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Congratulations to Eamon Costello of Pilks Recreation, who lifted the Over 60's Merit for the first time last week at Haslam Park. Eamon came out on top after he manoeuvred through a difficult half of the draw including a first round clash with team mate Neil Gregory. Costello walked away as champion after a 21-16 victory over Hilary Bennett of Yorkshire Main, who coincidentally is the first female bowler to reach the final since the Over 60's Merit and the Pensioners Merit merged into one several years ago. A great achievement for Hilary. 

As always, a big thank you to our hosts, Haslam Park who did a brilliant job as always and a huge thanks goes to Wendy and Carl who not only hosted the competition but also ran the competition through out the day.

Full draw and results below.

1st Round

Margaret Smith 16 - 21 Hilary Bennett

Ken Acornley 12 - 21 Paddy Moyles

John Richardson 21 - 11 Fred Nota

Mick Atack 11 - 21 Paul Lawrence

Pete Strutt 11 - 21 Rob Burridge

Geoff Bratton 21 - 05 Mo Elwiss

Paul Hirst 21 - 19 Graham Garnett

Jeff Bourke 21 - 16 Russell Fair

Eamon Costello 21 - 16 Neil Gregory

2nd Round

Dianne Burridge 21 - 10 Mick Hibbett

Michael Taylor 21 - 15 Dennis White

Shaun Hunt 20 - 21 Tommy Jones

Paul Morgan 19 - 21 Hilary Bennett

Paddy Moyles 14 - 21 John Richardson

Paul Lawrence 21 - 18 Rob Burridge

Geoff Bratton 12 - 21 Paul Hirst

Jeff Bourke 07 - 21 Eamon Costello

Quarter Final

Dianne Burridge 21 - 11 Michael Taylor

Tommy Jones 14 - 21 Hilary Bennett

John Richardson 21 - 11 Paul Lawrence

Paul Hirst 15 - 21 Eamon Costello

Semi Final

Dianne Burridge 17 - 21 Hilary Bennett

John Richardson 17 - 21 Eamon Costello


Hilary Bennett 16 - 21 Eamon Costello



Armthorpe Welfare BC lifted The George Garnett Trophy for 2024 after a repeat of last year's final. The finals day, held at Pilkingtons Pensioners was contested between Carcroft Village SC, Armthorpe Welfare, Brodsworth Welfare & Woodlands Park on Saturday 25th May. The 4 clubs made it to the final after 3 rounds of group matches played in the early weeks of the season.

The two semi finals saw Carcroft Village SC play Armthorpe Welfare, whilst Brodsworth Welfare took on Woodlands Park. Armthorpe gave away an 18 chalk start against Carcroft Village SC as the handicaps came out as 39 - 21 and in the other semi final Brodsworth Welfare started the game with a 20 point lead with the handicaps reading 31 - 11. As it turned out both Armthorpe and Brodsworth walked away victorious after a couple of big winners in both games with Denise Green winning her game 21-03 and Jackie Fraser coming away 21-08 victor and eliminating the handicap advantage from the off. Steve Shannon helped Woodlands Park get back some of the 20 handicap with a convincing 21-09 win as the first game came off, but then an inspired Abbie-Jo Rhodes gave Brodsworth a huge lift with a 21-03 victory which set them on the way to cement the win with both Simon Rhodes and Dave Lowe winning to single figures, seeing Brodsworth Welfare reach the grand final for the second consecutive year.

Armthorpe Welfare got off to a flyer in the grand final. Brodsworth Welfare started the final with an 11 chalk advantage with the handicaps, but Armthorpe had other plans as the first 6 games all went in favour of last year's winners with two great wins from Andy Fowler and Keith Ryde as they won 21-07 and 21-10 to set them on their way. The game was all but over as the second half of the final kicked off and despite Armthorpe Welfare winning 8 of the 10 games in the final, Brodsworth's Simon Rhodes and Dave Lowe played for pride and came away 21-18 and 21-13 victors to hold back a Armthorpe whitewash.

