to enter the scores for your match only.  Help will be available for anyone who has initial difficulties so dont worry. The direct entry will go live next April when we start the 2022 season.

(Thursday 7 October 2021)

Season 2021

Welcome Ladies! I hope you are all looking forward to starting our league bowling at last on May 17th. This will be in line with stage 3 of the relaxing of national lockdown rules and stage 3 of the Bowls England guidelines. Travel restrictions will be lifted and you may share cars. You may choose to wear face coverings, be guided by your driver.

Format of play.

Players should wash/sanitise hands before and after play. Likewise the blocks.

If the block is sent off during the match, players must retrieve it themselves. No one else to send it back.

Measures to be sanitised before the match and if being passed to another measure. Measurers allowed on the green as they do not touch any other equipment.

If players prefer not to shake hands at the end of the match, they may just like to touch elbows. (They are going to wash hands afterwards anyway!)

Matches to commence at the normal time, 6.45. In the event of failing light captains may arrange earlier start or reversal as they would normally 

Players and spectators around the green to stand 1 metre apart as current guidelines.

Face coverings must be worn at all times inside , and advisable if close contact necessary due to bad weather.

Captains must inform visiting teams if they have specific rules at their clubs. Particularly if they are not providing refreshments, have restricted capacity, or track and trace requirements.

Home captains will submit match sheet as normal, keeping their own copy for track and trace requirements 

This season is about getting back to bowling, having fun and social life! No promotion or demotion, no fines, play twice as often as you wish, or not!

Some teams may struggle to play up to October 11th, or field a team. It doesn’t matter, neither does it if you have to cancel and can’t rearrange. Just play as long as you can and let us know if you have to finish early. We will resume formal league play next April. 

Looking forward to seeing you on the green. Best wishes to all of you.


(Sunday 2 May 2021)


VERY IMPORTANT. Cranford Bowling Club. Parking is now authorised permit holders only. The club has 6 permits available for visiting teams. A numberplate recognition system operates, and unauthorised vehicles face a £100 fine. Individuals must enter their number into a pad and this will be sent electronically to Britannia Parking. Captains to make and sign a list of their members' registration numbers and give this to the home captain. She will keep this in case of any problems arising. Make sure your team arrives in 6 cars or less.

(Sunday 18 March 2018)


Happy New Year to all . A reminder of new items. Only 8 players in the team. You may still play one twice, all 7 cards to be offered. The teams will be updated on the website after the March meeting when you return your amended team lists.

(Tuesday 14 February 2017)