Baxters Removals Community Bowling League

Coleman Milne Bowls League Rules

The subscription to the league is £40 per team. Paid prior to commencement of the league season.

Games to consist of 6 singles 2 doubles and to be 21 up.

Teams to consist of 6 to 10 players.

This therefore means that the games can be played by a minimum of 6 or a maximum of 10 players.

If a team has less than 10 players, then before the draw takes place the follow should apply.

If a team has only 6 players, then 5 players are put into a hat and the opposing captain draws out 4 to play doubles.

If a team has only 7 players, then 5 players are put into a hat and the opposing captain draws out 3 players to play doubles.

If a team has only 8 players, then 5 players are put into a hat and the opposing captain draws out 2 players to play doubles.

If a team has only 9 players, then 5 players are put into a hat and the opposing captain draws out 1 player to play doubles.

Scoring is made up of 2 points for a win, 2 points for the aggregate and 1 point for fielding 10 players.

Any team entering two teams into the league will be known as A & B teams. The players to be identified with an A or B suffix.

Four players to be in each A and B team to be starred and can only play for that team. The management committee determine which players are starred.

The A team can call on B team players and vice versa in the event of a team being short.

A player with a plus handicap cannot play for the other team.

Players who play more than four games for the A team or B team will become that team’s player after the fourth game.

If any player has a ‘walk-over’, this will count as 21-0 on the scorecard. Any team fielding a reduced number of players will be fined £2 per absentee.

Standard Jacks to be provided by the home team.

Start time to be 1-00pm. Home team players to practice with their own Jacks from 12.25pm until 12.40 pm, away team from 12.40pm until 12.55pm. The away team captain can practice from 15 mins within the practice times so that they can sort out the teams and order of play with home captain.

Both captains will agree that the result and players name are correct and the home team to put the score onto Coleman Milne website. This to be done within 48 hours of the match finishing.

All players /clubs must be registered prior to commencement of the game. All team players must be sent to the fixtures/registration secretary along with their bowling number for registration. No player can be registered after May 31st unless with agreement by committee.

Those clubs who have 2 or more teams in the league, any player of that ONE TEAM is only allowed to play another team on 2 league occasions in one season. A fine of £2 and a 0-21 result would ensue if any rule is broken.

If a player concedes a game, the players score is to remain as it was when the game was abandoned, and his opponent awarded 21 points. If a player is taken ill during a game, an unused registered reserve can substitute and continue the game from the point where the illness occurred. If a match is abandoned, all games then completed and the scores of any games in progress must stand. The remaining games plus any unfinished games will have to be completed within two weeks. All match irregularities must be notified to the league authority.

The condition of the green will determine whether a game is played or cancelled. Both teams must turn up and wait the final decision (no later than half hour after scheduled start). Both team captains will agree the fitness of the green with the HOME captain/greenkeeper having the final say. In the event of the green being unfit, the two teams should agree a new date and re-arrange the match to be played within 14 days, informing the league secretary in the process. All other scheduled games MUST be played on the fixture date. Matches can only be cancelled in very extreme circumstances, authorised by the league secretary and re-scheduled within the two-week rule.

All players must strive to be punctual for the scheduled start and a half-hour concession will be the deadline for playing members subject to discussion between both captains. Scheduled matches to be played on THURSDAYS with re-arranged game dates highlighted to the league secretary ASAP. Opponents will be matched up by the turning over of cards. (BLIND DRAW)

Finals Day. Played by the top four teams at the end of the season.

First (scratch) to play Fourth (+3), Second (+1) to play Third (+2).

If a home team is in the final, then they will be on (-2).

Lower Finals Day. The teams finishing in 9th,10th ,11th and 12th will play a preliminary game to qualify for the Lower Finals Day. 12th will play at home against 5th and 11th will play at home against 6th and 10th will play at home against 7th and 9th will play at home against will play 8th. Teams will not be handicapped.

The preliminary rounds to be played the Thursday after the league finishes. The venue for the Lower Finals Day will be notified when a neutral green has been identified.

The venue for the Finals Day will decided by a draw. Only teams that have not hosted a Finals Day will be in the draw. This draw ill be done early in the season so that the team hosting the Finals Day can book there green.

Other than the above, the league shall be played per BCGBA rules.

The committee, whose decision is final, will deal with any matters in dispute, governed or not governed by the above rules.

Mr Granville Staff is chairperson, Mrs Margaret Corden is Treasurer, Mr Jim Sheffield fixtures and registration secretary and Rick Riley finals organiser.

Accounts must be audited annually and passed to league members for scrutiny.

Team captains shall be responsible for the conduct of his/her players. Captains must ensure that all players are treated respectfully and that there is no SMOKING or VAPING on the green and that players must not use SWEAR words.

Merits. The merit prize will be, First place £75, Second place £25. (Provided the league is still sponsored by the sponsors)

The scoring of the merits is 1 point for a home win and 2 points for an away win. In the event of a tie then it will be decided by number of wins and then the player’s aggregate.

If a player plays twice then only their single scores count.

Finally, the objective of the league is always to both encourage and promote friendship amongst our bowling fraternity and to encourage amateur bowling.

Issue: 30th June 2023