A massive thanks goes to Pilks Pensioners for hosting the finals day. The hospitality was second to none keeping everyone fed and watered throughout the day. Thanks to Paul Rice for making sure the green was in fantastic condition despite a constant snow like invasion from the nearby trees. Thanks to all those that helped throughout the day including card markers, measurers and of course the spectators.

For full results & scores please visit the Saturday section under George Garnett Trophy >> The George Garnett Trophy Finals Day.



Adam Morgan became 5 time Champion as he lifted the DDBA Hospice trophy again on Monday 6th May 2024. On a well overdue glorious Bank Holiday Weekend, Adam worked his way through a field of 36 players to walk away as champion despite having to over come a tricky first game against young Brodsworth Welfare hopeful Isaac Cook. Adam was 20 - 17 down before showing his experience to get over the line.


The competition that first ran in 1987 and is run using DDBA individual handicaps, opening up the competition to an upset or two along the way as players compete against each other. The competition gives the opportunity for players to go up against some of the best around Doncaster with a handicapped start. The only Doncaster competition that allows home bowlers to enter on the day. And this year saw the return of Shaun Hunt, formerly of Askern Welfare and now playing his bowls at Bentley BC. Having had the thick end of a 10-year hiatus away from the game, Shaun made his return to bowls this season and despite not sending any bowls during his time away, Shaun reached the final beating some great players along the way and at one point in the final led Adam 17-10. It was great to see Shaun back playing and it just goes to show a long time off doesn't always mean you need a long time to get back competing. A big well done to Shaun, it really was great to see.


Thank You to Adwick St Lawrence for hosting, the hospitality was fantastic, and it really was great to see a lot of the members there helping.


Full Scores Below


1st Round

Ken Acornley 09 - 21 Dan Gilbank

Danny Thickett 21 - 17 Keira Fox

Anthony Makin 19 - 21 Mark Daniels

Gary Parfitt 08 - 21 Paul Barnett


2nd Round

Dan Gilbank 19 - 21 Danny Thickett

Mark Daniels 21 - 15 Paul Barnett

Craig Bamford 21 - 12 Pete Strutt

Mark Coulson 18 - 21 Malc Cox

Paul Lawrence 21 - 17 Sean Higgins

Adam Morgan 21 - 20 Isaac Cook

Chris Jones 21 - 13 Thomas Colclough

Tommy Jones 21 - 18 Fred Nota

Mo Elwiss 19 - 21 Paul McIntyre

Shaun Hunt 21 - 15 Barry Maltby

Joey Walton 21 - 18 Jeff Bourke

Jacob Morgan 21 - 16 Graham Garnett

Simon Rhodes 21 - 20 Brian Nock

Wayne Fox 21 - 18 Chris Pattison

Russell Fair 09 - 21 Craig Oddy

Craig Hill 21 - 19 Gary Milner


Round of 16

Danny Thickett 21 - 08 Mark Daniels

Craig Bamford 21 - 10 Malc Cox

Paul Lawrence 12 - 21 Adam Morgan

Chris Jones 21 - 19 Tommy Jones

Paul McIntyre 09 - 21 Shaun Hunt

Joey Walton 11 - 21 Jacob Morgan

Simon Rhodes 21 - 18 Wayne Fox

Craig Oddy 15 - 21 Craig Hill


Quarter Final

Danny Thickett 21 - 16 Craig Bamford

Adam Morgan 21 - 17 Chris Jones

Shaun Hunt 21 - 15 Jacob Morgan

Simon Rhodes 18 - 21 Craig Hill


Semi Final

Danny Thickett 20 - 21 Adam Morgan

Shaun Hunt 21 - 18 Craig Hill



Adam Morgan 21 - 18 Shaun Hunt





The first DDBA competition of the season went to the Westfield Park pair of Graham Garnett and Paul Morgan as they walked away from the DDBA Doubles Competition as champions on Sunday 28th April 2024, held at Tickhill BC. It was a very very very wet start to the competition campaign as the heavens opened over Doncaster from the early hours but credit has to go to Tickhill BC members and Alan Greig for making sure the competition went ahead despite the damp start. The Skies cleared as the day progressed and Graham and Paul showed their experience and class as they powered through their semi-final and final in emphatic style to lift the first trophies of the year.


