Cheadle and District Ladies Amateur Bowling League

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A division result sheet
B division result sheet
Round Robin result sheet

The League consists of two divisions with seven teams of ten in each.

Matches take place on Wednesday evenings at seven o'clock.

The officers of the league are:-

President: Mrs T. O'Toole

Chairlady: Mrs G. Knowles

Honorary Secretary: Mrs S. Mansfield

Honorary Treasurer: Mrs M. Wrench

Honorary Registration Secretary: Mrs M Cunningahm

Cheshire County Delegate: Ms D Cunliffe

Management Committee: L. Clemence, E. Monks, S. Berry, L. Parks. 

Emergency Rules For This Year Only

Emergency Rules For This Year Only

No relegations or promotions

£5 per team league fees which will be paid out to winners and runners up in each division. Also £1.50 per team county fees

8 players per team with two draw outs permitted

Relaxing of rules 7&9 to allow non registered players to play, with their details sent in with results. All results to be sent as normal to Meg Cunningham, at or 23 Asdene rd Stockport SK4 3AD

No catering, provide your own drinks and umbrellas for shelter keeping social distancing

Home team please provide hand sanitiser for players to use before and after play and anti-bac for cleaning jacks and footers after each game

Keep 2mts distance from others at all times

Most importantly, enjoy and be friendly but no hand shakes, elbow butting




(Monday 12 April 2021)