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                                                                                           OFFICIALS 2020

                                                                         President                          Chris Massey

                                                                         Chairman                           Bob Berry

                                                                         Hon. Sec.                          Sue Berry

                                                                         Treasurer                          Stewart Owen

                                                                         Fixtures Sec.                     Sue Berry

                                                                                       Comp. Events Sec.            Ian Blythe   



Executive Meetings

Secretary/Fixtures Secretary

Bowler of the Year

Les Parkes 5 a Side Rules

Les Parkes 5 a Side (Results)

Hiley Cup

Les Parkes Five a Side Competition

League Cups 2019

Trippier Trophy 2019


Joe Niven Trophy

Competitions 2019

Executive Meetings

The Executive Committee Meetings during the year will be held at Winton Social Club at 8.00 p.m. (8.15 p.m. May to September) on the following dates.


    February 6th. 2020 (Formation of League)

    April 2nd

    May 7th

   June 4th

   July 2nd

   August 6th

   September 3rd

   December 3rd (AGM)


(Friday 20 December 2019)

Secretary/Fixtures Secretary

Sue Berry has offered to fill the position of Fixtures Secretary. This means the  position of League Secretary will become vacant. It is essential this position is filled and will anyone willing to undertake the office please communicate with any executive committee member before the A.G.M

(Wednesday 13 November 2019)

Bowler of the Year


James Mainwaring,winner of the trophy, with his brother Tom who he beat in the 21/14 in the final.

James beat Jack Kelly 21/15 and Tom beat Stuart Metcalf 21/17 in the semi finals.

(Tuesday 3 September 2019)

Les Parkes 5 a Side Rules


All matches start at 6.30 p.m. (No practice)

All games 21 up

Teams handicapped on seasons league placing

First & Second rounds Five blocks on all greens. Three from one match two from the other.   Subsequnt rounds minimum of Three blocks.

Toss for Jack.  Winner has block for games 1, 3 & 5

Result of match detirmined by aggregate score. In case of a tie, team with most winners.

All players must have played at least one league match in the season.

Starred players can only play for the 'A' team

No player having played for a team can play for another team in a later game.

Any team entering an ineligible player will forfeit that game 21 - 0


(Friday 30 August 2019)

Les Parkes 5 a Side (Results)

Self entry of result is not available for this competition. Results must be communicated to the Fixtures Secretary, by any means, by Sunday morning at the latest.

(Tuesday 27 August 2019)

Hiley Cup


John Grace winner of this years competition with the runner-up, Lee Greenhalgh, and the President.

John beat Lee to 17 & the losing semi finalists were James Mainwaring, beaten by Lee to 19 & Steve Cresswell beaten by John to 14.

(Wednesday 21 August 2019)

Les Parkes Five a Side Competition

The draw for the competition is shown under 'Tables'

The first round is to be played on Friday 30th. August.

Handicaps will be posted when all league matches are concluded.

(Monday 19 August 2019)

League Cups 2019


The President with Martin Sealy and the Ellesmere team winners of the Cary Cup, beating Winton Park 209/207 in the final.


Tony Hall captain of Brackley 'B' winners of the Fletcher Cup with Rachael Williams and the President.

Brackley beat Height 200/187 in the final.


(Tuesday 13 August 2019)

Trippier Trophy 2019


The winner Tom Mainwaring with the runner-up Lee greenhalgh and the President.

Tom beat Lee to 13 on a very wet Saturday at Winton Social Club.

The losing semi finalists were James Mainwaring beaten by his brother to 19 and Phil Pickford beaten by Lee to 18

The losing qualifyers were Jack Kelly,Ryan Porter, Ian Ramsbottom & Andrea Mercer.

(Tuesday 6 August 2019)



The trophy was won by Stewart Metcalf & Jack Kelly beating Paul Clegg & Darren Mulineux to 14 in the final



(Friday 7 June 2019)

Joe Niven Trophy


The Trophy was won by Bob Berry who beat Jack kelly in the final to 16.

The losing semi finalists were Mike Naughton beaten by Jack to 18 & Dave Mullineux beaten by Bob to 14.

The losing quarter finalist were Tom Morris beaten by Mike to 12, Tom Mainwaring beaten by Bob to 17, Jenny Shone beaten by Jack to 18 & Brian Johnson beaten by Dave to 9.

(Monday 13 May 2019)

Competitions 2019

League Cups (Cary & Fletcher Cups)

  See 'Tables'.   

Joe Niven

   Qualifying Monday 6th. May at Chandos. Height, Winton Social No.2 & Brackley Cons..  6.30 p.m.

   Final Friday 10th.May at Moorlands.  6.30 p.m.


   Qualifiers Monday 27th. May at Boothstown, Newtown Park, Winton Park & Parr Fold. 6.30 p.m.

   Final Friday 31st. May. at Monton. 6.30 p.m.


   Qualifiers Monday 15th. July at Moorlands, Barrfield, Ellesmere & Pendleton.  6.30 p.m.

   Final Friday 19th. July at Winton Social No. 1.   6.30 p.m.


   Qualifiers Monday 19th. August at Monton, Winton Social No.1, Chandos & Ellesmere.  6.30 p.m.

   Final Friday 23rd. August at Brackley.  6.30 p.m.

Les Parkes (5 a Side) Trophy

   First & subsequent rounds Monday 26th., Friday 30th.  August, Monday 2nd. & Friday Friday 6th, September.  6.30 p.m.

   Semi's & Final Sunday 8th. September.  11.00 a.m.

Bowler of the Year

   Sunday 1st. September at Barrfield.   11.00 a.m.

Presentation Day

  Sunday 15th. September at Winton Social 11.00 a.m.     

(Tuesday 12 February 2019)