Big thanks to Tickhill BC for hosting the competition and Wendy Oxborough, Carl Fotherby and Adam Morgan for running the competition on the day.


Full Scores Below


1st Round

Wayne Fox & Keira Fox 21 - 08 Dave Clark & Geoff De Carteret

Jackie Fraser & Margaret Smith 16 - 21 Michael Wilcox & Jo Stubbs

Dan Gilbank & Alan Dickinson 13 - 21 Adam Morgan & Carl Roberts

Jim Downing & Tommy Jones 21 - 19 Allen Bell & Anthony Makin


2nd Round

Sean Higgins & John Kendell 15 - 21 Jeff Bourke & Mick Atack

Tom Boyd Snr & Craig Hill 13 - 21 David Hamilton & Rob Burridge

Graham Garnett & Paul Morgan 21 - 03 Martin Roberts & Gillian Roberts

Thomas Colclough & Mark Daniels 18 - 21 Chris Jones & Paul Lawrence

Jean Hopson & Brian Nock 08 - 21 Steve Hall & Jim Ashcroft

Paul Hirst & Andrew Penistone 06 - 21 Simon Rhodes & Abbie Jo Rhodes

Wayne Fox & Keira Fox 12 - 21 Michael Wilcox & Jo Stubbs

Adam Morgan & Carl Roberts 10 - 21 Jim Downing & Tommy Jones


Quarter Final

Jeff Bourke & Mick Atack 11 - 21 David Hamilton & Rob Burridge

Graham Garnett & Paul Morgan 21 - 15 Chris Jones & Paul Lawrence

Steve Hall & Jim Ashcroft 21 - 12 Simon Rhodes & Abbie Jo Rhodes

Michael Wilcox & Jo Stubbs 16 - 21 Jim Downing & Tommy Jones


Semi Final

David Hamilton & Rob Burridge 04 - 21 Graham Garnett & Paul Morgan

Steve Hall & Jim Ashcroft 21 - 09 Jim Downing & Tommy Jones



Graham Garnett & Paul Morgan 21 - 03 Steve Hall & Jim Ashcroft







Friday 5th April 2024 - Armthorpe Welfare (Top Green) (WINNER, Paul Lawrence - RUNNER UP, Simon Rhodes)

Friday 12th April 2024 - Bentley BC (WINNER, Adam Morgan - RUNNER UP, Katie Morgan)

Friday 19th April 2024 - Denaby Welfare (WINNER, Tony Barrass - RUNNER UP, Ryan Lysons)

Friday 26th April 2024 - Woodlands Park Club (WINNER, Tom Boyd Jnr - RUNNER UP, Dave Patrickson Jnr)

Friday 3rd May 2024 - Westfield Park (WINNER, Paul Lawrence - RUNNER UP, Chris Jones)

Friday 24th May 2024 - Haslam Park (WINNER, Craig Bamford - RUNNER UP, Graham Garnett)

Friday 31st May 2024 - Maltby Community BC (WINNER, Ross Meese - RUNNER UP, Paul Lawrence)

Friday 14th June 2024 - Adwick St. Lawrence (WINNER, Shared between Chris & Tommy Jones)

Friday 28th June 2024 - Carcroft Village SC (WINNER, Ryan Lysons - RUNNER UP, Tony Barrass)

Friday 5th July 2024 - Brodsworth Welfare (Number 2) (WINNER, Craig Hill - RUNNER UP, Craig Bamford)

Friday 19th July 2024 - Rossington Welfare (Number 1)

Friday 26th July 2024 - Pilks Pensioners

Friday 2nd August 2024 - Rossington Welfare (Number 2)

Friday 16th August 2024 - Tickhill BC

Friday 23rd August 2024 - Parklands HEG

Friday 30th August 2024 - Yorkshire Main

Friday 6th September 2024 - Armthorpe Welfare (Bottom Green)

Friday 13th September 2024 - Pilks Recreation

Friday 20th September 2024 - Brodsworth Welfare (Number 1)