Coleman Milne Bowls League

For over half a century, Coleman Milne has been the UK market leader in the design, build and supply of ceremonial vehicles offering the largest range in Europe today. From the production of our very first hearse in 1953.

Chairman: Rick Riley. Tel 01254 402168. Mob 07913896196. email:

League Secretary: Rick Riley. Tel 01254 402168. Mob 07913896196. email:

Treasurer: Peter Hill. 01254 772963. email:

Fixtures: Tony Rodham. email:

Player Registration/Website Secretary: Jim Sheffield. Tel 01204 852019. Mob 07484 761551. email:

Coleman Milne League Rules.pdf

Team Contacts.

Crown Paints. 

Captain: Lee Hammond. Mob 07487921062. email:

Vice Captain. Malcolm Halsall. Mob. email:

Dugdale Blue

Captain: Neil Spencer 01254 678537. Mob 07954 566454. email;

Vice Captain. Brian Hoole. Mob 07944407701 email:

Dugdale Red

Captain. Nick Earnshaw. Mob 07927914836. email:

Vice Captain.

East Lancs

Captain. Jim Grogan. Tel 01254 664597. Mob 07967873362. email:

Vice Captain. Jim Swan. email:


Captain. Peter Russell. Tel 0120453515. email:

Vice Captain.

Edgworth Greens.

Captain. Barbara Butterworth. Tel 01204 853398. Mob 079517066134. email:

Vice Captain. Mike Barnwell. 01204 592509


Captain. Keith Barton. Tel 01254803513. Mob 07542787052. email:

Vice Captain. Margaret Corden. Tel. 01254 7066527. email:

Olive Park.

Captain. Rick Riley. Tel 01254 402168. Mob 07913896196. email:

Vice Captain.

Olive Greens.

Captain. Norman Howarth. Mob 07442175124.

Vice Captain.


Captain. Dave Lowe. Mob 07891602237. email:

Vice Captain. Jim Sheffield. Tel 01204 852109. Mob 07484761551. email:


Captain. Bill McLean. Tel 01254 433299. email:

Vice Captain. Christine Schofield. Tel 01254 704403. Mob 087982121648. email:


Captain. Alan Duckworth. Mob 07518988212. email:

Vice Captain. Cliff Hope. 01253 232502.