Eccles and District Bowling League

Eccles and District Bowling League rules

Section A
Name and Objects:

That the League be called “Eccles and District Bowling League”.

Objects of the League - To organise, encourage and govern bowling in the District.

The League shall be affiliated to the Greater Manchester County Bowling Association.

Section B

The League shall be governed by the Executive Committee.

The Executive Committee shall consist of President, Deputy President, Chairman, Vice Chairman, Hon. Treasurer, Hon. Secretary, Fixtures & Results Secretary, Competitive Events Secretary and one representative from each team, twelve to form a quorum, including two ex-officio officers.

The League shall nominate a Child Protection/Welfare Officer in line with BCGBA guide lines on Child Protection and protecting vulnerable adults. This position shall be subject to an annual review.

The Executive shall have the power to settle all disputes between clubs and players, and further, to deal with any matter not provided for in these rules.

Any club raising objection shall do so within 48 hours after the match and shall lodge £1 with the Secretary, which sum shall be forfeited should the Executive consider the objection frivolous or groundless.

In all cases of appeal to the Executive, representatives attached to such Clubs concerned shall not be allowed to vote.

There shall be no alteration or addition to these rules unless preceded by notice of motion sponsored by a member club or executive commitee, given in writing to the League Secretary, by the last day of September. Further proposals will be accepted before October 31st , but these must relate to the original propositions only.

All Trophies, Cups, Shields etc., are the property of the League and cannot be won outright.

That competitions for League Trophies and prizes are only eligible to duly registered members who are recognised team bowlers of the Eccles and District Bowling League.

Any Club who have not a qualified representative present at an Executive Meeting will be fined £5 on each occasion.

Any contravention of the Rules and Bye-Laws or any other improper behaviour by a club or any members may result in one or more of the following penalties:

a fine

a reduction of points

a re-adjustment of position in League Table

relegation to a lower division

disqualification from one or more competitions


withholding of prize money

expulsion from the League.

Section C

The affiliation fees for each season shall be £80 per team.

The fees shall be paid in full by the end of June.

Any team dropping out of the league after the ‘Formation of League’ shall be liable for the full affiliation fee.

Section D
League Detail:

When the Executive deals with “Formation of League” business, Clubs shall state when they wish not to play and explain why.

Registration Forms must be in the hands of the Fixtures Secretary by the April executive meeting. Further registration may be made providing that the Fixtures Secretary is given 24 hours notice. The committee can override players registrations date end of June for extraordinary circumstances.

No player will be allowed to play for more than one Club in this League during one season.

Before a player can play for another Club they must have fulfilled their obligations to their old club for the past seasons.

All matches are 8 a side and 21 up.

A team short of players suffers the award to their opponents of 21 points for each absentee.

The result of League matches shall be determined by the aggregate score.

When a play off is necessary in any Division, matches to be determined by the aggregate score, if a tie, the team with the most winners, if still a tie the team with the best winner, if still a tie the team with the 2nd, 3rd best winner, etc.

No player shall be allowed to play in a play off match unless they have played in at least one third of the matches played by the team. The penalty will be a 21-0 result for the opponent.

When a Club enters more than one team it must star its four best players. These may only play in the ‘A’ team, the remaining players may play in any team. When a team enters more than 2 teams it must, in addition to the starred players, nominate its next 4 best regular players. These shall only be eligible to play in the ‘A’ or ‘B’ teams, the remaining players may play in any team.

Each League fixture will be numbered. The fixture number will be repeated in each Division. No player shall be allowed to play in more than one match having the same fixture number. This rule applies even if the fixtures are played on different days.

Any player for a Club which runs more than one team in the League cannot play in a lower Division for the last 4 League matches of the current season, unless they have played in at least 20% of the previous matches for the lower Division team in the same season.


Before the match the team captain shall allocate each player’s scorecard a number from 1 to 8 and this shall determine the order of play. Games shall be between players with the same number and players/numbers may not subsequently be interchanged.

Secretaries and captains shall not make private or mutual arrangements for allocations of points in connection with postponed matches.

Where a match is stopped by weather players not having taken part play their games on a later date by arrangement with the two captains, the game to be completed within seven days.

Any match not commenced due to bad conditions must be re-arranged to be played within 14 days.

The greens man for the home team involved has the final say on whether the green is fit to play on.

If the greens man is not present, then the two captains should reach agreement on whether the green is suitable to play on.

If agreement cannot be reached by the two captains, then the home captain will make the final decision.

