Farnworth and District Parks Veterans Bowling Association


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President:  Edith Wadley. (Kearsley Park).

Chairman:  Brian Smith. ( Roe Green).

Secretary:  Kevin Gibbons. (Kearsley Park)   07816242259

Match Secretary:  Barbara M. Pitchford. (Brackley Cons).     0161-794 1645

Treasurer:  Janet Haslam. (St. Mary's 'C').

League Information

League Meetings

Competitions 2019

League Information

Farnworth and District Parks Veterans Bowling Association is a Veterans Bowling League open to both Ladies and Gentlemen who are aged 60 years and over. Our matches are played between teams of 12-a-side with games being played to 15-up on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons commencing at 1.45 p.m.  Teams are located in Worsley, Swinton, Walkden, Farnworth, Little Hulton, Over Hulton, Kearsley and Little Lever.   We would be delighted to hear from anybody wishing to join a team and take part in friendly and competitive competition.


The 2019 League Fixtures are now on the Web and whilst the League Matches will commence on Tuesday, 30th April, the Jobbins Shield Preliminary Round will be played on Tuesday, 16th April followed by the 1st round on Thursday, 18th April, the 2nd round on Tuesday, 23rd April and the Semi Finals on Thursday, 25th April. The Final of this competition will be played on Presentation Day Tuesday, 17th September. 

To download a copy of the Clifford Bate Pairs draw please click  819-CLIFFORD BATE PAIRS 2019 - Draw.docx











Endsleigh Insurance 

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(Monday 28 March 2016)

League Meetings

League Delegate meetings will be held on the second Monday of the Month of January, March, May, July and August at Bradford Street Bowling Club commencing at 10.30 a.m. and the Annual General Meeting will also be held at Bradford Street Bowling Club on the fourth Wednesday of November commencing at 2.00 p.m.

(Monday 28 March 2016)

Competitions 2019

Clifford Bate Pairs

Monday, 20th May to be hosted by Central

League Individual Trophy

Wednesday, 12th June to be hosted by Bradford Street Bowling Club

Harold Jobbins Shield

Prelims - Tuesday, 16th April

1st Round - Thursday, 18th April

2nd Round - Tuesday, 23rd April

Semi-Finals - Thursday, 25th April

Final and Presentation Day - Tuesday, 17th September 

Jervis Cup

Prelims - Monday, 8th July

1st Round - Monday, 15th July

2nd Round - Monday, 22nd July

Semis and Final - Monday, 29th July

Ladies Rose Bowl

To be arranged

Thomas Brindle Trophy

Semis and Final - Tuesday, 3rd September  - Reserve date Thursday, 5th September


(Monday 28 March 2016)