Knutsford Friday Bowling League

Rules of the League

The League to be known as “The Knutsford Friday Bowling League” and shall consist of one or more divisions.

It will be affiliated to the Cheshire County Bowling Association.

It will be managed by a committee elected at the Annual General Meeting each year, consisting of the President, Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary plus a representative from each team. The President, Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary shall serve a maximum of 5 years, although there is no restriction on an officer applying for re-election following a 5-year term.

All greens of the member clubs to be within 9-mile radius from the centre of Knutsford (Cranford Bowling Club).

All matches to be played in accordance with the British Crown Green Bowling Association “Laws of the Game”


The aim of the league is to encourage new bowlers in conjunction with a social evening.


Players are to register for a team, not a club. Each player to play one game per night. Should a match be rearranged, players who competed on the original fixture date are not eligible to play for a different team in the rearranged match and vice versa

Players can move between teams within a club.

Final date for registrations will be 1st July each year. After 1st July additional registrations will be accepted providing that those registered players have received new registration numbers from the BCGBA in the current calender year.


All players will be given a handicap based on the previous seasons results, these handicaps will be applied to the individual and pairs competitions.

New player registrations (not previously played in the league) will be given a handicap based on their known playing ability, this will be reviewed after 4 games. If a player with unknown ability is registered, they will be given a “scratch” handicap, which will be reviewed after 3 games.


All teams will be 8 a side for the league fixtures.

All matches both league fixtures and competitions will be played to 21 up.

League matches to commence at 7.00pm. All matches in April and from the 15th August to commence at 6.00pm where a green has no lights.

Match players to be declared and entered on the team sheet no later than 45 minutes after the official start time.

3 jacks to be maintained during the match.

No practice is allowed to visiting teams.

Matches to be played on the fixture date with the following exceptions:

Teams can mutually agree to play their match before the date shown in the fixture book.

The green is unfit before the start of play due to inclement weather.

A team cannot cancel a match because they are unable to field the required 8 players, they must play with the number of players available.

In the case of (b) above the home team captain must within five days of the fixture date offer the away team captain a choice of three alternative dates that are not more than 28 days after the original published date. The away team captain then has five days to accept one of these dates. The home team captain must keep the League Secretary informed of all developments. If the match is not played within 28 days the Management Committee will choose a date and order the match to be played on that date.

When a team is short only one player may play twice, this is limited to 3 times during a season.

Merit trophies to be won by the teams in each section with the highest number of aggregated points.


Greenage for league matches will be £2.80 per match.

Competition entry fees and prize monies

The individual and pairs competitions are £1.00 per player.

Details of competition prizes are available on the League web site. Prize monies will be agreed at an AGM. They will be paid at the annual Presentation event. Prize winners or their representatives are expected to collect their prize in person. Any prize not collected without a reason accepted by the Committee will be forfeited to the League accounts

The balances at the bank to be restricted to £400 after the season’s expenses have been paid. The remainder to be divided between the teams playing in that season.


Host clubs to run the league competitions. Following receipt of the draw, order of play and strike out times the host club will be responsible for ensuring continuous and timely play.


Qualifying games: 2 games for new players, previous seasons players to have played 50% of league games at date of the draw.

Entries to be in the hands of the Secretary on the morning of the draw. Draw will take place at the Management Committee meeting prior to the competition.

A substitute player will be allowed to enter prior to the first game of the competition.

Competition to be held at different greens in rotation.

Handicaps to apply with the following changes:

The previous year’s winner minus 2 points, runner-up minus 1 point.

Handicap increased by 1 point for players playing on home green.

Division 2 players will have their handicap reduced by 2 points

Strikeout time when called.

A practice of 5 ends will be allowed for any player having a bye on the day of the competition.


Rules as for individual competition except for:

Pairs need not be registered with the same club.

Rule 8.3 (c) does not apply to pairs competitions


Rules as for individual competition except for:

Pairs must be mixed, 1 female and 1 male.

Pairs need not be registered with the same club.

Rule 8.3 (c) does not apply to pairs competitions

Any player who enters a competition and subsequently fails to appear after the draw has been made, and cannot give a valid reason for non-appearance shall have his/her handicap increased by 2 points for the remainder of the season when playing in individual or pairs competition.