In League matches, captains shall declare their teams and make the draw in tine to commence the match, with at least four games, not later than 7-00 p.m. for all matches played 1st May to 31st July inclusive. For all other dates, matches to commence 6.30pm, unless the fixture is played at a designated floodlit green.

The match shall then continue with at least four games throughout. Alteration of players names is permitted up to one hour after the stated commencement time, which is the final declaration time and the team must play as finally declared.

Any player arriving after this time can play only if four games are still in progress.

Any declared player present who refuses to play forfeits 21 points.

When a player requests the floodlights be put on during their match the lights should be switched on immediately.

Practice in the immediate 30 minutes before the start of all League matches shall consist of two separate 15 minute periods, one for each team’s sole use. The away team to have the final 15 minutes before play starts.

Jacks, which must be standard, to be bowled by visiting players at the commencement of each game.

To set a mark: If a mark is not made by the first player, the jack must be handed over to their opponent and so on alternately, until a mark has been set.

A tape or other certified measure (at least 19 metres long) must be used for the purposes of carrying out these Laws.

The Club Secretary must notify the Fixtures Secretary of the result of each game within 48 hours after such game has been played. The home team in each match will be held responsible for this duty.

A team which wishes to re-arrange a fixture may do so by mutual agreement with their opponents, provided the date arranged is earlier than the original date of the fixture. A team which wishes to re-arrange a fixture, but cannot reach agreement with their opponents, may request the Executive Committee to re-arrange the date of the fixture. After having regard to the circumstances and the timing of the request, the Executive Committee may re-arrange the fixture.

Any team failing to fulfill a fixture except as provided in these rules may incur one or more of the penalties specified in Rule B11. Penalties to be determined by the Competitive Events Committee who may also re-arrange the fixture. A team cancelling a fixture through lack of players (other than under section (a) of this rule) shall suffer a penalty of thirty points when the fixture is played, subject to appeal to the Executive Committee.

Notification to the Fixtures Secretary must be given for all cancelled and mutually re-arranged fixtures.

In the event of a Club withdrawing from the League all their records shall be expunged, but the Club will be liable for fees incurred.

Promotion and relegation to be decided by the Executive Committee.

The league average prize will be based on a points system:

In the event of a tie the player with the better average will be deemed the winner

Section E
Cup Competition Detail

No player shall be allowed to play in more than one team in Cup Competitions.

Any rules under ‘league detail should be applied to Cup games where possible.

The result of cup matches shall be shall be determined by the aggregate score subject to a handicap determined by the Teams position in the league. The amount of handicap to be decided by the Competitive Events Sub-Committee. If a tie, the team with the most winners, if still a tie the team with the best winner, if still a tie the team with the 2nd, 3rd best winner, etc.

No player shall be allowed to play in a cup semi-final or final unless they have played in at least one quarter of the league matches played by the team unless permission is sought of and given by the Competitive Events Committee at least 24 hours before the match. The penalty for breaking this rule shall be that the ineligible player loses 21-0.

No play or practice is allowed for seven days before playing matches on neutral greens unless it is the playing of a match in this or any other league.

Section F
Individual Competitions

All teams are responsible for paying £7 for each of the ‘Hiley Cup’, ‘Trippier Trophy’, and ‘Joe Niven Memorial Trophy’ and shall be allowed unlimited entries of bowlers qualified under Rule B9.

A player playing on their own green shall:

give first throw of the jack to their opponent in an opponent’s first game in any session, and

in a handicap competition have 2 points deducted from their handicap mark.

A Player’s own green is the green on which their team plays home matches and other greens at the same location.


On the day of playing in a competition, players shall not play or practice on the competition green except where permission is given in the walk over situation or after competition play has ended.

In all individual competitions the maximum handicap mark to be plus 5.

Section G
Dress Code

The league has adopted a dress code which will apply on the following occasions, The Bowler of the Year; The final green of the Pairs Competition; the final day of the Hiley Cup, Joe Niven Trophy and the Trippier Trophy; and the finals of the Cup Competitions.

The dress code requires players to dress in smart casual wear. Trouser must be full length. Only when conditions warrant it may wet weather gear be worn.

Nothing in the above shall be interpreted to allow the wearing of track suits, shell suits, or jeans.

Any player failing to conform to this standard will be prevented from playing (or continuing) in the competition and will forfeit any entry free for, or prize money earned in the competition.

In the case of team contests the offending player shall score nil and the opponent shall receive the maximum score.